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Gay sex is no longer as widely criminalized as it used to be, but a total of 71 nations still have laws against it. Bhutan in the Himalayas and Gabon in central Africa are the most recent countries to have repealed their anti-gay laws.

Map of the 71 countries where sexual relations between people of the same sex are illegal. Such laws apply in parts of Indonesia, so it is shown here in orange.

Below you will find:

THE LIST: A tally of nations with anti-homosexuality laws.

HISTORY: Recent history of many nations repealing or overturning those laws and a few nations newly adopting them.

COMPARISON: A comparison of this blog’s list with the similar list compiled by ILGA, the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association. (Mostly the lists differ only in relatively small ways, such as whether they are limited to United Nations member nations.)

This page is duplicated in an Erasing 76 Crimes post, which is also titled “71 countries where homosexuality is illegal”.  (The post is needed because the website couldn’t display a page properly. The page is needed because its Internet address has become the destination for many other sites’ hyperlinks.)


Here is this blog’s list of 71 countries and independent political entities with anti-homosexuality laws, with links to the blog’s coverage of them.


  1. Algeria
  2. Burundi
  3. Cameroon
  4. Chad
  5. Comoros
  6. Egypt
  7. Eritrea
  8. Eswatini (Swaziland)
  9. Ethiopia
  10. Gambia
  11. Ghana
  12. Guinea
  13. Kenya
  14. Liberia
  15. Libya
  16. Malawi
  17. Mauritania
  18. Mauritius
  19. Morocco
  20. Namibia
  21. Nigeria
  22. Senegal
  23. Sierra Leone
  24. Somalia
  25. South Sudan
  26. Sudan
  27. Tanzania
  28. Togo
  29. Tunisia
  30. Uganda
  31. Zambia
  32. Zimbabwe

Asia, including the Middle East

  1. Afghanistan
  2. Bangladesh
  3. Brunei
  4. Indonesia (Aceh Province, South Sumatra Province and four cities in other provinces)
  5. Iran
  6. Iraq
  7. Kuwait
  8. Lebanon (law ruled invalid in one court in 2014 and disqualified for use against same-sex intimacy in another court in February 2017)
  9. Malaysia
  10. Maldives
  11. Myanmar
  12. Oman
  13. Pakistan
  14. Palestine (Gaza Strip only)
  15. Qatar
  16. Saudi Arabia
  17. Singapore (But top court says the law is unenforceable.)
  18. Sri Lanka
  19. Syria
  20. Turkmenistan
  21. United Arab Emirates
  22. Uzbekistan
  23. Yemen


  1. Antigua & Barbuda
  2. Barbados
  3. Dominica (But see “Dominica leader: No enforcement of anti-gay law“)
  4. Grenada
  5. Guyana
  6. Jamaica
  7. St Kitts & Nevis
  8. St Lucia
  9. St Vincent & the Grenadines

In the United States, anti-sodomy laws were ruled unconstitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2003, but they are still on the books in 13 states: Alabama, Florida, Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas, Utah and Virginia. Conservative state legislators refuse to repeal the laws and, in some cases, police occasionally still arrest people on the basis of them. In the recent past, more than a dozen LGBT people were arrested for violating those laws, but the arrestees were freed because prosecutors won’t seek convictions based on laws that have been ruled unconstitutional.


  1. Cook Islands
  2. Kirbati
  3. Papua New Guinea
  4. Samoa
  5. Solomon Islands
  6. Tonga
  7. Tuvalu


No country in Europe has a law against homosexuality. The last European location with such a law was Northern Cyprus (recognized as a country only by Turkey), which repealed its law in January 2014.

Also in Europe and worth mentioning but not on the list of countries with laws against homosexuality are:

  • Russia, which enacted an anti-“gay propaganda” law in 2013 prohibiting any positive mention of homosexuality in the presence of minors, including online;
  • Lithuania, which has a similar law; in 2015, it considered but has not yet adopted a further law that would impose fines for any public display that “defies traditional family values.”
  • Ukraine, which considered such a law in 2012 and 2013, did not adopt it and seems to have dropped the issue.
  • Moldova, which adopted and then repealed such a law in 2013.
  • Belarus, which was discussing such a law in early 2016.

In addition, in central Asia, Kyrgyzstan in October 2014 was on the verge of adopting an anti-“gay propaganda” law harsher than that in Russia. The bill seems to have stalled. But if it became law, any type of distribution of positive information on same-sex relations, not just discussions in the presence of a minor, would become a crime punishable by fines and a jail sentence. In Kazakhstan, both houses of parliament passed a bill “On Protecting Children from Information Harmful to their Health and Development,” but the Constitutional Council rejected it in May 2015, saying that the wording was too vague.

As noted above, Libya and Nigeria also have anti-“gay propaganda” laws in addition to their laws outlawing same-sex intimacy.


The number of nations with anti-gay laws dropped to 71 on Feb. 17, 2021, when Bhutan repealed its anti-sodomy law.

Similarly, on June 2019, Botswana’s High Court overturned that nation’s colonial-era laws that criminalized “carnal knowledge of any person against the order of nature.”

Overall, a strong trend is moving the world away from homophobic repression — though it’s happening slowly.

As of March 2019, when the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (ILGA ) published an updated report on “State-Sponsored Homophobia,” the number was down 24 percent from ILGA’s list of 92 countries in 2006. That was the year when the global rights group began documenting the laws that are used to persecute LGBT people.

Chad adopted a new anti-gay law in 2017 and Gabon did so briefly in 2020. Otherwise, recent changes have been positive — in Trinidad, where the High Court overturned the country’s anti-sodomy law in 2018; in India, where the Supreme Court overturned the nation’s 158-year-old prohibition of sex “against the order of nature,” also in 2018;  in Angola, which adopted a new Penal Code without an anti-gay provision in January 2019; Botswana in June 2019; and Bhutan in February 2021.

Another recent step away from repression was the defeat of the terrorist regime known as the Islamic State, ISIS and ISIL, which operated in Syria and Iraq as a harshly anti-LGBT government. This blog had listed it as a de facto country, but now it has been removed from the blog’s list.

Protest targeting India's anti-gay law, Section 377 (Mujeeb Faruqui photo courtesy of Hindustan Times)
Protest targeted India’s anti-gay law, Section 377, which was overturned in September 2018. (Mujeeb Faruqui photo courtesy of Hindustan Times)

Other countries that recently made progress have included:

  • Belize , where the Supreme Count in August 2016 overturned that nation’s anti-sodomy law as applied to consensual sex.
  • Seychelles and Nauru, which both repealed their anti-gay laws in May 2016.
  • Mozambique, on the southeastern coast of Africa, with a population of 24 million. It adopted a new Penal Code in the second half of 2014 and was dropped from this list in early 2015.
  • The tiny nations of Palau in the western Pacific Ocean and São Tomé and Príncipe, in the Atlantic Ocean off the shores of central Africa. Both decriminalized homosexuality and were dropped from the blog’s list in 2014.
  • Northern Cyprus, which repealed its anti-homosexuality law in January 2014, eliminating the final European location with such a law. (Northern Cyprus is recognized as a country only by Turkey.)


This blog’s list of nations with anti-gay laws is essentially the same as ILGA’s. As of spring 2019, the ILGA report stated correctly that “70 UN member States still criminalise consensual same-sex sexual acts between adults (68 by explicit provisions of law, 2 de facto).”

This blog’s list includes three nations not counted on the ILGA list. Two are not members of the United Nations:

The third is:

  • Indonesian police escort several of the 141 people arrested in the May 22 raid. (Photo courtesy of Inquirer News)
    Indonesian police escort several of the 141 people arrested during an anti-LGBT raid in May 2017. (Photo courtesy of Inquirer News)

    Indonesia, where a large province and some cities outlaw homosexual acts. ILGA mentions it in its category of “subnational entities” with anti-gay laws.

In a change from its past practice, the new ILGA report included Egypt in its main list, labeled as implementing “de facto criminalization.” In this blog’s view, Egypt’s vague but harshly enforced law against “debauchery” is as much an anti-LGBT law as many other countries’ vague and often unenforced laws against “unnatural acts.”).

The blog has resisted including Russia on its list simply because Russia does not have a law against homosexual activity. That doesn’t mean that Russia isn’t homophobic, of course. It sometimes enforces its notorious law against “gay propaganda” and the Russian government has not intervened in the anti-gay crackdown in Russia’s semi-autonomous Republic of Chechnya.

Under the regime of Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov, Chechen forces arrested and incarcerated about 100 allegedly gay citizens in 2017. Kadyrov denies that the persecution occurred, taking the absurd position that “such people do not exist.” (Photo courtesy of ABC News)
Under the regime of Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov, police arrested and incarcerated about 100 allegedly gay citizens in 2017. Kadyrov denies that the persecution occurred, taking the absurd position that “such people do not exist.” (Photo courtesy of ABC News)

Although Russia and Chechnya deny it, in 2017 Chechen police illegally arrested at least 100 men on the grounds of their suspected sexual orientation. Detained in two known illegal prisons, they were tortured, humiliated and beaten. At least three were killed. The anti-gay violence continued in 2019.

This blog’s current total of 71 countries would be 73 if the list included Russia and Lithuania, two countries that do not have laws against homosexual acts but do have repressive laws against “propaganda of homosexuality.” Libya and Nigeria have similar anti-propaganda laws, but they also prohibit same-sex relations, so they are already on the list.

Back in 2012, based on a separate, nearly complete count, St. Paul’s Foundation for International Reconciliation cited a total of 76 countries. That list was used as the basis for naming that year’s Spirit of 76 Worldwide program aimed at repealing those laws. It also inspired the name of this blog — “Erasing 76 Crimes.”

For more information, download these PDF files:

See also this blog’s article on nations that impose the death penalty for homosexual acts.

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  1. Some have also suggested that Namibia has no place in the list. The ILGA report bases its assertion that it criminalises homosexual acts on Dutch common law, but the Namibian constitution prohibits discrimination, and takes precedence over Dutch common law. Maybe something to keep in mind for the 2013 review…

    • I think it a shame that any decriminalization for homosexuality has happened. What a shame, we should probably bring it back.

      • Homo?; It is a shame that ignorant hate speech is allowed or that it is practiced by the under educated. Why do people like you hate such a small portion of the population, they want nothing from you. All they want is to be left alone and to live their lives in peace and to love the person that they love, without the bigots crawling out of the woodwork and spewing hate at them. What have these people done? I don’t mean for you to answer this with the hateful interpretation of the Bible or any other holy book. Just answer it, what have these people done to you? People start to live up to the teachings of the Prophet Issa and the others.

        The following applies to you as well – “And turn not thy cheek away from people in false pride, and walk not haughtily on earth: for, behold, God does not love anyone who, out of conceit, acts in a boastful manner. (18) Hence, be modest in thy bearing and lower thy voice: for behold, the ugliest of all voices is the loud voice of asses. . .” (19) Holy Qur’an S31v18-19

        DesertFox 1A
        A Proud American and Veteran (1969-94)
        Et secundum diversitatem unitatis pro scientiam / Unity through diversity and knowledge.
        LPN/ret, HM2c(FMF)/USN, Sgt/USAR, ACM/olc, CWVet, VNeVet, GWVet, DAV/VFW Life Member

        • Desertfox1A, what the hell are you talking about? Since when you become law giver? God teaches you and me, and all the human race, in His holy word the Bible– which word shall judge all sinners– that it is an abomination for mankind to have sex with mankind, as with womankind. Is it hateful to speak against wrong that people are doing? Do you not know that it is possible to hate the sin that a person does, but still love the person who is sinning? Where is your moral sense? The person you called a hater is not subject to your poor, sick judgment. If you don’t even know your Bible, how the hell can you judge someone who stands up for God’s truth and righteousness? If you want to go to hell with your damn sinful, satanic shit, then you can go. But I would prefer that you repent of your sin, in supporting the Devil’s stinking philosophy. You are very, very ignorant of the truth and righteousness of almighty God.

          • There is no God. If you want to believe in that fairy tale that is fine but don’t force it on others.

          • you can’t admit to being created because self deception is your only refuge. Biology cries out against you. You pretend that there’s no absolute right or wrong so would you have sex with your dad? Lawlessness just makes wrong, not a special minority class. Find help away from your gay/pedo circle.

          • There IS a God and he is the God of the Bible. His instructions for living have always been there for all of us. I don’t understand why anyone would want to ignore them. When we leave this world we will spend eternity either separated from God or with God in heaven. YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE ETERNALLY SEPARATED from God.

          • Everyone’s entitled to give their own opinions but in the bible its Adam and eve not Adam and Steve, god made man and women to love each other the fact that people are BI, Gay, Lesbian etc, is wrong its a sin and not believing in god is just what you believe yourself and you will be questioned by god about that in the hereafter. I am Muslim and have studied the bible and Quran and it is clearly against all religions I think if a person wants to be Gay let them be as God Himself will punish them Himself. There is no hate against these kind of people its just a sin and disliked everyone commits sins but asking forgiveness after realising the sin is liked by god people are made to sin but will have to repent regardless of what religion you follow but being gay means a person doesn’t care at all about God’s Decisions and rules and so will remain gay and so don’t repent.

          • Berris D Joseph
            Being gay is not a crime and it is not against gods will. If you have ever read the Bible you would know that the lines that people consider to me “anti gay” are actually in the context of a different subject. Before you speak on a matter such as this that you should be educated. It is horrendous how many people come of here to stop other people’s lives. You only have one life. These people are so tired of hiding who they are. It is not something they can help or control it is simply something they are born with. It is like banning having brown eyes, you can wear colored contacted but at some point your eyes get dry. I have upset by the fact that people like you have nothing else to do with your lives except ruin other people’s day. But hey, it is your choice of weather you want to be on the right side of history our not. I support LGBTQ+ all the way! Please be kind and don’t forget to educate yourself.

            -Borela Milcow

          • Gays? Listen Allyson, Im sorry that you may be dealing with such poor brain chemistry as consequence to the egocentric tendencys you justfy in contempt to the very nature of being gay that Id say defines you. Im sorry to say that your ill mannered expressions in contempt are merely a self defensive response to the truth that you yourself are actually in denial of, accepting that you initally are another repulsive abomination must be taxing, Aknowleding the fact you are forever lesser must hurt . Coping with the disgrace you bring your bloodline must be hard, but have faith, organs are needed.

          • Look to all people here who think all gays are going to hell and all that crap. Think about it this way being gay is like being left handed some people are. Its not right or wrong its just the way things are.

        • Its quite simple!! Being a part of the LGBT group is another way of saying you suffer from sexual perversion!!! Beyond popular belief sexualism has become a thing of normality because the ones in power want us to relinquish ours! Truth is you are a being!!! Just existence (image of god) you were put on this earth to accomplish 2 things! Discover who you are! & find your way back to our creator! Anything and I mean ANYTHING that leads you away from those 2 things are distractions!!! Nothing normal is ever talked about!!! Creating a norm involves conditioning (Sigmund Freud) since we don’t talk about the sun every morning or how fresh the air is! One must question why!!! In plain science our biological identity is also for the purpose of populating the world!!! Since bill gates wants to stop “global warming” I.e people using energy! Why not condition society to believe in same sex to prevent procreation! √ kill others with vaccinations “covid 19” √ systems are always and will always be controlled!

      • Actually, our species is called “homo sapiens sapiens”. I see you don’t fit in that category, and somehow I’m relieved.

        • well Homo sapiens came from a latin word and homo sexual came from a greek word its literally 2 different things smh.

      • Only 10% of the world’s population’s homosexual, statistically qualifying it as abnormal, which it certainly is, that is, unless of you think a man stickin’ his penis into another man’s anus is normal, let alone in accordance with natural law, which it assuredly isn’t, given it doesn’t entail procreation, inherently the natural purpose of sex, the very basis of life itself. Hypothetically, supposing you’re fully supportive of homosexuality, how would you feel if your son revealed being Gay? Would you be happy? Hm, let me guess…. you’d be initially shocked; subsequently saddened; and then? Why? After all, aren’t you supportive? That said, people are so misled by The Media into assuming The World’s population approves of homosexuality, when, in fact, only The West does. Then again, does it? Be reminded, for example, that virtually every poll in North America opposes same-sex marriage by about 60% of respondents. Can these polls be extrapolated? Moreover, be reminded that no referendum’s ever been held to officially support or oppose Gay Rights; that only the politically correct stroke of a pen has unilaterally legislated Gay Rights, opposed, for example, by virtually every religion. Again, I ask, if your son came out of the closet, would you be happy about his bein’ Gay? If not, why not?

        • Dear Bob,

          You’ve said a lot in there, and I won’t try to respond to it all. But you’re wrong about support for marriage equality in the United States. As this AP story notes, “In U.S., 52% Back Law to Legalize Gay Marriage in 50 States.”

          But the focus of this blog is human rights for LGBT people, whether the majority of their country is for or against same-sex marriage. Just because a majority is in favor of oppressing a minority, that doesn’t make it right.

          If my son came out as gay, I might worry that he would have a difficult life ahead of him, but I’d love him just the same. I certainly wouldn’t wish him to stay in the closet and live a miserable life there, or turn to “pray the gay away” hucksters for a life of self-denial and self-delusion.

          All the best,
          Colin Stewart, editor of this blog

          • How could sining against God’s law be a right of any person? Nothing is a right that is wrong. Your definition of right is wrong. Can a person’s so-called right to do wrong justify him in the sight of God? If it can’t then it is not a right; it’s a wrong. How can this right to do wrong save the wrong doer from the just consequences of his or her wrong doing? One may choose to do wrong, but it is not a right to do it. It is a wrong to do it. And no one who does wrong can choose the consequences of his or her wrong doing. The consequences are inherent in the doing of the wrong. It is so that the wrong doer will, and must know that his or her doing was wrong, is wrong– when the consequences cannot be avoided. In one way one can choose, but in the other way one canot choose. The broken law chooses the consequences. God has already wriiten the codes of law in all 5 laws, the moral law, which is forever binding, the ceremonial law, (which is no longer necessary as Jesus Christ to whom it pointed had already come to take over its place), the natural law, which is still binding as evidenced by an object falling when committed to the pull of gravity, the health law, as in eating and drinking the foods that promote life and well being; and finally, the civil law, as in obeying the traffic light system, as an example in each category.

      • Bob: If you define anything that less than the majority does as abnormal, then being a man is abnormal.

        (Also so is being white, being retired or being blonde.)

      • You are so right. One day a class action suit will take place against PP and the educational system for teaching kids how to get infected for life.

      • Get with the times mate, some people r gay, I’m bi and have dealt with abuse my whole life and my adolescent years were very difficult because of this. Yofu don’t mind seeing a man and a woman kiss, but put that man with another and suddenly ur offended by seeing two people of the same sex showing affection. And many straight couple have anal sex now so if that’s bugging u about gay guys then u need to start hating some straight people for that too. And if it’s a religious thing, well I’m religious but smart enough to know love between two people regardless of their gender is a beautiful thing. Instead of giving u a message such as I hate u or something like that, I ask u to review your opinion on homosexuality and why u feel the need to go online and make people feel isolated. Homosexuality is not a choice, u could have just as easily been bi as I am, then how would u feel about homosexuality if u felt feelings towards the same sex?

      • http://blip.tv/prophecyfilmdotcom/hell-without-sermon-4689942

        Is homosexuality a sin? And who do we believe?
        God is the ultimate and sovereign judge for sin. Homosexuality is sin by His order; it is not decided by public opinion or deceived/false clergy. Changing societies do not dictate God’s standards. Sin is defined by God for us in the Bible. It is the source for what God says is holy and righteous or sin and abomination. Hebrews 13:8 states that God is the same yesterday, today, and forever; he does not “go with the flow.”

        God’s Word says that homosexuality is unnatural, a perversion, an abomination, fornication, vile affections, and a great sin against Him. He states any sexual act outside of marriage is adultery (hetro or homo sexual). Sex is to be between man and woman within marriage.

        Is homosexuality a sin? What does this mean?
        God’s design for natural sexual relationships is part of His plan. Homosexuality falsifies what God designed. Sin often means not only rejecting God but denying or rejecting how and why we are made. Though it may be considered acceptable by some today — even in some churches — it is not acceptable to God. And we need to take that seriously.

        Sexual sins were rampant in the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. (This is the origin of the word sodomy.) Despite warnings, they refused to repent. God destroyed those cities and it was recorded as a warning to all future generations (Genesis 18:20-21, Genesis 19:4-5, 2 Peter 2:6). Some additional scriptures on homosexuality are found in:

        Leviticus 18:22
        Leviticus 20:13
        Romans 1:26-27

        The price paid for homosexuality and other fornications are told in:

        1 Corinthians 6:9-10
        Jude 6-7
        Romans 1:18

        In spite of the growing secular humanist trend to think “it’s ok to be gay,” it’s not a righteous lifestyle. Most vocal Christians are not homophobic, but are trying to share Christ’s love for homosexuals and trying to keep them from horrific judgment.

        Is homosexuality a sin? Is there hope for forgiveness?
        There absolutely is hope for homosexuals. God can cleanse and purify all persons from sin. As many scriptures as there are that address sin, there are more that speak of forgiveness and redemption. He is able to give deliverance to any who sincerely desire true freedom and salvation. Such is demonstrated in 1 Corinthians 6:11 (KJV): “And such were some of you: but you are washed, but you are sanctified, but you are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God.” This verse says “some of you were,” meaning they became past acts.

        We are offered the empowering Spirit of God to help us turn from our sins. Coming out of drug addiction, homosexuality, pornography, or other sin isn’t always easy but God will provide the way. Christians are to “love” into the kingdom, those who desire repentance and to live by His natural plan.

        Jesus Christ died on the cross for all of our sins and rose again the third day. He desires that we repent and be forgiven of our sins by coming into a personal relationship with Him.




        • believe it or not, the world shouldn’t be run by your fantasy of religion. god is a concept, so you can think you have meaning in your pathetic life. many people don’t believe in god so the rule of Christianity doesn’t apply. the word stated by the thing that you grasp onto for meaning isn’t followed by everyone. love is stronger than hate so if you try to get rid of gay people with your hatred, you should give up. fuck you with your hatred

      • I find it interesting that although the writer “DesertFox1A” quotes from the Holy Qur’an, many of the countries in which homosexuality is illegal appears to be in predominately Islamic areas.

        • I’m gonna state my opinion. (btw I’m 12 years old) There is no god. Its odd to believe that there is a huge guy who lives it the sky. And also, love is love. And even if there is a god if he hated gay people then why would he create us? just saying

      • what a shame. homosexuality itself is shame. If people leave to be on their own, we cannot say where they stop their stupid animal instinct. There must be some law to stop them. They shouldn’t be allow adopt a child or do artificial insemination. Then after 50 years this stupid animals will be extinct.

        • hating somebody or saying that they are a shame just because of who they love is an awful thing to do. News flash: people have a right to love.

      • How can people be so awful?
        If you keep denying that it’s happening, your going to get blown into the past, because when time comes being homosexual will be considered “just another normal thing”. May take hundreds of years, but it’ll happen.
        And for the people who keep referencing the bible, who are we to paraphrase God’s word? In reality, doesn’t that mean you are sinning, changing his word into something that could potentially mean something totally different?
        Homosexuality though may be considered a sin, but were all sinners, so why is it such a big deal?
        You can continue to hate on gay people for your whole life, but why? What’s the point? Just to make somebody feel awful about who they really are? That’s pretty disgusting, if I do say so myself.
        So maybe you still don’t accept gay people and their rights. Really, that’s okay. It’ll take time for people to get used to it and accept it as well, and I’m not here to scream at you for feeling uncomfortable about something you can’t change. But that doesn’t mean you can just go say extremely awful things to people just because they are of a different preference. It’s just like the different between white and black, why does it matter?
        So please take this into consideration when you think about how you really feel about homosexuality. If you keep hating on it, I’m very sorry for you, and hope that something will change your mind.
        That is all, thank you.

        • For u to support gay.u are doom already because u have no I deal what is waiting for u after death, gay is abomination to human race and to our creator God ..may God have mercy on your soul …

          • religion is no excuse to be rude to people i don’t know how many times just scrolling through these comments i’ve had to say that love is love. to hate somebody because of who they love is awful and you are a horrible human being. you won’t go to hell to loving somebody so go think about that before you shame all of us and why tf would you even read this article if you’re so against the community.

      • I’m more concernd about bigots, racist, and people like Bob who “think” they have the right to tell another human beings how they should live their life, than I am about what two people do in bed or who they love. Feeling the need to control others is a mental illness, get help.

      • Agreed!! And anyone who speaks against you, let them spend eternity inside a man’s asshole if they love homosexuality so much!

      • homos and their relationships can only lead to a an extinction of a species , since there can be no continuation of life from their relationship…any relationship such as that can only be construed as ridiculous in any form, since it has no future for any life-form…Whether one believe in a creator or evolution, there can be no continuation of life from same-gender relations. These creatures are in genetic terms, chromosomal abnormalities…..

      • Sometimes the old ways are better. We need to purge the land of such sick and mentally ill acts as queers commit daily. Bring back the one true God and overthrow all the altars to Satan and immoral conduct. It is not natural to produce children with same sex. First they would kill their children with abortions….then people got so ill they thought queers should get married…now they are so messed up in the head that they think they can choose their sex and change at will or go into any bathroom they choose. Stop the madness and bring back shock theapy for these queers!

      • I am 17 years old and I am gay. For those of you who think it’s a choice Just think to yourself why would someone chose this? Not just now but even in the past. Back in ancient society’s people were killed for being gay, yet there were still gay people. Or today look at the suicide rates of gay people (especially teenagers) compared to the rest of the population.
        Every gay person I know (witch is few and far between) hates it. Personally I sit down and cry about it every day and every day I wake up and hope I will suddenly turn straight. I have attempted suicide twice because of it (unsuccessfully of course) and constantly put myself down about it and unlike people who come here for attention I am reading this to work out where I can travel in the world without worrying about being arrested.
        I also never appreciate people quoting the bible or other holy texts as they are outdated in regard to this issue. Back when they were written there was no welfare so people had to rely on there kids for finnancial support when they retired. This caused gay people to be an economic burden so of course it was frowned upon by God. I have also studied them and generally people quote it out of context too making it sound worse than what it is.
        I am not particularly supportive of gay marriage purely because marriage is given in a church and most priests would not be supportive of it making it unfair to make them associate with gay people but surely it should be legal to just exist. No one (gay or straight) goes around talking about their sex life so why should it be relevant in the legal system?
        And for those who say it will stop the human race look at the rapid rate it has been growing at. People are dying because the world can’t produce enough resources for everyone so the lack of reproduction could actually be considered as a good thing. Plus there are also many straight couples that choose not to have kids but they are not frowned upon how are we any different in regards to that argument.

        I get that some people just don’t like gay people and that’s fine but don’t try to make them feel bad about it as it does not benefit you. If you don’t like them then just say it to their face and never speak to them again. And if you don’t associate yourself with gay people how do these laws affect you?

        My guess is that it will be the same as black people were treated 100 years ago. We will be treated very poorly with laws that discriminate against us for many years but eventually people will just accept that it does not really make any difference and although they do not partially like it they will just deal with us.

      • All of you saying how homosexuality is wrong are idiots. If it were a choice, which some say it is, then you try being gay for a day.
        Can’t? What a surprise.
        Sure, in the Bible God seems to hate gays and it is a crime, but maybe he’s moved on. You have to remember the Bible was written thousands and thousands of years ago, and not even by God Himself.
        Any random person could have written it, making up lies about God’s opinion.
        Unless you have directly spoken to God and asked Him whether or not He likes gays, then don’t jump to conclusions and attempt to back it up with an ancient book that wasn’t even written by Him.
        The scum of the Earth isn’t the gays, it’s you disgraceful beings who think that something that can’t be changed is wrong.
        Something I’ve noticed about you beasts is that whenever someone asks you why it’s wrong, without using the Bible as evidence, you have nothing to say and brush it off with another topic.
        Why, answer me this without the Bible, are you so scared of gays? Sure, they can’t repopulate, but neither can older straight men and women whose reproductive organs don’t work anymore. Should we kill them since they can’t repopulate?
        You disgust me. You are horrible influences on younger generations, such as myself who is ten, and I’m more than certain the Lord Himself frowns upon you for hating without reason.
        If you want to say that 80% straight partners stay together and only 25% of homosexual ones stay together, take into consideration that 6.5% (not 10% like some say) of the population is gay, so of course there will be a lower rate of them staying together! There are many more straight people that break up in numbers, not percentages, because there are so many more of them!
        Also, even though you may think that child abuse is more common in gay couples, this is false. Gay men have noticeably lower testosterone levels, making them have less violent tendencies. Now, don’t go spreading lies how lesbian couples are more violent due to their raised testosterone levels because the two of them together remain much calmer due to “company placating”. Them both having near equal levels of testosterone to each other doesn’t make them want to fight, but instead stay calmer when around each other.
        Besides, as in one of my previous arguments, there is a 93.5% straight population, so there would be greatly increased statistics in child abuse.
        If you think that any girl touching another is an act of homosexuality, does that mean that female infants can no longer feed on breast milk? Doing so isn’t an act of homosexuality, but an essential to living. Sure, there is bottle milk, but studies show that breastfed babies have a higher intellect rate than those who are bottle fed.
        Another thing I’ve picked apart from your badly designed arguments is that more STDs are spread around. This is bullshit. Anyone can get STDs from any kind of sex, so saying specifically gays contracting it is rubbish. Even blood-to-blood contact and kissing can cause STDs to spread, which happens with both gays and straight people.
        If you want to propose that “God never intended for homosexuals to exist”, then why are we here? He could easily get rid of them if He wanted, but He chose to let it happen, therefore He must be okay with it.
        But do you fall in love with someone’s body parts, or them? A good example is if a man gets in a car accident and he’s fine, but he has to get his genitals amputated. Is he no longer male? Can he no longer like females or males (depending on his estrogen and testosterone levels)? Of course not! Because you fell in love with him, not his no longer existent dick.
        The sooner you accept that homosexuality can’t be changed, no matter how many laws you put in place the better. Nothing can change us, we stay and we are here. We will be heard and we won’t be changed.

        • all that ranting you did about how people should accept homosexuality only equals one thing about you….that you are one sick ass person!
          if you can’t tell that you’re not supposed to be with the same sex then you can’t tell that you’re not supposed to be with your own mother either! when one goes against nature nature goes against that person…and guess who always wins..not you that’s for sure!

          oh and by the way…I didn’t even mention the Bible how about that!

          you’re hopelessly sick and that’s the bottom line

      • I’m the sick one?
        You people can’t control yourselves enough to accept something that will never change. Homosexuality is coming, and it is already here, whether you like it or not.
        Also, saying homosexuality is unnatural is bullshit! It is in every single species of animal, and there is only one who doesn’t like it.
        If you babies can’t grow up enough to accept something that is never leaving, no matter how hard you try, how many laws you make, how many people you kill, it will always be here.
        The sooner you realise that there is nothing wrong, as it is something completely natural, the sooner you might actually find something productive to do with your lives.

      • Homosexuality is unnatural. Like any other affliction, a foundation dedicated to finding a cure would be appropriate. What are we going to include, mass murder as a natural process?

    • Nope. I know people who’ve been deported from Namibia for being gay. Namibia should definitely be on this list

      • It is not a question of minority and majority. “The same as blonds or whites etc”. It is not the same at all.To be a blond is not a pervertion, not against the nature. And there is nothing in Bible about “minority”. Harp players are also minoruty, but it is not a sin or pervertion. The idea is to keep your pervertion to yourself, do not demonstrate and intrude your pervertion. Do what you want if it is not a harm to anyone or anything, If it is disgust to someone who is natural, mentally healthy, do not demonstrate it to such people. By the way it is a fact – some people are born like this, but some people – not, there were perverted by someone when
        very young. How about that? I know one girl who was normal girl, had normal natural interests. Once one old pervert wanted to make her a sexual “toy” for herself. First the girl got shock, shied, did not want. But the old pervert slowly slowly through financial help, presents, fast-talks made the girl. a lesbian. I think it is the main reason for antigay activity. And it is the same for men and women.

      • Is prostitution not between two consenting adults. Does it make it morally right? or cheating with a consenting adult on your spouse morally right? i always say that even animals don’t practice same sex mating because its unnatural and abnormal. Anything abnormal is associated with lots of complications.

    • what a surprise – it is mostly sh*thole countries that people whether they are gay or straight are dying to get out of.

      • It always looks more appealing to do the wrong thing rather than the right thing. Yes people want to come to America where they can do and be what ever they want and there are no longer any morals. and yes ONLY God can and will judge, its just no one wants to acknowledge there are consequences for their actions at the last point in their lives.

      • Yeah. Soon people will ask for the legalization of marriage between human and animals and will want everyone to accept it as normal. Everybody cannot pretend to be foolish. This is beyond human understanding.

        • You’re absolutely right! I can almost understand one or two sick people here and there but this is a government backed epidemic that threatens to destroy this county and beyond!

    • Are you freaking serious. It’s people like you that is why the world has so much hate. I will pray for you. God hates hate. You are a very disturbing person.

    • God created all species. I’m a hemaphridite and I was born with both testies and overies . I find all of this dialogue interesting. God has tolerance for many things. There is so much that many of the arguing parties do not understand about the body and mind. At the end of day God made us all different. It’s a test for us to learn how to love one another. If people can learn to stay in their lanes just like traffic we can get along. I’m one of 5 children.47 years old my dad is 88 and mom passed this year at 79. I have over 40 nieces and nephews and I’m a great great uncle. My family doesn’t have all the issues that are argued here beacause we know how to love. I’m a mentor and role model. We don’t have these debates. My brother n laws were wired at first and they developed tollerence once they learned in time I’m not a threat to them. I love and support their children and my niece named one of her 8 children, son after me . We live in truth, God and love. Pehaps if you saw a family be suucessful it may expand your views. We all have a purpose in life. God is on my side and loves each one of you. I love our country. People can be free here in the United States. No one should live in bondage. Things can not remain the same. We all have to continuously grow and not come from a place of fear and negativity. I love being different because people just see only gay. Life is lived in color. Educate yourself on all scenarios. Becareful what you say about people and treat them because it could be one of your children or friends like me. Karma is for all. Keep living and life will give you answers.

    • Hate is a sin. As a Jew me and my wife of 7 years are welcoming to the GLBTI community. God loves everyone. Everyone is different. In the Holocaust the Nazis arrested gays and they were treated even more harshly then the Jews if you can imagine. It all started (the entire Holocaust) from some hocus pocus nuts that made some fake propaganda like on here. Homosexuality is not a sin. That’s like saying it’s a sin to be a different color of skin. Or someone who has a different color of hair. It’s bigotry. Then the try to use religion to fight peoples rights. That’s pure ridiculous. I thought religion taught peace and love. Religious freedom ? What about liberty and justice for all that’s in the pledge of allegiance. What about my religion ? We don’t celebrate Xmas or Easter. I feel my religion is discriminated against because I am Jewish (God’s chosen people). All this hate on here brings tears to my eyes. Talking about these vicious and inhumane views towards someone they don’t agree with. If your still against homosexuality just mind your business. I will go on and welcome all in the temple I belong to so we can follow what God has told us to. Then at the end you can answer to God about the hate in your heart.

    • My heart is breaking as I read this hatefull comments, you have no idea how hard it is to be a Lesbian, to deal with the word: “Man” as if it was written. You people say us gays have no right in adopting kids, but in the end who takes care of the kids you didn’t want?
      You talk about kids needing a mom and a dad, but when your son/daughter turns out gay, you throw then away so they have none.
      Why give so much hate to a person that has done nothing to you, if you see a same sex couple in the streets, will they kidnap you and force you into the gay? No, they wouldn’t. You care more about people living each other, more than you care about rape, kidnaps, child and women abuse, hunger and racism.
      Hope this got stuck in some of yours ignorant brains.

      • Its also not easy for the drug addict, prostitute nor the thief neither were they were they forced into it but they are vices they pick up from the society. So why are they jailed? Do you think they also don’t have rights. They also wished to be loved but they need to be reformed to be normal.

      • The world’s children are much safer in the hands of child-molesting church leaders who cover up the abuse by relocating predators and shaming victims! Religion is the true blight here. Religion and it’s inbred followers who think a 2000 year old book written by genocidal bigots knows better than modern science.

    • Dear Colin, i’m sorry that you’re investing your time in a blog that supports something that’s against God laws. You people have no fear of God or of Hell. God says clearly that a man sleeping with a man as with a woman is a great sin in front of Him. Repent or you’ll burn in hell, my friend. You know it well.
      How can you say that if you son was gay you would have loved him and all? Are you sick or something? Being gay is not sonething you are born with, its a sickness of the mind, an evil desire, and we need to show these people the right path to having a family, a normal family blessed by God. Colin, there are already cases where some organisations take the kids from families and give them to be rised by gay families. All these is turning to a wrong direction.
      Are you supporting sick people ?? At your age? Where is your wisdom??
      Dont you see gay’s atitude? How they protest naked, how rude they talk and how abusive they are? Kids rised by gay families are emotionaly devastated man. What are you trying to do with this blog? You wanna live in a perverted world? Arent you affraid of God? Even if you dont believe in Him, He still exists and you will be judged for all these! You are one of those who support ruining our kid’s lives , ruin countries , people and everything, you are carrying people to hell man! Repent !!!! This is gross man! Shame on you!

      • Dear Robert,

        Thanks for writing, though we’re far apart in our understanding of what’s real and what’s right. I’m focused on what Jesus says is the second most important law (commandment): Love your neighbor as yourself. He didn’t say to love your neighbor only if the neighbor is behaving as you’d want him to do.

        So, yes, I love LGBT people and of course I would love my son if my son were gay.

        There’s plenty of evidence that being gay is NOT a choice. Trying to straighten a gay person results in great trauma and misery — and doesn’t work.

        So I’d urge you to obey God’s law to love your gay neighbors, even if you dislike the lives they live.

        — Colin Stewart, editor/publisher of this blog

      • I agree wholeheartedly that anybody that supports this gay sickness is contributing to the demise of any society that they’re targeting!

        • OH, big al! Do you not realize that those stories you believe were written by MEN, written thousands of years ago, so that they would be able to control the people they chose to control? Besides, Leviticus was written to put down rules for Levites? And that human language from thousands of years ago does NOT translate completely to modern human languages? How many languages do you think those rules went through to reach your tiny little English language? Try some research into ancient languages, and the translation problems over those thousands of years. THEN, you will find out that the rule you are so fond of stating regards only the BED that a woman of a Levite should not be shared with another man. I know it is beyond your beliefs, but try looking at information other than what you have been told.

          • Thank you so much Jeffricon! I appreciate you making light of these facts. I am completely flabbergasted as to why all of these homophobes feels the need to express their ignorant hate on such a great blog!

    • Here’s what the ILGA report states in its 2019 edition: “In Namibia, there is no codified sodomy provision, but it remains a crime in the country under the Roman-Dutch common law in force. A report issued by the Ombudsman of Namibia in 2013 specifies that sodomy is defined as “unlawful and intentional
      sexual relations per anum between two human males.” The definition excludes sexual relations
      per anum between heterosexual couples, and sexual relations between lesbian women. This
      definition also does not take into account whether the sexual intercourse takes place in public or in
      private or whether it is consensual or nonconsensual.

      “Section 299 of the Criminal Procedure Act (2004) makes reference to evidentiary issues on a charge
      of sodomy or attempted sodomy. Schedule 1 of the Act groups sodomy together with a list of other
      crimes for which police are authorised to make an arrest without a warrant or to use of deadly force in
      the course of that arrest, among other aspects (Sections 38, 42, 44, 63 and 112).
      Public displays of affection between two men can be considered ‘immoral’ behaviour, which
      punishable under the Combating of Immoral Practices Act, 1980.”

  2. The world should BOYCOTT all these BASTARDIZED IGNORANT countries! Will make every effort to NOT travel to these cesspool countries. Every country on this list is POOR either in consciousness or monetary, or both! DESPICABLE disgrace to HUMANITY!

    • When since is it a crime to be poor? And when did it become okay to despise persons because of it? You want acceptance for homosexual behavior and you are yourself guilty of unfair prejudices. Did you even stop to consider that the laws on the books were imposed on these ‘poor’ countries in the same way that they are now being bullied into changing them. Do your homework before you throw passionate mindless comments around the place

      • Poor = uneducated = ignorant towards science, religion, history, gender, sexual orientation, business, economics, politics, and life in general. Lots of “poor” places are quite beautiful and the people are very nice. I’ve lived in Ghana and worked in many parts of Africa. It’s a pity that the “old laws” were imposed. It’s an equal pity that the people still follow them out of their own ignorance. Yes, lots of ignorant people live in the US and Europe too. They are largely poor and uneducated as well. If Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu can love and accept gay people, then who are you? They are two of the most enlightened Africans on the continent and forced South Africa to include gays into South Africa’s constitution. If you don’t accept homosexuality, it has nothing to do with God; it has to do with your own hatred. When people “hate” on the anti-gay religious people, it’s because they hate their ignorance. And if you think God is against gay people, then you should also remember that God doesn’t make mistakes. Besides, the Christian bible wasn’t written until 300 years after Jesus died. The first gospels were written at least 60-70 years after Jesus died. They were not written by Jesus or during his life time. They were written by stupid men who supposedly tried to write down what God wanted. Look it up. The continued ignorance and hostility of the poor is a real shame, and it’s because of that they will continue to stay poor and can only blame themselves for it.

    • You are so ignorant for referring to a huge population of the world as bastards just because they are poor countries. Talk about discrimination.

      • The fact that they don’t have money doesn’t mean they are poor there is a big difference between riches and wealth. These so called country you call poor have more wealth than you can think of thus i don’t see why you refer to the country as beautiful. I hope you also don’t jail the prostitutes and drug addicts because its their body they use and thus you have no business judging them as well. its equally an infringement on their rights.

    • In the cases where Gays might face execution or extreme civil rights violations, yeah, but otherwise it’s not our place to tell other nations what laws they should pass. As an American, I’ve had enough of this world police BS. And quite franklly, with th actions of Gay activists in this country I don’t think I’d ever willingly jump on any bandwagon they provided since they’re THE most irritating and hateful pieces of crap I’ve ever had the misfortune of encountering. The ones who claim they’re discriminated against the most are almost always 10 times as guilty as those they accuse for their own brands of hatred and intolerance.

      I’m sick of hearing nonstop about how those evil white Christian rednecks all need to be hung to save the noble gays/blacks/fillintheblank…and how we need European Union and Canadian style hate speech laws and possibly, in the future, manditory daily insertions of electric batons up our arses should we not march in lockstep with the Rainbow Coalition. But rednecks aren’t trying to pass bills in favor of execution for gays…but you listen to the cackling hens on the view and you’d think there was a second holocaust going on. Meanwhile, you’ve got Perez Hilton basically stripping the Ms. America title off of a women he asked a question there was no right answer to and he penalized her for respectfully expressing her own opinion. In other words, he discriminated against her because of her beliefs. And that’s “kosher.” Were it the other way around? OUTRAGE!

      And besides…add them to this list of groups getting screwed over. It’s a very long list. But in our selective outrage we focus on only one because of emotional attachment to that certain issue. You boycott them. You boycott til’ your heart’s content…but if I see a Persian rug from Iran and I’ve got 5 grand to blow…fvck you and your stupid cause. Because in the end all activists become what they despise. They become vengeful, hateful and petty. Just like everyone else who is to full of their own crap.

      • Hi, Sammy —

        It seems we agree on “the cases where Gays might face execution or extreme civil rights violations,” and that’s the main focus of this blog. We differ on much of the rest. Thanks for visiting the blog.

        Colin Stewart
        Erasing 76 Crimes blog

      • No you are in violation of Gods law you are a clown! If I gave you a dog and it started to moo like a cow would you think that normal???

        • Hi, Anthony —

          A clown?? If you gave me a dog and it started calling me names, I wouldn’t think that was normal. But if you introduced me to a religious person and that religious person started calling me names, I wouldn’t be surprised — just disappointed.

          But I certainly would not think, “This is such a loving, wise person. I should pay attention.”

          Colin Stewart
          Editor/publisher of the Erasing 76 Crimes blog

      • sammy I couldnt have said it better…. we are tired of this gay discrimination BS… they are the ones making themselves victims over a sexual preference nothing else… theres no gay dna or biology… just a sexual preference. We dont have to agree with it,… you dont like pussy thats your mental problem but dont blame the world for not being abnormal. We are tolerant but that doesnt mean we have to like it or accept it. Tolerance and acceptance are 2 very different things.

        • Hi, Jean —

          “We are tolerant,” you say. If that tolerance includes disagreeing with the laws in 76-plus countries that consider same-sex love to be a crime, then you and I agree on the topic that’s this blog’s focus.

          If you consider yourself tolerant but support jailing homosexuals, then I don’t consider you tolerant.

          All the best,
          Colin Stewart
          Editor/publisher of this blog

      • Dear Sammy,
        The same can be said of you who clearly has hatred in your words. It seems that you have experience in becoming what you despise. I’m not saying anyone should be forced to live my lifestyle but i should be able to live the way i want, we wouldnt need activist if we were granted the same rights but were not so we need a voice. We don’t want to throw it in anyone’s face, we just want the right to live our lives. I apologist if you have been the victim of radical movements but i doubt it. Gay activism is our attempt to gain the rights you already have and you should be ashamed for hating people that disrupting your life by trying to gain the same rights you are granted just by liking the opposite sex. i hope you will think about how you would feel if people only thought you should live but have no rights and maybe that will help you understand the activists and deal with the anger that lives through your words.
        not an activist but an open LGBT member

      • Perfectly stated. Much of America feels the same. Gay activists have crossed some visceral line, and I fear some backlash of horrible proportions is coming as a response to being bulied by the LGBT or whatever .

      • Personally I’m sick of people who get irritated with other people who want NOTHING more than that same rights that they have. They try and rationalise and justify their ignorance, impatience and narrow-mindedness by stereotyping the one’s who want those rights. Always going on about the ‘us’ and the ‘them’. This is how selfishness and hate has always been. Gay rights, black rights, women’s rights – it doesn’t matter – are all HUMAN RIGHTS. It’s that simple. And sadly, we have a world where they all have to be fought for.

      • your anger is misplaced on Black people. we do not want to take anything from you and we do not want you talking anything from us. now you have already shown that you will rob, steal, discriminate and even kill Black people. Black americans have survived and contributed many things to this culture. we did not ask to come here. you beef is with your own people, white people, who allowed a more aggressive tribe among you to rub you out and perpetrate the lie that they aren’t even white people, your own kind. don’t feel bad, it happened to Black people in africa, too but I cannot allow you to say certain things about Black people unchallenged.

      • Oh boy, you feel so discriminated, do you, for not being able to openly insult gay or black people. I’m feeling very sorry for you, but maybe you should think of the fact that heterosexual people almost never get beaten up for being heterosexual. Homosexual people are very very often not safe on the streets… and white boys rarely get shot by the police for no reason at all without crimal charges against the police officers afterwards… check your statistics before writing such mean and aggressive filth based on your biased perception.

      • Soon, and very soon, every gay, homosexual, lesbian whatever will realize that the true Christians who were trying to lead them to the salvation of Jesus Christ was their ONLY FRIEND…Believe me when I tell you that there is coming a time when Christians are going to be the Gay persons least concern. When America and Europe becomes a predominantly Islamic religion, then HEADS will roll; literally. I am a Christian and I think it’s time that Christians leave the Homosexuals to their own end. Save those that want to be saved. Mark 6:11 says, “And whosoever shall not receive you, nor hear you, when ye depart thence, shake off the dust under your feet for a testimony against them. Verily I say unto you, it shall be more tolerable for Sodom and Gomorrha in the day of judgement, than that city.”

      • Dear Colin and everyone out there reading this, greetings!
        I commented to a friend a few days ago that I felt that we didn’t need gay rights, black rights, etc., etc., We just need human rights that are good for everyone, no matter who you are or what you believe in.
        He was very angry at me and, basically said that our 15-year friendship was over. He said he was glad that he knew me when I was “RATIONAL”. He has always been like that – quick to discredit anyone who didn’t share his exact ideologies. Sadly, I felt as though I could discuss anything with him. I look up to him. He is almost 70, and his partner is about 56. They reside in Chicago and Florida. They recently were married. I expressed my opinion that I felt the word “marriage” was something that I would reserve for heterosexual couples only. And I explained that I meant no malice by it. For me, it is like comparing apples and oranges. Just my opinion. I’m not condemning anyone. Yes, gay couples need unions that protect their assets and rights.
        I feel that society is getting bogged down by all these labels for rights. We are all humans and we all deserve to be loved and accepted.
        I recently made a comment to another friend, who said he was through with his gay step-son. I told him that you can’t just disown someone because they are different or have a different idea or opinion. No one asks to be born nor do we get to pick our weaknesses, strengths, sexuality, etc. EVERYBODY NEEDS A FAMILY! Certainly, a lot of us would change things about ourselves if we could. I wish I didn’t stutter, didn’t have ugly teeth, didn’t have red hair, wasn’t mildly autistic and didn’t have diabetes and Tourette’s Syndrome…but, hey, it’s ok. I can’t pick every aspect of my physicality or mental ability. I just do the best that I can. In spite of it all, I feel really lucky and blessed. It’s amazing how easy it is to love others when you accept yourself.
        So, to my friends who live in Chicago and go to Florida for half of the year, I didn’t reject your marriage or insult you. Congratulations on your marriage. I was just expressing that it wasn’t what I would do, or what I would call it.
        Also, my friend said we WERE friends” A LONG TIME AGO”. Now, if I am always keeping track of my friends, Why would I insult them? There is no” A LONG TIME AGO” for friendship. We are all busy. Jobs and life drag us along and we reconnect and take up where we left off. I love all of my friends very much. That is what friendship is.
        Another important thing: How Americans act in the public eye affects the whole world. I have lived and worked abroad for almost six years of my 60 year-long life. I have a vantage point that many do not have. I see how people perceive Americans right where I am. When people are screaming for gay rights, and they sometimes are acting out of control and are dressed outlandishly – that really hurts gays in other countries. Homosexuality is a crime in 76 countries. When people are protesting, they need to understand that, if they are really outlandish and wildly disrespectful, leaders of other countries interpret that as the norm of how the Gay, Lesbian, Transgender community will act. If they don’t like the way people are carrying on and protesting do you think they will soon legalize gay rights in their own countries? Again, I am not judging you. Just be aware of the impact we may have on others around the world. You never know, you may travel to another country and be arrested and imprisoned for being gay. Think globally and act locally. Thank you.

        • so true, maybe their hatred for homosexuality is because they have tendencies themselves. One finger pointed forward, and three pointed back. Maybe they’re angry because they aren’t living the life they want, and take that anger out on gays. Anyone who thinks gays were not born that was is absolutely ignorant.

      • Why is it that when a person that upholds God’s Laws and believes a sinful act should be illegal its called hatred? It does not have to be Hate towards any person to want to protect the Holy Act of Marriage. There are some that believe even between a man and a woman sodomy should also be illegal as it too is a sin.

        • Dear Datrebor,

          Why call it hatred? It’s understandable that the classification of hatred is used for beliefs that lead to murder and imprisonment of those who love the wrong people without doing any harm to anyone, except discomfort to those who consider that type of love to be sinful. That’s especially so when other religious decrees about adultery, eating shellfish, etc., are treated so very, very differently.

          All the best,
          Colin Stewart
          Editor of this blog

      • Why call it hatred? I don’t know, how do we know if its causing anyone harm? Besides how others see and act because of that. Do we really know if it is or not causing harm? We have other types of love between two or more that is still illegal should that too become legal. They too say they are not hurting anyone, whether its true or not, they say it. I think adultery should be illegal and about shellfish (from the sea if it doesn’t have scales and fins don’t eat it. Matthew 15: 11 Not that which goeth into the mouth defileth a man; but that which cometh out of the mouth, this defileth a man.

        • How do we know if it’s causing anyone harm?
          We know that people are imprisoned for being homosexual — that’s harmful.
          We know that people are murdered for being homosexual — that’s harmful.

          Please get to know some LGBT people. Otherwise, it’s too easy batting harmful words back and forth. Having direct, caring human contact is needed to understand what’s at stake here.

          — Colin Stewart, editor of this blog

      • It’s not a disgrace; instead, a natural aberration shared by 10% of people, who, other than sexually, are contributing or non-contributing members of the human race, who deserve human rights’ protection.

      • Alan Turing, who helped us win WW2 was gay. As was Oscar Wilde, Proust, Tchaikovsky and countless — *countless* — other men and women who elevated culture, helped and cared for people and brought kindness, and caring, beauty and light into the world. “It” is not a disgrace to the human race. On the contrary, the hatred and moral blindness of people like you, Bob, is the true disgrace.

      • Christians are being made to be the villain here. Obama could have avoided all this friction between the gay community and Christians (and Muslims for that matter) if he had had upheld the constitutional right of freedom of religion when writing this law. It has been purposely and cleverly left out to divide the two groups. Americas constitution gives all American citizens basic human rights and the pursuit of happiness. Christians are not trying to take away that basic right, the gay community is trying to take away the basic right of Christians to believe and abide by their faith. Any person or group that dares to think different than them or does not accept their life style choice is ridiculed, harassed and sued for discrimination. This is not showing tolerance and respect for the rights of others to believe different than you. In effect this law is being used by the gay community to silence Christians and any condemnation they might make them feel by living and standing by their Christian values.

        Would anyone ever believe it would come to this in America? The basic right of freedom of religion was one of the most if not THE most important issue this country was founded on…now it is seen as a flaw, outdated and no longer needed…

      • Well said mate !!! If my son turned gay, I’d never have anything to do with him. I’d be totally DEVISTATED, I certainly would NOT accept it. It would be the biggest kick in the teeth for me & his mum.
        I think, if you are gay & flaunt it “in public”, swinging your handbags & wearing womens clothing,,, what do you expect ? You WILL 100% be ridiculed ! How pathetic does it look, a bloke mincing down the street, with a limp wrist, wiggling hips & expecting “us” real blokes not to say anything !!!! Yeh right,,, you filthy pathetic little freaks deserve all you get !!!!!
        The U.K. should be 100% ANTI GAY like so many other countries.
        If you read the bible, it talks about Adam & Eve NOT Adam & Steve !!

      • “Six days may work be done; but in the seventh is the sabbath of rest, holy to the LORD: whosoever doeth any work in the sabbath day, he shall surely be put to death,” Exodus 31:15. So by Biblical standards anybody working in a nursing home, hospital, Walmart, McDonalds, etc etc etc should be put to death. The Bible SAYS SO.

      • Tmara75: That’s because Christians are the villains here. Oh, yeah, and the Russians. They are really annoying.

    • You have absolutely no right to call all the people in an entire country bastards. Don’t tell Africans how to run their countries. Last time I checked the US isn’t such a great place either.

      • you are right on Sophia!! I think that President Obama was doing really well until he picked up this sickening and disgusting issue! as if we don’t have more important things to worry about like teen pregnancy education and poverty! what gay people do is not only immoral but it is sick and detrimental to the human body itself. it should never have been taken off of the list of mental illnesses.

      • Gay, Lesbian and Transgendered Africans are seeking and getting asylum in the United States-as well as Europe. Thats why we are involved-they asked for help because they are being imprisoned- and beaten.LGT Activists FROM AFRICA- are seeking help.
        We are also being asked for and giving asylum to Russian LGT-because they are seeking it.

      • Actually, America is pretty kick ass. I have been employed most of my adult life and when I wasn’t I was able to live on unemployment until I found a job. I have never missed a meal or not had a roof over my head due to poverty. I have been harassed by law enforcement only a handful of times but walked away unscathed each time once they knew I was not guilty of anything. I have also been allowed to voice my support of everyone having equal rights in a peaceful matter without fear of reprisal or having my social media accounts shutdown. Finally, I am more likely to die from a luxury related disease than environmental disease or starvation.
        I know my experience is not the same as everyone’s but it is relatively standard and I am thankful every day. I want everyone to share it. I am not bragging just addressing the comment that America isn’t such a great place.
        I can’t complain!

      • Name the passages in the Bible where God say being gay is a sin. Also, find the passages where God says that it’s a sin to masturbate and the other sins that are deserving of death. Do you approve of stoning a woman to death for adultery? Will you murder you son for masturbating? How dare you justify parts of the Bible for your own prejudices and ignore others because YOU don’t think they’re relevant anymore. You can’t pick-and-choose only those Biblical things which suit your needs anymore than you can pick-and-choose those parts of science that support your beliefs and convictions in the Creation while denying those that don’t. Remember the Golden rule (common to most religions) to love/treat your neighbor as you wish to be loved/treated. That statement is at the base of Judaism. “Judge not lest you be judged” and “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone” is the basis of Christianity..

      • And what makes you think that we, gay people, are sinning? Your bible? Did “God” actually say the word “Gay love is bad”? No, I didn’t think so.

      • Another simpleton trying to speak for God. Yet forgetting God loves EVERYONE. As a straight Jew God loves all. I will pray God relieves your black heart full of hate

      • If you don’t believe in God the you can say it’s not a sin but if you do then it is says the Bible. On common sense female dog does not make love to another female dog . I don’t hate you as a person, I just hate your action

    • So according to Will, poor people are unable to form intelligent argument, to use logic. This statement is purely ignorant, get to know a poor person before you talk, over-generalize, and create negative stereotypes about poor people. Fire can’t extinguish fire, stop the ignorant comments

      • He’s not saying that. He means that their education is not as good as you or I may have, that makes them ignorant towards certain things such as sexual orientation. He does not mean that they spend their days walking into walls.

      • Dessert Foxx, David Aris, et al, read this simple piece. To begin with, David, it is obvious with all your efforts at selecting portions of the bible to justify your position, you’ve never read Romans 1vs24-30! Sure you understand it. Also read about Sodom and Gomorrah and reasons for their destruction. These succinctly, establish God is against homosexuality. He created both sexes with an intent and anything other than that is gross perversion. For believing in God, your refusal to obey his laws-human punishment notwithstanding-is regarded as rebellion and trust me,God’s punishment is more severe than human’s whenever unleashed, hence the need to collectively, instruct ourselves, like Moses did, to refrain from rebellion. Your concept of freedom and human right is an open invitation for humanity to disregard God’s laws and live in rebellion. It is as applicable to rapists, murderers and armed robbers as much as thy are to gays, lesbians, drug addicts etc. Just like we owe the society, our kids and NEIGHBOURS, a duty to propagate peace and urge all to eschew violence, it is also our collective responsibilities to condemn acts that are capable of subjecting nations to Sodom and Gomorrah or induce individuals to becoming self destruct. And you are doing the contrary to the ignorant, in ironical love and freedom crusade.

        • Hi, VIP. You misread both the Biblical texts that you cite, although I’ll admit that your misreadings are shared by many people. Romans 1 sets up Romans 2, which begins, “You, therefore, have no excuse, you who pass judgment on someone else, for at whatever point you judge another, you are condemning yourself.” So, for your own sake and for others whom you would condemn, step back from your judgmental condemnations.

          As for Sodom and Gomorrah, the point of the story is God’s displeasure with people who are violently inhospitable. You might want to ponder whether you are being inhospitable too.

          Colin Stewart, editor of this blog

          • I just reread the first 3 chapters of Romans and it seems clear to me that the idea of not judging others has to do more with what I am doing. If I’m acting in such and such a way and condiming you for the same act then I’m in the wrong. Thats not to say your right in what you do, but that I need to change my action and not worrry about yours. Or at least remove the plank form my eye before I try and help you with the speck in your eye. That said, I still judge you if claim to follow GOD. As long as your not claiming to be a follower of the one true God and are not claiming the saving grace of his Messiah then your behavior is not my business. See I Corinthians 7:12
            How people change for a past of immoral behavior, I can’t tell you exactly except it involes grace and faith. I can say I once practiced many behavior that I no longer find acceptable, and find shamefull. I give credit for this change to the one true God that loves us all and wants all to come to repentance. If one wants to change and seeks God for help, he will find a way for you, as he did for me.

    • For me, I have no trouble with individuals who “freely & willingly” wish to have their kind of sex life. I ‘would’ have loved to just ignore them LGBTs and allow it to be a ‘Live & let Live’ issue, but come to think of it, these people won’t ‘simply live’ when they are allowed, rather they go on to influence, propagate & create the inception that such ideas are normal on our children & teenagers who are most vulnerable to their sermons and arguments, because they won’t be very successful with thinking adults like the people here who are giving them such a hard. Big problem here is, like intelligent lawyers do, they may convince you to believe that all you ever learned was wrong and that what they now have to say is essential truth and hence, it is the way to go.
      Forgive me, cos I coudn’t seem to agree better on Govts imposting stiff laws bcos that seems the only way this menace could be slowed as its trying to become a global epidemic.
      In summary, for the sake of our kids who are in great danger of this movement, I still maintain my support for govt anti-gay legislations.
      Many regards

      • Noreligion, From your writing you are obviously poorly educated. Not a surprise. Explain to me at what age you decided to become a heterosexual? Were you so strongly influenced by straight people that you felt that you had no choice but to become straight?
        People are born either gay or straight. Sexuality is NOT a choice. I mean, considering all the hatred and negativity associated with being gay, who in their right mind would choose it as a lifestyle? We are who we are.
        Your children cannot be harmed by knowledge and education unless that education comes from a place of prejudice and hatred, bigotry and intolerance. Gay people are not evangelists for homosexuality. Gays are not out to convert your children. Your children are at more danger from your ignorant beliefs or from that trusted neighbor next door who pays too much attention to your daughter than they are from learning that gays simply want all the same rights and earned privileges your enjoy.
        Ten to seventeen percent of the world’s population has always been and will always be gay. There are more non-white people in the world than white people.
        You talk about not judging governments for passing anti-gay laws; would you have a different opinion about a law prohibiting mixed racial marriage? Or re-instating slavery? Or outlawing alcohol?

      • @David Aris…poorly educated bcos i expressed my opinion and it doesn’t seem to be similar to wat u think?? i don’t think so bro. U should understand one simple thing here: we all are going to differ on issues of sexuality. Mr David Aris, got it? u aint always gonna have it ur way all the time!

      • You are forcing yourself to understand the scriptures and it doesn’t work that way. Thought you’d painstakingly express your understanding of the Roman reference I simply made in response to your quest to know which portion of the Holy bible condemns homosexuality. Not I but God calls and judges the act as evil and I’m simply referring you to His position which I believe. Left for me and most others, we would have considered even murder and rape as human right. If your approval and encouragement for rebels against God’s injunctions is your ironical idea of tolerance, hospitality and love! So sad! You can as well, in that context, encourage drug addicts rather than educate them on the danger and gravity of the consequences. Those who indulge in vices in defiance of the Almighty only dare Him to act and are taking His patience for granted. I can tell you that for free.

      • To DAVID ARIS on “who…would choose it [homosexuality] as their lifestyle” – the same people that may be choosing heroin…it’s not pretty, it’s addiction…it crept into one’s life…and now they’re a slave to their sin…God help us, open our eyes…we all must be warriors against our sins…not a people commending the indulgence of one’s sin as an act of nobility.

    • Haley,
      You are advertising here the impression homos don’t and can’t think deep. In their evolution to fame and wealth, were the rich nations thinking homo? Your mentor Obama got to power when those nations’ economies enriched by exploitatve wealth form the poor countries were even stronger! Wealthy,strong and famous empires existed and collapsed with time. Hope you know your history! Then came the “nations under God!” Whoever would have reckoned with Japan, China and India in the community of wealthy nations in the 80s? Curse induced laws are capable of wrecking the economy of the wealthiest of nations and reversing the world order with time,my shallow minded friend! Romans 11vs9 even makes it more grievious for those who revel in riches. In a certain version it says”let their bountiful table (wealth) presents the illusion that all is well!” It beats my imagination that any sane being should take a swipe at those hating homo,rape,robbery,slavery,drug addiction et al.even if perpectuated by the critic.
      For all I know,there is noone called by those names ,and thus can not be the subject of hatred! Sanity must prevail over invading demonic insanity.

    • Who cares whether you travel or not. Ha ha, ur such a joke. I bet if u came, no one would even notice. So pls stop acting important when your not.

    • Haley,
      Yes I support you! BOYCOT! Homosexuality is infectious and endemic and those” poor” countries may be “enriched” with the demons responsible for this infraction if you and your cronies are allowed to travel there. You “Rich” people may, on the other hand, travel to one country so rich with your likes-HELL. Safe journey!

    • I shall make every effort to support these nations that remain faithful to the truth of life. Those governments that refuse to cave into lies which will give their people over to destruction. Homosexuality is destruction of humanity— a great evil indeed which will prove more deadly than any man-made weapons of war. The west is now the cradle of evil with its many crimes against humanity.. However, homosexual marriage has failed every referendum when put to ballot in most western nations. The courts and the media have forced this on people in a corrupt act of tyranny. It mandates an act of mass brainwashing directed specifically toward younger generations. Also it must be said that Russia is an Asian nation with three fourths of its land mass in Asia. The eastern way is far superior to the west which has taken its course of destruction. While the East will prevail for it has chosen the way of life & truth.

      • No one is brainwashed. African and Russian activists are asking for help from Europe and the US. We did not just go in and decide this was a problem.

    • As much as it is wrong to imprison someone for whom they are and what they stand for, I find it equally wrong to impose and force sovereign nations to adopt policies that they don’t stand for, just because another nation has enacted these. What is the purpose of a nation ruling its self, yet the West and Europe can do that for them? Isn’t that bullying?
      I am African and we struggled to attain independence from our colonial oppressors because they suppressed the very core of our existence and society. So why should we accept everything they demand of Africa to do yet we gained our independence, for self governance? As far as I know everyone’s right is covered by the “UN Bill of Rights” including homosexuals. So how different are they from other human beings?
      Must we accept the gays and lesbians just by the mere fact that it happens in America and Europe? I don’t think so. “One man’s meat is another man’s poison”. America has in the past enacted Anti Christian laws such as that pertaining religious. I have not heard other nations rising up against such a move.
      It is sad that, in the name of aid (strings attached), we are forced to take in whatever the America and its friends deem to be good. I personally do not hate the gays as humans; they are equally human as I am. I just don’t agree with what they do. They do deserve to live and interact.
      But for people in these 86 nations, what is it that they should know about the LGBT? Why should they take them in? Why should they compromise? How should they treat these minorities? You don’t have to force them to take in what they don’t want. It only heightens the anger and revulsion over homosexuals.
      I read a comment on this blog whereby someone thought that since these 86 nations have not adopted the LGBT policies, they are backward, poor and their education is of lower value. This is wrong. Africans and Asians are vastly educated. It is stereotype to think they are not. Some of the curriculums used in these nations were taken up from their colonizers; who are the Europeans. How then is it bad? It should be noted that some of these nations lost their cultures and education systems due to colonialism. Who knows if they were any better compared to what they acquired.
      Isn’t imposing sanctions on nations like Uganda, a form of neo-colonialism? And won’t this justify their actions and compel them to keep at what they do? We should all agree that Africa is FREE. Once that is established, and then there will be room for dialogue. Sanctioning, profiling, and imposing bans on these nations only makes it worse and it is no different from what they have equally done against the gays and lesbians. Hate begets hate, love begets love.
      Yes it is wrong for these nations to imprison homosexuals, infringing their basic human rights. But it should be up to them to determine how to respond to this issue, depending on the set up of their societies, rather than be compelled to accept blindly, and threatened with sanctions.

      • Dear Luanda,

        Thanks for your comment. I’m curious what implications you draw from your statement, “As far as I know everyone’s right is covered by the “UN Bill of Rights” including homosexuals.” Does a nation’s acceptance of that Bill of Rights have any meaning, or is it just a meaningless piece of paper?

        — Colin Stewart, editor of this blog

      • I just noticed that you think that nations are being asked to “take in” LGBT people. That’s not so. LGBT people are native-born. They’re your children, your relatives, your neighbors. As you say, they shouldn’t be imprisoned for who they are.

        I agree that national sovereignty is important, but so are human rights. Where would you draw the line? Don’t try to persuade nations that imprisoning LGBT people is wrong? Don’t try to persuade nations that genocide is wrong?

        Colin Stewart, editor of this blog

      • Thank you Colin for your response.
        Slight correction before I move forward, I did not say that countries are being asked to take in LGBT “people”. I said they are being asked to take in LGBT “policies” that they do not stand for.
        Of course not all countries; including the developed, uphold all rights under the bill of rights. Anyone has the right to stand up for the minority in society. In some instances the minority have had an upper hand over the majority, such as economically. But who fights for the poor majority?
        The comparison of genocide and imprisonment of homosexuals is far too great in comparison for, having witnessed the brutality of people killing each other. However, preservation of life is paramount.
        People have been imprisoned over their political and religious views, yet their cries still go unheard. My main argument, and not to go off track, is that the question of homosexuality should be left to a society to determine for its self. But we have to uphold these people’s rights as humans. By this I mean that we should first treat them as humans. When the question of homosexuality arises then the dynamics of these conservative societies becomes defensive. Some people will be tolerant, others will be cynical.

    • Shame on you! Poverty isn’t money and richness isn’t eloquence. Uprightness knows no social status. Never should you dare stepping your infectious foot and brain on the Zambian soil. Whoever begged anything from you is your fellow snake.

    • Please find out from any of your leaders the effect of self reliance of the listed countries and its effect on your country. You will realize you are not rich after all. Most of the riches you feel you are enjoying is from such countries. They even buy your waste.

  3. When since is it a crime to be poor? And when did it become okay to despise persons because of it? You want acceptance for homosexual behavior and you are yourself guilty of unfair prejudices. Did you even stop to consider that the laws on the books were imposed on these ‘poor’ countries in the same way that they are now being bullied into changing them. Do your homework before you throw passionate mindless comments around the place.

    • Hi, Anna. Thanks for your comment. I don’t know what you think ought to be done or believed, however. Probably that’s because I don’t see where you infer that I’m saying it’s a crime to be poor. Here are some of the ways that I don’t understand what you’re saying …

      In the first place, do you think it’s OK for a country to imprison its citizens for their sexual identify if the country has a low standard of living?

      Secondly, while it’s quite true that many countries inherited their anti-homosexuality laws from their former colonial rulers, what are the implications of that fact? Does that mean that former colonial powers such as Britain can change their own laws, as Britain did, but must not communicate with their former colonies?

      Thirdly, wouldn’t it be more despicable to ignore poor countries’ problems? Are you suggesting that poor countries should be left alone, or merely should be given money with no strings attached?

      I hope you’ll write more.

      Colin Stewart
      Erasing 76 Crimes blog

      • Colin, I think the real question we need to ask is can a country be ran by religion rather than by government? And do we have the right to force our beliefs on other countries who choose to be run by religion rather than by government? And is it a hate message to slander those countries who choose to operate under religion rather than by government? I would never be gay, I don’t support gay life and would not teach it to my child. I’m not in agreement with it, it goes against my nature, my core being. Does that make me a hater or just different?

        • Hi, Tonya —

          You ask, “Do we have the right to force our beliefs on other countries who choose to be run by religion rather than by government? And is it a hate message to slander those countries who choose to operate under religion rather than by government?”
          I do think that it’s OK to urge all countries, including those with religiously dominated governments, to abide by universal standards of human rights, especially those countries that have signed treaties pledging them to do so.

          You state further, “I would never be gay, I don’t support gay life and would not teach it to my child. I’m not in agreement with it, it goes against my nature, my core being. Does that make me a hater or just different?”
          I don’t think those beliefs make you a hater, unless you move on to encouraging the imprisonment of LGBT people for the sexual orientation they were born with, as 76-plus countries do.

      • The discrimination, stigma, harassment and attacks of gays, lesbians and bisexual are sometimes unbearable. What two or more consenting adults decide to do in private should not be the business of anybody. The freedom we want for ourselves should be the freedom that we should want for others, homosexuals and lesbians not excepted. The media, religious bodies some civil socitie, associations and organizations sometimes condemn same sex relationship and marriages. News of killing and molesting of Gays and lesbians is rampants. glass murder attempt. this must stop and time is to end it.

      • hey man don’t think that the colonial powers are feeding our families .In addition Africa is not 18 century . So think twice before talking your nosense okaaaayyy.

      • Mind u people who say africa is poor we are the richest contintent in the world that’s why you keep in africa we have never gone to white countries for minerals so keep yo male anus loving theories to yo selves ib white counties

    • you re write, these countries shouldnt be bullied into accepting these western laws. it might be acceptable to your countries but not acceptable in our culture and christian values

      • U are so ignorant! God said that its an abomination to have sex with the same sex!- what part of that dont u understand?! God hates that!- all sin!- especially being gay or homo! Or beimg a lesbian! Wake up! Love one another but hate the sin!- not support it ok!- u need to repent of this sin! If u support anything God hates u are sinning against God!- thats wrong!- not hate speech!- its the truth!- whether u or anyone else here lije it or not!- that is why God destroyed sodom and gomorrah before!- and he will do it again! Genesis 19! So shame on you!- and those who support this disgusting and nasty lifestyle! Im proud to be anti gay!- anti sin!- thats a good thing! All gays are worthy of death! God said so! And they will all burn in hell for it!- thats theyre own fault!- not mine or Gods!

        • To be fair it’s also a sin to lie.
          If you think like that just don’t hate the people hate the sin. You should not discriminate against then any more than you would to someone who lied or committed any other sin.
          Also remember it’s not a sin if they don’t believe it’s wrong.

        • Amen!!!!!! it’s just a shame that those stubborn homos will refuse to listen to reason! but like you said I can hate the sin but love The Sinner. just like I can hate the use of drugs but love the drug addict him or herself.
          yet they coin these anti heterosexual phrases such as homophobes! No one is afraid of them they just hate what they’re doing!

          • Exactly thats what im talking about God hates the sins that people do but he still loves us but we must hate din too like he does and love one another keep it separate! Im glad u understand that unlike some people thank u

          • All quotes seem to be of religious nature, so don’t forget the part spoken “Judge Not that you be judged more harshly” ? God of all is to be the judge, so leave your judgement out of anything, and let people live their life as they wish, since we are given this choice, and love all as told in loving our neighbor as our selves and let God be the judging at the appropriate time and place.

    • I’m unaware of that.
      What conclusion do you draw from that, regarding the information that ILGA has collected?

      Did ILGA remove NAMBLA from its membership?

      — Colin Stewart
      Editor/publisher, Erasing 76 Crimes

      • I just don’t understand why you all homophobes visit this website. I think that you all have a serious issue with your own sexuality. I suggest you revisit this problem.
        Secondly, Tonya, if stupidity could fly you would hit the ceiling. A country is for ALL citizens, not for a religious group. And if you don’t mind that, why don’t you move to Saudi Arabia? They would shut you up quickly, you will have no rights, you will have no right to drive, no right to vote, and no right to be on a street with a man who is not your husband. You wouldn’t even have legal rights to your children! How do you like that?
        Or go to Congo, where there are 48 rapes per hour, or 1,252 a day, or over 400,000 rapes yearly. How would you like that? You want to keep your woman’s rights but you deny gays to have them? How thoughtful and civilized of you.
        And to all guys who hate gays: what is your problem? We don’t want to be with you, we don’t like you, and you are not attractive to us at all. We will not be, ever, after your girlfriend or wife – so why are you afraid? Or as I said, you have an issue with your own sexuality. Think about it.
        And regarding religion, any religion is for the soul, for being a better person. It is to love and forgive, not to hate and kill. Which god asks to hate others? So all of you supposedly “religious” people, I suggest you think about what your god actually tries to teach to. And if you are so religious, changing god’s words is a sin.
        To all of you, try to accept and love others, regardless of their religion, ethic background, color of the skin, or sexual orientation. It will make us all better people and a better planet.
        We are all here, the entire spectrum of the rainbow – so let’s live together in piece and harmony.
        What you want for yourself, let others have it too.

      • Matthew 7: 13-14
        The Narrow and Wide Gates

        13“Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter through it.14“For the gate is small and the way is narrow that leads to life, and there are few who find it.

        I don’t know of a God that says hate people but the Sin itself as he himself Loves people but hates Sin. Others can be accepted with out accepting their sin. As in the quote above not all religions lead to Heaven. Jesus Christ is the one and true way to Heaven.

      • How do you define a ‘crime’? The independent countries use their own laws to define homosexuality illegal and not laws in your laws which you think should be overlapping over all humanity. If I don’t believe in your laws don’t force me to believe/accept them except when I become your hostage.

    • Wow. Ok…HISTORY TIME!

      Here’s the deal: NAMBLA in its early years was a member of ILGA, but very early on they realized that what NAMBLA stood for was no good; the LGBT movement wanted equality amongst consenting adults, not the unusual right (one which even hetero adults didn’t have) to see engage in sexual acts with underage minors. Thusly, they were booooooted.

      Oh yeah, there were some which protested this decision. Namely one Allen Ginsberg, the influential and much celebrated gay jewish beat poet, who was known to take in underage lovers, and mingled with known pedophiles – most famous was his relationship with William S. Burroughs, a gay heroin junkie who made no attempts at hiding his penchant for young hispanic boys. Hell, Burroughs even fled to South America, so he could practice his boy love with impunity, where he also allowed the molestation of his own teenage son, Billy Burroughs, Jr. who would grow up to despise his father and die young, after authoring only two books (Speed & Kentucky Ham.) 🙁

      What matters here though, is that ILGA cut out a lot of bad apples, and these are just skeletons in their closet now – and at no point was an agenda such as NAMBLA anywhere near the forefront for ILGA.

      • There are lots of things that happen in this world that are wrong but sex is for making children. Men should sleep with women. Should we legalise crack because crack smokers deserve equal rights, should we change the law regarding underage sex because people that sleep with kids want rights. In my opinion rights must be weighted against each other. Heterosexual people have the rights they have for the furtherance of the human race. Same sex couples cannot contribute to the furtherance of life on this planet. I had always been under the impression that marriage was about companionship (and too an extent it is) but men naturally, instinctively seek the companionship of women because they want kids. Maybe gay men want sex without the complication of kids but that is not natural. Governments seem to be making the impossible possible and visa versa. There are plants that grow naturally in every hot country on this planet and it’s use by adults that consent via their conduct/use is prohibited, yet same sex male couples can have kids. The world went mad ages ago. Leave the mad people to be mad. Just make sure you bring your children up in a natural way and hope they are not tarnished by all the rubbish they hear about same sex being the way to go.

    • In that case it is pointless jailing prostitutes, drug peddlers, murderers and thieves. Because God says Judge not. we do not hate them but we dislike the act. they are two different things. God says for who he loves he chastise. It is because the country loves the Gay that is why they are jailed to be reformed.

  4. Russia may be join soon in this list of 76+ countries((( This is very bad. And many LGBT-people (as I am too) want to seek asylum in USA or another progressive country.

      • Bob, I hope that you learn one day what it is like to live in mortal fear every day of your life, that you are attacked viciously and relentlessly for being who you are, that you are psychologically and physically tortured and abused until it breaks you, that your family disowns you and tells you to go to hell and leaves you with nothing, that you are humiliated and scorned and called every name in the book. That you drown in shame and self loathing and feel submerged in unending darkness. Because then you will be at the very tip of understanding what it is like to grow up as a gay person in this wretched, sick,
        violent, extremely brutal world. And maybe if you can begin to understand it you can learn to show a little kindness and empathy for other people.

    • Be careful what you wish for. The US has as many as 14 states that make it illegal to be gay in the same way that there are states that allow the consumption of cannabis although it is against federal law. The country allows it’s states to decide what laws are made in it’s locality.

      Instead of going to the states (I might wanna go there) go to mars and hope the Martians are more tolerant of your right to be homosexual.

    • Get someone to cleanse the demons in you. You need Jesus, how can a man fuck another man and you think that is normal? Thank God Russia is progressing. Go to you US Sodom and Gommorah

    • I disagree and am mad at all these countries on that don’t allow gay marriage or lesbian rights.You can love who you want. Don’t let your religion take over all your life decisions.

    • Where do the straight people go to get married?
      You sick people keep re-defining marriage, there won’t be a place where there is real marriage anymore. Thanks for destroying this country. Civilization as been dealt a blow, and you don’t actually realize it because you are barking mad. It is sad when the insane are in power. It really is.

      • No one is forcing anyone to accept homosexuality. However, people who are born with same sex attraction can not switch to the opposite sex either. I assure you, a gay person wouldn’t choose to be persecuted, beaten, killed, bullied, discriminated against, as no one would choose a life such as so many gay people are in this world today. All gay people ask is for equal rights to be treated as all others, and none are trying to force their life upon anyone ! However, if the constitution says “all men are created equal, then that means ALL men, not just heterosexuals” Even when this was written, Thomas Jefferson wrote it and he owned slaves, but in those days, black people were not considered a whole man, thus the white man deemed this not viable to black people, and it was this way for centuries until civil rights laws were passed, and even today, there are still a minority who feel the same. All gay people want is to be treated equally with the same opportunities and rights as any other person, not special rights either, only the same rights, and to live their life to love who they choose without bullying, discrimination etc. Homosexual people have contributed a lot to the world, especially in art, so all people have a contribution to our world, culture as well. We all have our own talents we are born with, as same with sexual attractions that differ in every person.

        So if marriage and sex is only to pro-create, then what do you do with men and women who can not conceive or those who do not want any children ? Do you remove sex from them because they don’t want to pro-create and have children ? People can love and share life with sex without having children, so should they be punished because you say it is the duty or purpose ?

        Hate is what rots and destroys a country from within, so remove your hate in this country, and it will prosper and be just fine. Preach and practice hate as the Westboro Church Group, and watch this country burn !

        BTW, quoting form Leviticus isn’t wise, as you can’t pick and choose, so do you follow all laws written there ? Do you want to stone a person for adultery, or give up your shell fish because it also is an abomination ?

        You can’t have it both ways, so go back to live your life with laws from the old testament or come into the real world today.. So many sins, and don’t think one is any worse than the other, unless you are talking a life, in my opinion. Oh and the part written “judge not, that ye be judge more harshly “

  5. you people do realize that no law you change will effect reality, you still wont be able to put a bolt into bolt, you still wont be able to have children, you wont be able to change God’s beliefs no matter how much you complain, and you will never be accepted. Sooner or later your going to have to face that fact and stop reffering to every group that decides to stand up for its morals a “hate group”. Seems to me the only hate group Ive seen is a majority (but not all) of gays/lesbians, you spout acceptance but instantly jump on anyone or any group that doesnt see things your way. Might want to look up the definition of “equality.”

      • Colin… most people who show that they are not in homosexuality favor are view by gay groups as haters. We have our opinion. We dont accept homosexuality in our lives or the lives of our children . That doesnt mean we are haters… just dont want that for us. The same way you dont want religious entities to force beliefs into others we dont want you forcing your beliefs into us, that are nurtured by a sexual inclination ,orientation, taste or whatever you want to call it. Theres ample scientific evidence by real scientist that homosexuality is still a mental illness and it still falls within the definition it had pre 1973. When you want to impose all this beliefs that homosexuality is natural and want to compare a human being to an animal who have no way of reasoning or morals and when you want to convince the world that homosexuals are better than the rest in any way, you are making yourself a religion and a hate group.The only hate you perceive is the one that you create towards yourself. Neither I or any other poster here want gays to die or hang them or punish them. If you want to have your lifestyle do it but dont try to impose your beliefs and actions over all society and accept it. We wont impose you our religion or beliefs , dont try to do it to us either . And dont try to make us believe that marriage is not a religious institution in the USA and all the twisted rethoric you use to try to prove a point that never existed. Thats when you by being hateful toward the rest bring hate towards you.

      • “…when you want to convince the world that homosexuals are better than the rest in any way…”
        No one is trying to convince anyone that we are better than anyone else, just equal to everyone else.

    • I’m sure people who are in support of LGBT rights are quite familiar with the definition of equality. These people may “jump on anyone” because they are constantly submitted to to hatred and rejection like your statements. You need to understand that a lot of the time “standing up for morals” means ostracizing people who have no control over their sexual orientation, that’s why people get defensive. I’m sure you would be pretty defensive if the tables were turned, you don’t see groups of LGBT people walking around actively trying to take away your human rights. THAT is the difference here, one is fighting for equality, the other is trying to suppress them. This is NOT a two sided argument, it is a bunch of people not ready for change prosecuting others.
      Also I’m pretty sure LGBT people do not believe that changing the laws will allow them to have children and change their biology, they just wanted to be treated like human beings. That’s quite the ignorant statement, you should really educate yourself.

      • No one have taken human rights from any homosexuals… the right to marry have been recognized from hundreds of years as a man and a woman in this country. No one takes civil unions away from you and the right to have children is given by nature not goverments. This was founded a Cristian nation you like it or not and the fact that there have been more liberties allowed wont take that away. There have to be a point in which stretching liberties and rights dont get to a point of going against the culture and identity of a nation. Im sure you wont go to Iran to try to made them change their religion or culture,. .then why try to change the culture of this nation so much toward the other side of what it was founded on? The reason there is no specific on the Constitution about this is because it was understood at that moment that marriage was between a man and a woman and no one in their right mind at the moment will propose the contrary.In fact in that time they would have hanged someone with this ideas. If you already have rights that give you the same why you want to come and shove up the face of religious organizations your ways knowing that its part of this country culture. If you wont do it to other nations you should not expect to do it and be accepted here. No one is killing you or suppressing you. Human rights are unaltered and the law applies equally. Now to try to raise a children in a way that exposes them to wrong concepts of sexuality since an early age is plain wrong. it is not for you bc thats your preference but you have to allow kids to grow up normally and have the option of finding themselves , not imposing your ideas of right or wrong that obviously by all that is good and sacred and logic is not what you have. While you dont accept that being homosexual is still a mental illnes like any other mental illness and try to push in others that is normal you will keep having this struggle not mattering what laws they approve or not. Laws wont make the poblation homosexual or accepting.. they will make people more aggresive toward homosexuals when being forced by law to accept something most dont believe in ,..much like making x religion mandatory for the whole country. Remember its a preference and orientation,. its something you can choose and scientifically even cured of as there are methods to cure it and people cured of it. The fact that you choose to believe what you want to believe reinforces even more the religion like manner in which you are treating this.

        • “No one have taken human rights from any homosexuals”?

          That’s quite untrue about the 76-plus countries that are the focus of this blog, where same-sex love can put you in jail.

          — Colin Stewart, the blog’s editor and publisher

        • I believe that The God of all World destroyed two cities because of same sex ,Sodom and Gomora!!! I don’t know if you have any Fear of God but I take it as the Truth that I give you this warning for those who would persistent and allow for as it was written!!

      • @jean jones
        ” the right to marry have been recognized from hundreds of years as a man and a woman in this country.”
        Just because something existed for hundreds of years or was part of the founding of the country is no reason to keep it.
        Slavery existed as part of the founding of the country. Doesn’t make it right.
        Woman couldn’t vote. Doesn’t make it right.
        Mixed racial marriage was banned for hundreds of years. Doesn’t make it right.
        Women have been viewed as property thousands of years and were given very few allowances. Doesn’t make it right.
        The bible forbids women from teaching scripture and says they should be stoned to death for doing so. Doesn’t make it right.

        I’m not trying to change Iran because I don’t live in Iran. I live in the US. Here in the US we do have a continued process of expanding freedoms. That is a tradition in the US that has existed from the beginning. The Founding Fathers were subjects of the King of England. They decided to change that. If they followed your advice of not questioning the country you live in,there would be no USA. Also, Thomas Jefferson himself advocated for atheists saying they were equals in this country.

        I also want to say, I am a Christian. I believe in the word of Christ. Christ himself never spoke out against homosexuals and broke the old covenant to from a new one. As a Christian I will not bind myself to the old covenant as you have. My church believes homosexuals have a right to marry. If you don’t want to allow gay marriage within your church, that is you and your churches right. Allowing gay marriage should be allowed as a right within me and my church.

    • Late to this,but nevertheless,I am now so pissed off at the whole lgbt bs! They are the oppressive scum that is bullying everyone; at universities where,btw, students have to pay so that THEY could have their own lounge ! They are stigmatizing businesses,churches,neighborhoods,everything. I hate the gays now!

      • Dear Bill,

        I don’t know the situation that has you so upset, but I do know that the focus of this blog is elsewhere — on the 76-plus countries where being gay is a crime, where LGBT people are the people who are inhumanely oppressed.

        — Colin Stewart, editor of this blog

      • I agree with the bullying bit…..if anything they want to have more rights than normal people…..the minute you open your mouth to complain about them straight away you are labelled. Adopting kids is wrong too….that means all the children’s book will be re-written because alot of it is a normal ‘mum and dad’..if its 2 gay males, how do you explain that to a child you are adopting? The child will become confused from an early age when he/she sees other kids with “mum and dad” and yet she sees ” dad and dad”..You are ruining a childs life .

      • @richard

        They want to have more rights or special rights? as in the right to only allow a certain group to marry or adopt kids? that’s exactly the definition or having more rights, how is that cognitive dissonance working for you?

        “how do you explain that to a child you are adopting?”
        you are underestimating children, unlike you, they are still not bigoted assholes, a kid will probably be happy knowing that he will have a home and parents who love him.

    • Dear randomcitizen,
      do you often talk to god? are you made aware of his beliefs? if you are ignorant please stop and think about what you said first. The definition of equality has no relevance to what you just said about acceptance. I do accept your view, I accept that you are a straight person on a website about homosexual rights who has chosen to ignore that god makes no mistake especially not in so many people as the LGBT community is quite large. Just because you go to church doesn’t mean you know what god believes, especially since casting judgment upon others is a sin. You should really reflect upon yourself and how god feels about you before trying to tell others how god feels about them.
      P.S. the definition of “equality”- is the state of being equal, especially in status, rights, and opportunities.
      This has nothing to do with the fact that people jump on you for hating others, you put yourself above homosexuals and we want to be on the same plane, be do not ask that you agree with what we do and we don’t agree with you but we do ask that we do not get a lesser status or different rights, we ask for “equality.” next time you ask someone to know a definition please make sure i is relevant to your topic and also that you know the definition first.
      a concerned citizen

    • Right time for an educated home truth here. The world is buckling under the strain of severe overpopulation as it is and if everyone were to have these religious beliefs that the sole purpose of sex is to procreate then the world would be in even bigger shit and more recession than it already is. Next time you have to get on a packed train or sit miserably in hours and hours of traffic or wait in a massive queue in a shop just think that is all because of straight procreating couples who just can’t stop breeding like animals. Secondly there are millions of abused and unloved children out there already born so why create more when you can adopt, foster or take in a child whose life would be utterly awful without someone to save them (Many gays and lesbians adopt or foster and give an unloved and unwanted child a loving and nurturing home)

      • Ironically,JJ Truth, over-population from procreation is death and starvation. Also, no one here knows that this so-called ‘God’ actually exists, I think you’re either autistic or just trolls.

    • Thank you for saying this, I could not have said it better, they will never be able to change what GOD has decreed. And they will never number accepted, why not because me or you said, but cause GOD said so. That’s the real problem they think they are better than GOD, or they dont believe in GOD, that they won’t have to answer to him on the day they return to him. And if they want to call me apart of a hate group because I’m talking and taking actions against them because of what GOD says then so be it.

    • Dear Anti-gayDoc,
      Such a sad, angry, uncalled-for comment. I’m sure that you won’t move, and I hope you can shake off your bitterness.
      Colin Stewart
      Editor/publisher of Erasing 76 Crimes blog.

      • I Just don’t get it They cant reproduce they have zero families unless they adopt which isn’t there’s. so no way any of them can move forward they just die so be patient they all die off soon its just pathetic that we have to here about it. and be forced on us the government tried getting rid of them in the 80s and didn’t realize that bysexuals existed wide spread of aids over night back fired. Like the heroin in 70s with the black race back fired again. and it leaves America in a waste land morallus, selfish and now we advertise it like its a beer and reality you dumb asses thinks its ok your nuts you cant reproduce your way would kill the human race but I guess since everyone thinks of themselves first itll be ok fuck the future. I really don’t think that’s plan though Hope I didn’t offend any one but if your to stupid to figure out the queer life is extinction prison probably wont help they’ll just get with more of there kind im thinking lobotomy shock therapy nut houses we as American’s classify everything as a diese so treat it like one. but the liberals democrats & republicans are to scared to loose a vote than do the right thing. Last thing I took my daughter to an amusement park on fathers day and they changed it to guy day. I guess since they will never be real parents they will ruin it for everyone else cant blame the Christians. Just use common since your way extinction there way millions of yrs of life. Have a great day Americas been sold out

        • Dear Duane,

          Clearly you have a lot of hate for LGBT people. You really ought to get to know some LGBT folks. Many are quite upstanding citizens; generous, loving people.

          By the way, no LGBT rights advocates are saying that everyone should be gay. Do you really worry that humanity will become extinct (in our over-populated world!) because of same-sex marriage? Homosexual men obviously don’t give birth to children, but gay men are the children of heterosexual parents.

          Society will continue to be a mix of gay and straight people, no matter what laws we pass. The only question is whether society will tolerant and peaceful or angry and repressive.

          — Colin Stewart, editor of this blog

      • 1. you don’t fear God, the creator of the whole universe.
        2. You don’t know that heaven is real and hell fire is real.
        3. You should be living this life to please yourself or your flesh but should be living it to please God almighty .
        4. Your body is the temple of the most high God, keep it holy.
        5. Either you like it or not homosexual is a big sin and offensive.
        6. God has place before good and evil but he is advising you to choose good.
        7. The wages of sin is death but the free gift of God is eternal life.
        8. give your life to Christ now is not late.
        call me for more enquiry. 07036494203

    • Try Belize. It is still a moral country and it is retirement friendly with low to no taxations. That is where we are going.
      Great beaches and the govt obeys the people, not interest groups buying them off.

  6. It has been said that ignorance is bliss. If that is the case we should all be drowning in bliss. Those that say GLBT people are reprobates are the ones I feel most sorry for. They hide behind their holy books and condem others simply because they do not fit the criteria laid out in these books. God did not write these books. Men did. Please don’t throw up on me the line I hear most often that these men were “inspired by god” to write these books. Look around you. You can use that line on anything. God is our creator. He is not our keeper on this earth. Look at world history and all the murders that have been committed in the name of god. God made humankind. Kind should be removed from that word.

    Simply put – God does not make mistakes. Humans makes mistakes. Anyone that believes god made a mistake by making someone gay, trans, bi, or lesbien will have a much harder time getting into heaven than those who feel it is their duty to persecute others.

    PS – I hope Madam Curie looses some ignorance and does some real research about Belize. It is much worse than the United States on every key indicator for economic freedom including nearly twice the unemployment rate which of course leads to more crime against the elderly.

    • I thought humans were the highest form of animals. Animals that humans are supposed to reason better than do decipher between the sexes when it comes to mating. They do not mate male and male nor female and female because its unnatural and abnormal. God did not create anyone gay. You cant tell me God created some people thieves, prostitutes or drug addicts. They are only vices that people pick up from the society they live in. I believe being Gay is a mental ailment and mostly associated with suicide, child abuse or neglect. Most gays also possess low self esteem thus the need to be accepted by society. It can be cured with lots of love and the word of God. Africa is not rich but very wealthy, It has more wealth than you can imagine. i bet most westerners haven’t been to Africa. The USA and Europe cannot survive without Africa but that cannot be said about the Latter. Africa can survive on its own, It has all the natural and human resources needed for survival. There is an intentional effort by the West to keep Africa from being independent. Same cannot be said about the middle east or Arabs because they don’t depend on the west to govern their countries. they are doing so well and mind you they haven’t accepted Gay.

  7. Lets see….
    For those who believe,,, God created man and woman to be together
    For those who don’t believe and believe in nature,,, male animals mate with female animals
    Ok, for those who believe in neither,, they believe in the human intelligence,,,, so you get female attempting to bond with female and male with male. Hmmmm there seems to be an identity crisis amongst these so-called intelligent humans.

    “Shake the dust off your sandals and never return. They are stiff-necked people”

    • Thanks for visiting, Jack.

      As I recall, one of the two great commandments is to love your neighbor as yourself. I’d say that should rule out throwing your neighbor into jail if he loves someone who doesn’t conform to your understanding of who God wants him to love.

      All the best,
      Colin Stewart
      Editor/publisher of this blog

      • Colin.. i get amused when people like you try to rebuke the Bible with one verse or though without having read it whole. Yes the Bible tells you to love your neighbor but we dont have any problem with our neighbors or gays. God have a problem with homosexuality. If you want you can read the whole 1st chapters or romans and you will see what the Bible says about homosexuality. Im not for htrowing gays into jail and Im sure most of the people who comment here are not either. God loves man,.. he doesnt love man’s sin. He said homosexuality is a sin and wrong and in the chapter I just told you it explains not only why but WHERE homosexuality comes from. The action of us loving all people have to be more with showing God nature of loving good ones and bad ones as to have mercy for them all and we to try to show that nature thru our actions. Now thats one thing. But it doesnt matter how much we love each other even the ones that would kill us , it wont erase the judgement of God(not man) towards those that dont follow His teachings. The reason behind homosexuality being a sin goes far more than just the sexual act, but the sexual act its an expression of the perversions and depravation inside man that causes it to go against God. Homosexuality most of the times comes from a number of reasons which have been identified and none of them are good. Could something good come from a rooten root? No. So we are just wanting you to recognize that there is help for homosexuals. Its not hating. But when homosexuals get defensive and militant and start saying that God doesnt exist just because the Bible dont accept homosexuality you will find hostile atittudes against them from most people. Most homosexuals have been : abused either mentally or physically, not had a positive masculine figure while growing up, have a authoritative female figure who despises men most of the time, grown up insecure about their sexuality without any positive reinforment from a make figure, ridiculed for their lack of confidence since childhood. No communication with the father. This and other facts create an insecurity and lack of confidence that put them in doubt during the formative years and make them join groups and practices that allows them to not face the pressures of properly being formed.

        • Hi, Jean —

          I know what you mean about picking out small portions of the Bible. I fear that you have done that yourself in judging people on the basis of Romans 1. That’s the sin that Romans 2 condemns:

          “You, therefore, have no excuse, you who pass judgment on someone else, for at whatever point you judge another, you are condemning yourself, because you who pass judgment do the same things.”

          Let’s be merciful.

          — Colin Stewart, editor/publisher of this blog

      • You know what I dont undetsand? Is how come gay and lesbian people wont TRY to become straight again and I know that some people would reply saying, “oh well because they’re born with it” okay so? It doesnt mean that they still cant get help to become straight. I learned in religion class a few years back about how a gay guy was being non stop bullied by these other men so the gay guy seeked God for help to save him and God in return made that gay guy straight. The guy never had any problems of being bullied any more. He got married to a wonderful wife and had kids and grandkids. God does help gay people, but not in a way some people think he does. Im positively sure that if a gay guy is absolutely desperate and can’t take anymore of the harrassment and also believes in God just like a normal Catholic/Jewish/Christian/etc would, he/she would be saved. God does love all of us and he’ll help us but we have seek for him first.

        I know some people would be thinking, “yeah but a gay/lesbian person should be who they are and shouldnt change themselves not even for religion”
        Okay so youre saying that a
        psychotic person who has a mental illness of wanting to rape children should be who they are and not change their personality not even for the safety of others?

        Oh and yes, i understand its bad that we “haters” throw homosexuals in jail, okay? Its not like all of us think the same alright? Maybe some people want to kill and hang homosexuals but then there are different haters who just dont want to be involved with anything that has to do with homosexuality (im one of them).

        There are two (probably more but I just cant think of any others for the moment) hate groups, you know. And besides that, i cant say im a “hater”, i just think its wrong, period. Doesnt mean i want to see them burn to hell.
        I just think that its a mental disorder that can be fixed if actually tried.

        And i agree with most people here that say that we shouldnt force other countries to go all gay and lesbian. Please, lets all not be hypocrites, okay? Collin, Im SURE youll agree that forcing someone to believe in the same religion is bad, right? I mean think about it. During Stalin’s rule in Russia, he made schools force students to believe that God isnt real, where the new religion; atheism, was created in the 1920’s. Im sure A LOT of people were pretty mad but couldnt do anything about it because Stalin would search you down and have you killed. Well some say its gonna be the same thing for us in a few years (maybe not that severe that the government would kill you). I mean its sort of already starting.
        For example:
        I heard one of my teachers say that a mother told her child to stay away from homosexuals -and i know thats mean but hang on a minute- the school found out (or was it the homosexuals mother?) and the mother got either sued or fined. Whatever it was, she got in trouble and had to pay a lot. Im not saying that we should all just attack the homosexuals, Im trying to say is that we all have our own opinions and our own “human rights” and im sorry if there are people out there that harrass homosexuals. Honest. As human beings, we should find other ways to show our dislike but we also shouldnt force it on others. So big deal that 80 other countries decide to stay original? At least parts of Europe and the freaking USA is allowing it.

        • Dear Guest,

          1. You ask, “You know what I dont understand? Is how come gay and lesbian people wont TRY to become straight?”
          Many LGBT people have tried to “become straight.” It doesn’t work. The example you give is either false or a very, very rare exception. LGBT people can’t “become straight AGAIN” because they never were straight. They were created gay.

          2. You also say, ” i understand its bad that we ‘haters’ throw homosexuals in jail, okay? ”
          Good. That’s the main point of this blog. If everyone agreed with you on that, the world would be a much, much better place. We could argue about the rest, but not kill or imprison anyone because of their sexual orientation.

          All the best,
          Colin Stewart
          Editor/publisher of this blog

      • Loving your neighbors, does not take presidents over what God says about man being with man and women bring with a woman, and the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. Please no, we try to obey GOD to the best of our ability, this is what GOD says not me. No one’s perfect, but we can try to be to come out having the best results.

        • Jesus said the great commandments are to love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind and spirit and to love your neighbor as yourself. He did not say that “what God says about man being with man and women bring with a woman, and the story of Sodom and Gomorrah” take precedence over those. Indeed, Jesus said nothing about those issues, but he did sit down with sinners and did love them.
          — Colin Stewart, editor/publisher of this blog

          • Yes he sat down to talk to them, yes love them because if he didnt love them he would not have sat down with them, but thst still doesn’t mean he condoned the sins, how do you just condon what a sinner does, so if thats the cast if my son or daughter is a murder im suppose to condon it. Not talk to them and say hey this isnt right, you can not do this. Cause that what people do, say oh its ok and its not ok, all im doing is speaking the truth and if people dont like well so what. You will never get a person to change there mind about what GOD says, and these people will never be what they want to be, because you can not change what GOD has made you man or women. Period

  8. To those who will potentially move to these countries….really? you would really uproot your entire life so you could avoid gay people? Because it is an abomination? Point that out, where that says that, not in the form of a metaphor which can be interpreted in any way, but where it directly says that. I’m aware it says a “man should not lay with another man,” but what does it say about lesbians? Oh right, nothing, I forgot that women aren’t really people, so why would god even talk about them? While you’re at it, could you find me the part of the bible where it says I’m allowed to sell my daughter into slavery? Maybe you could quote me a price?

    Why does this even bother you? Do you think seeing gay people will make you gay? If that’s the case, then you already are. By that logic, wouldn’t seeing straight people all of the time make gay’s straight? It doesn’t.

    Go ahead, stand up for your morals, but arguing about distress from a privileged standpoint is a NOT equal to that of the persecuted. The LGBT community is not actively trying to oppress you or your rights; being told you are acting hateful is not the same as being told that God hates you. It is your right to happiness, then fine, don’t be gay, don’t marry a gay person, but don’t for one second act as though you are choosing to be a heterosexual. It is NOT your right to decide what makes other people happy and to pass judgement on them, I think you would agree that that is God’s place, and claiming to speak for God is taking the Lord’s name in vane is it not? That’s a pretty big sin. At the end of all of this, if God turns out to be real and we all end up meeting at the gates of heaven, you really think God is going to pat you on the back for taking away someone else’s rights? Does your mom pat you on the back for ordering around your younger siblings?

    And for this comment:
    “Ok, for those who believe in neither,, they believe in the human intelligence,,,, so you get female attempting to bond with female and male with male. Hmmmm there seems to be an identity crisis amongst these so-called intelligent humans.”

    Maybe you should open a biology textbook. A large portion of species engage in homosexual activity as females are not fertile all year round, and in some species they prefer it, only straying when the females are ready to reproduce. In many others, especially birds, the younger members never mate and instead help take care of the older siblings offspring, and those offspring turn out a lot better than if everyone were to have kids and raise them themselves. Birds are descendents of dinosaurs and have been around for more then 250 million years, who are we to criticize that?

    Approving of homosexuality does not make you a homosexual, it is not infringing on your rights, only one party is vulnerable here. The world is slowly already changing, in 50 years when people talking about gays being immoral, the subject will be a joke, in the same way that being against a white and a black person is now. This is already happening, so all of you can lick your wounds and take a step off your pedestals. I sincerely hope none of the prosecuted in these countries lose hope, it gets better, please hang on!

    And after all of this, God does exist and those opposed are right, then living with people like you in heaven for an eternity would be my own personal hell, so I guess it doesn’t really make a difference what I believe.

      • “A woman should learn in quietness and full submission. I do not permit a woman to teach or to assume authority over a man; she must be quiet.” The Bible tells us many, many things. Do you follow them all? How about Deuteronomy?

    • I loved your speech and your wonderful logic. Better to go to hell a supporter of gay rights then to stay in heaven for all eternity with homophobic bigots

  9. I think that everyone has a choice about what life-style he or she wants to live, and we as human being must not judge or kill a gay person, just because he or she choses to live the alternative life-style.

    I am a Child of God. I do not support homosexuality or any organization that promotes it.
    Homosexuality is a decision that a person makes, not a birth mark.
    But I feel that everybody has the right to be whatever they want to: gay or straight.

    God has given human being living on this earth free-will, whether they follow his Standards or follow the life-styles of the majority that deliberately disobey JEHOVAH GOD.

    • Thanks for the comment. I think, though, that you underestimate the extent to which sexual preference is part of God’s creation rather than a personal choice. Do you really believe that you CHOOSE (each day?) whether you’ll be heterosexual or homosexual and then, I assume in your case, choose to be attracted to the opposite sex?

      Thanks for visiting the blog. Do come back.

      — Colin Stewart

      • Yes, I believe that being gay is a choice.
        I never underestimate the creation of God.
        God’s thoughts are above our thoughts.

    • if your dumb than you don’t have a choice? If your dad was gay you wouldn’t have been born. Animals in nature don’t do gay either. I wonder why animals don’t?
      its your choice to be gay but not push your opinions on me or my children!

      • Hi, Tim —

        “if your dumb than you don’t have a choice?”
        I don’t understand what you’re saying.

        “If your dad was gay you wouldn’t have been born.”
        If my dad were gay and only had sex with men, he wouldn’t be my dad and I wouldn’t be me. And therefore what? (I don’t follow your logic. Are you worrying that the human race will die out rather than suffer from overpopulation?)

        “Animals in nature don’t do gay either. I wonder why animals don’t?”
        You’re wrong about that. Here’s a list of dozens of species the exhibit homosexual behavior: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homosexual_behavior_in_animals

        Are you telling me that humans should model their behavior after the behavior of animals? That sounds bestial to me.

        “its your choice to be gay but not push your opinions on me or my children!”
        It’s not a choice.
        I’m not gay.
        I’m expressing my opinions, which is different from pushing them on you or on your children. Can you see the difference?

      • Once again, God’s view on homosexual behavior quite clear.
        It is an abomination in his eyes Leviticus 18:22 Holy Bible. I’m still standing on my views not supporting same sex marriage.

        • OK, Laventure Alix. I understand your views on same-sex marriage and homosexuality as a sin. The particular focus of this blog is not at all on same-sex marriage or on sin, but on the laws that imprison homosexuals. Those issues shouldn’t be mixed up.

          — Colin Stewart, editor of this blog

      • Free-will is gift that God gives everyone on this earth.
        Animals in nature live by what they see and hear which is the invention of God.
        I respect and understand your views, but I don’t agree with them.

      • There are over 2000 species of animals that show homosexual behaviour, interestingly there is only one that shows homophobic behaviour.

      • I agree
        I still believe that being a plumber is a choice, just like being a gay is a choice in the human race.

    • Homosexuality is not a decision one makes. If it was, the persecution gays face in the listed seventy-six countries plus many more in addition to them would doubtlessly guide them into choosing heterosexuality.

  10. it amazes me how many who champion the gay rights cause (which i do too) also seem to be so in love with islam, and islamic immigration. take a look at a map.

    • overlay that map with christian majority countries and you’ll see that just as many christian countries outlaw homosexuality.

  11. I just love how the homosexuals try and twist the BIBLE around to read what they want it to, It is because of such fools that prayer is no longer in schools. Everything that was moral is now just a memory to such stupidity, It does not break my heart 1 bit to see it illegal in these countries and totaly believe it should be illegal in the USA. I dont think it should be the respocibility of legal moral christians to pay for research into a desease that has been brought to us by homosexuals and dopers, if the government would stop using our tax dolors for education and research into the aids virus just maybe the homosexuals and druggies would disapear as well, rather them then our christian tax dolors

    • Hi, James. Do I have this right? As a Christian, you propose ending research into how to cure AIDS and you hope that people who contract the disease will die? Wow. That’s so mean. And un-Christian.

      Still, I’ll send some prayers your way.

    • Considering how many religious texts have been written, and the amount of sub-religions that have formed from Christianity with their own versions of the bible, how do you not think that you yourself read the bible as you want it to read and not what else it could possibly mean? Like in genesis, what I got from that?? God lied, Adam and Eve didn’t die when they ate the fruit, he punished them afterwards for disobeying, but they still didn’t die. Beliefs are great things to have, until they cloud your better judgement on how to be a civilised and caring human being.

      • I REALLY hope you read this!

        First, you are either an idiot, or just don’t understand what you are reading:

        Adam and Eve DID DIE… Are they still alive? NO… That is because they ate the fruit.
        The point is, there was NO DEATH until after they ate it. Afterwards there was, thus they died.

        GOD NEVER LIED, re-read the chapter.

      • Hi Mitch

        Love how the only thing you took from what I said was the way I viewed what was written in Genesis. Being exactly my point, while you read it as they died because of the fruit, I read it as God’s punishment brought death upon them, he didn’t have to cast them out, he could have shown mercy. The bible and almost every other religious text can be misinterpreted by anyone and everyone besides those who wrote it. What I took from it is most likely wrong, but hey, how many times has the bible been rewritten to accommodate the way someone else takes it. The point is, why should something that can be perceived in so many different ways allow someone to wish death upon someone else, just because they are different? I’m not a believer. I’m the first to admit. I respect other peoples faith, right up until they start condemning others for it. I don’t condemn those who choose to believe, I don’t see why people can’t show the same respect to others. Gay people only want the same rights as everyone else. They aren’t trying to rub it in God’s nose, they aren’t trying to provoke Christians, they just want to live like everyone else. It’s comments like James’ that show just how much disrespect one human being can show towards another for no reason other than they are different. Much like your perception of Genesis and mine are different, James’ perception of homosexuals and mine are very different. I hope you understand where I was going with it now.

      • Mr. ABM. if your interpretation of civilization and care is becoming a homo and encourage those who indulge in same, then I’d rather remain uncivilized and uncaring and I believe who ever 1st taught you those words, in that context, was neither civilized nor caring and very mischievous. And for all beneficiaries of his care and civilization message, I simply say; “With a caring friend like ABM, you need no enemy!”

    • Oh, one other thing, HIV has been linked closely to SIV (simian immunodeficiency virus), nothing to do with being gays or dopers or whatever you want to put it down to. Yes it has a higher tendency to be contracted through needles and such, but that doesn’t mean that’s how it originated. Heterosexuals are just as at risk of contracting the virus which leads to AIDS as homosexuals are. Hence the necessity for research. But hey, I’m sure if you got HIV you’d turn down all treatment because your god was obviously punishing you for your sins, right?

    • James: We don’t twist the bible near as much as it’s dedicated cherry pickers like too. So while your bumping your gums the USA will Never outlaw homosexuality and guess what I’ll get married anywhere I want to when the time comes and it won’t affect anyone around me but you; apparently. I guess an invitation is out of the question. Christian tax dollars? Pretty sure church’s are tax exempt. Christians didn’t start this nation and if we want to go a step further the Native Americans are the ones who lived here first lets go by their laws where homosexuality was perfectly acceptable and they married the “sacred” two spirit people. You have your head shoved somewhere dark without ever noticing the view from the way in.. You might want to check that.

    • James, it is because of people like you that I left the christen faith. You need to read your bible better and focus on what the Prophet Issa (pbwh) tried to teach the people when he was alive. He was given his holy mission because of how the people where acting towards each other and not following the laws of the Book. When the Injeel was written a few hundred years down the way, the people quit following Issa’s teachings. Then another Prophet (pbwh) was selected to again bring to the people, new laws and rules and as before the people have perverted that text as well. If you really want to be a good Christian then focus on what Issa tried to teach the people and live up to those standards.

      Once you master those teachings, you need to find some of the older unbiased histories of the USA and really start to learn something about this country, the Constitution and the reasons that the pilgrims came to this continent. Also focus on what the Christian church did to the Native Americans, a good example are the smallpox blankets. There are many reasons in history why the founding fathers brought this country to life as a secular nation. There are reasons other than the gays why prayer is not allowed in the schools and never was really legal when it was there.

      When you have really learned something about this once great nation, stop listening to people like Rush Limbaugh – the druggie, Glen Beck – the “cry baby”, Sean Hannity, Michelle Bachmann, Pamela Geller and others of the extreme right. Once you have that flushed out of your system, start using that brain Allah gave you and start thinking for yourself. Unless that is just too hard and painful to do, when you start using the power of your brain as God intended you to, you will find life more fulfilling and satisfying. Unless you like people that to tell you what to think and how to act. Shades of Nazi Germany of the 1930’s & 1940’s, you can have it, I love my freedom too much, I enjoy coming to my own conclusions, I love the freedom to pray to God as I see fit, I love the ability to love who I want and when I want to. I love the freedom to move about the country and go where I so chose

      Before you start calling me names, I am a single heterosexual grandmother, I am also a proud Disabled American Veteran.

      As-salaamu ‘alaikum

      Shelly Ann,
      A Proud American (since 1868) and Veteran (1969-1994)
      Et secundum diversitatem unitatis pro scientiam (Unity through diversity and knowledge.)
      LPN/ret, HM2c(FMF)/USN, Sgt/USAR, ACM/olc, CWVet, VNeVet, GWVet, DAV/VFW Life Member.

    • James. We’re not the ones twisting that terrible book. We just happen to know it better than most Christians. For every verse you Christians use against us we can use an entire chapter to blow what ever you said out of the water. As for aids and druggies, guess what, the biggest group of people with aids are black women in Africa. I know this because I used to work at one the hiv clinics. As for the junkies, there is abuse of drugs in every race, creed, sexual preference etc. If you’re a Christian you should be doing everything you can to help them. Instead you are judging. Typical. Jesus must be so proud of you. One other thing, if you want to take on a gay guy with facts you had better make sure that those facts are true.

    • I live in Africa and I am Gay…and my dear Paul…you are gravely mistaken. Another thing ..don’t force your silly beliefs in Sky fairies onto the rational thinkers. The Bible hold no authority over me. I am an African and we are born freedom fighters ! We will fight these barbaric and hateful governments on our continent,Paul ,watch how morality prevails. Africa is the cradle of humanity…it will also be the birthplace of a new morality…

      • Mr. Gay, it’ll be more grievous to substitute above, the book “bible” with the writer “God.” The creator of the universe and not Africa, says not all things are good for his creatures(children) and homo is clearly one of them. If you chose to disobey him, with the knowing there will be unpleasant consequences, then you are free, but don’t you ever be deceived “whatsoever a man sows, that he shall reap.” In God’s dico, the synonym for homo is rebellion, and I know for sure that even if evil fights and “defeats” Africa, it can’t never prevail against God and God’s purpose.

    • Hey Paul. I live in Africa. I am legally married to a man. You obviously have no idea what you’re talking about.

    • Hi, Sam —
      Here’s the section on Mozambique in the ILGA report:

      Male/Male Illegal Female/Female Illegal
      Penal Code of September 16, 1886, as amended in 1954 (Inherited from the Portuguese colonial era)
      Articles 70 and 71 impose security measures on people who habitually practice acts against the order of
      nature. The security measures include: confinement in criminal mental hospitals or labor camps (from 6
      months to 3 years), as well as have their freedom restricted (from 2 to 5 years) or the exercise of their
      profession interrupted (minimum of 10 months and maximum of 10 years), under the supervision of a
      probation officer.

      It adds:
      Text of the law is available at :

      And also:
      “At the same time it is interesting to notice a paradoxical development in several states of Southern Africa and the Indian Ocean (Botswana, Mozambique, Mauritius and Seychelles), where parliaments adopt legislation to prevent discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation in workplaces, while at the same time their respective penal codes retain
      provisions to punish those who engage in same-sex sexual acts among consenting adults – one would hope that it is only a matter of time before these very parliaments acknowledge this contradiction and proceed as soon as possible with an update of their penal codes.”

      Please let me know what you find out about this, if you pursue it further.

      All the best,
      Colin Stewart
      Editor / publisher
      Erasing 76 Crimes blog

  12. Its against the law because homosexuality is.not some new thing. Countries have learnedly that it destroys a society. Disease and you would also stop creation if all peoplenstatted being gay. We allnhave our weaknesses andnwe must rulenover sin. Just as adultery was against the law because it is also sin and destroys society. I would like alotnof womannbutnI have to overcome that sin just as a person should stop having gay sexton. You have all these boys acting like woman because they are being raisednby woman!

    • Dozens of countries have learned that homosexuality is no big deal. Those countries have thrived; they have not been destroyed.

      The idea that, without laws against homosexuality, heterosexuals would stop procreating is a strange fantasy.

      — Colin Stewart

      • Hey how come only gay people are singled out ? If anyone hates gay people because they are “sinners”, they also have to equally hate straight married people who have sex outside of marriage, who cheat on their husbands/ wives. If gay sex has to be criminalized, then cheating on a married partner should be criminalized too. I’m sure the Bible has more to say about adultery than homosexuality. Bible thumpers take note!

    • get over your gender stereotypes. that’s like saying “single parent households are invalid” we don’t make it illegal for single parents to raise kids. why? because we can’t force men and women to raise children together. (not in america anyway). my point here is that plenty of alternative families exist OUTSIDE of homosexual marriage. also “wanting a lot of women” is a lot different than sexual orientation. why would someone chose to be hated, killed, bullied, discriminated against, beat, denied BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS just so they could have sex with someone of their gender? does not compute.

      I would also like to point out that the continent that is most well known for it’s problem with HIV/AIDS on this list where the ban on homosexuality is most prevalent.

      • I bet you only speak, and write English “guest”. I also bet Diana is using English as a second language. I further bet, your the only person in the entire world, who can make a decision as to, who you fancy……….. A point not addressed in what I have read so far, in these posts. People simply do not have the ability to change their sexual orientation on demand. I wonder if we all could do this, would this be a good thing? It would certainly shake up some established view’s. Would you try it out “guest”?

        On a most serious note, if all these named countries were to repeal these draconian laws, do their lawmakers really think, there would be a sudden uptake in their citizens “deciding” to become gay?

  13. Colin Stewart–prove to me that they have learned? To me they haven’t. Just because a country thrives–means nothing. And the reason they have not been destroyed is because of God’s love that you have mentioned in your previous posts. But read carefully–and try to understand not with your intellect, but with your conscience; if you read the story of Abraham, when Abraham prayed to God about Sodom & Gomorrah (mainly known for the sin of Sodomy)–for God not destroy the city with the righteous in it as well–God indicated He will not destroy the city if there were even 50 righteous, then it got down to 10–but the city did not have even that–it had less than 10–Lot’s family–which was saved. And the reason why countries thrive is not because of what you have stated–but because of the righteous living in it!! Also read Ecclesiastes 8:11-13, “Because the sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil. Though a sinner does evil a hundred times, and his days are prolonged, yet I surely know that it will be well with those who fear God, who fear before Him. But it will not be well with the wicked; nor will he prolong his days, which are as a shadow, because he does not fear before God”. People have and will continue to not fear God–but I am not worried about that–I have to worry about my soul and my walk before the Lord Almighty. Since in your previous post, you have stated you are a Christian, tell me where do you see that God approves of homosexuality and does not condemn it to be not a sin? I can assure you that there is no such place in the “Word of the Almighty God”–but there are a NUMEROUS of places–where it is condemned. If you would like the references–please let me know–I will supply. I know homosexuality is a sin, in line with all the other sins–murder, fornification, adultery, lying, using the name of God in vain, worship idolatry…and the list goes on–but those who practice the other sins don’t demand confirmation in public places of their sin, and don’t demand others to conform to their standards, and push their standards on others and their children. That is the biggest difference–therefore, you see a pushback from the Christians on this subject. What Christian—fearing before God—will want their children to be raised in seeing this sin spread like fire on every corner/block/newspaper/radio/TV/organization/store/work…etc—which is what is happening currently? This is my stance as a Christian. And should be yours—since you proclaim to be a Christian as well—but I see that it is not—let God be your judge!

      • Hi Colin!
        I still did not see where you cite that God Almightly approves of homosexuality or blesses a homosexual marriage. I still await a reply to this–if you can, please provide. Thank you!
        As far as Ron Goetz–you are correct, it is “his” Bible. Did you know that Hitler rewrote the Bible to make it say exactly what he wanted–his understanding? Is this where we are going? Maybe, we are not at this point–but we are heading there. If so, look at where Hitler’s sin took him and where he ended. A great philosopher once said, “those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” (George Santyana). Hitler had envey & hatred towards Jews–which was one of his many sins–but he did not want to acknowledge that–he did not want to acknowlegde what he was doing was a sin before God almighty–so the best he could do was to convince others that what he is doing is right and God approves of it. But he couldn’t go against the Word of God–which pronounced his actions and the intents of his heart a sin before God–so he rewrote it–to make himself feel better and look better before others–is this a way out of sin? Why is it hard for mankind to admit that they are wrong–especially, when the Word of God states that it is wrong? People (including some “so called” christians) sit here and try to make excuses by saying…”oh no that is not what that meant to say–it really said this…” Why do they call on that which is “black” white, and that which is “wrong” right? Like I stated before, this is because there is no fear before God almighty! But I know it will be well with those that fear before the Lord and seek Him and His truths and do His Truth! Hitler tried to change the Word of God to say what he wanted it to say…Hitler came and passed…you and I will come and pass…but the Word of God will not pass! It will not stand to be corrected! Even though many try to correct it! It has more authority to me than any law–as it has withstood trials and tribulations and has come through generations, religions, beliefs…etc. And I have seen and still witness Its power in changing the hearts of man! But I also see the adversary (devil) planting his seeds of sin, disbelief, hatred towards the Word of God—and towards God’s children. I agree with the writings of H.E. Phillips, which state the following: “This lifestyle (referring to homosexuality) is being accepted by a large segment of this nation because they think they have changed God to accept this practice. After all, most of them think that God is everywhere and is whatever they think Him to be. God is not affected with the desires of the flesh. That is the reason God is not tempted to do evil. James said: “Let no man say when he is tempted, I am tempted of God: for God cannot be tempted with evil, neither tempteth he any man . . .” (James 1:13). But man is led away into sin by his own lusts. “But everyman is tempted, when he is drawn away of his own lust, and enticed. Then when lust hath conceived, it bringeth forth sin: and sin, when it is finished, bringeth forth death” (James 1:14-15).
        We may be facing an increasing hostile society, whose honor and worship of their god of sexual lusts, greed, murder, blasphemy and all ungodliness will cause them to come upon those who believe in and honor the Almighty God in heaven, with great wrath. We may find ourselves in jail. We may find ourselves without any property, without any money, but we had better keep doing what God says for us to do in the way He says to do it. GOD DOESN’T CHANGE! We are not going to change Him or remake Him into some other being because we are undergoing change ourselves. We do not change the compass when we get out to sea and find the compass is not reading like we want it to read. We do not make things right by bending the hand of the compass to make it point where we want it to point. We will not be going in the right way if we do. We do not change the calendar by just writing in another date. We do not change the Word of God by trying to reform God into the image we want Him to be. That is a fatal mistake men are making. If we think the Godhead is like unto gold and silver, and we can change Him at will, we do not have an understanding of God, and we have missed it all the way along: we are reprobates by God’s definition”. To read full version: http://www.hephillips.org/articles/homosexuality/does-god-approve-of-homosexuality.htm

        I wish you this kind of understanding—but a man always has a choice and to choose what he desires. Those who love God—will choose God and follow his Truths—those who love something more than God—will end up with what they chose, but they will be without God.
        You will be in my prayers (and if I say I will pray—I will pray!)—if it is not too late…

        • Hi, JS —

          These aren’t mine, and won’t persuade you, I’m sure, but they’re a partial response to your question. Of course the Bible doesn’t say that “God Almightly approves of homosexuality or blesses a homosexual marriage,” since nothing like a committed, loving same-sex relationship existed when those books were written — which is also why it’s false to say that the Bible condemns homosexuals, since passages that you cite are translations into modern language of ancient words that refer to other things, such as temple prostitution.

          1. The Bible says, “Whosoever…”
          2. Jesus never said anything against homosexuality.
          3. We are all equal at the foot of the cross.
          4. Jesus came to save the world, not condemn it.
          5. Salvation is for anyone who asks for it.
          6. God knew who we were before we were born. Or God knew you were gay before you were born, and it was ok then and it’s ok now.
          7. God has plans for all of us — prosperity, a hope and a future.
          8. God is love.
          9. God wants fellowship with us.
          10. God’s church is not a place of spiritual alienation.

          You imply, without evidence, that God created only heterosexuals and that a particularly willful group of them decided to become homosexuals. That’s wrong.

          In a much more minor way, so is your misquotation of my statement about Ron Goetz’s blog. Not me, but you are the one who thinks Ron Goetz has “his” Bible, while you have the real Bible rather than “your” Bible. For me, I see all of us as falling short of what God wants for us, and I don’t think it’s God’s will to imprison those whom God created gay, which is the point of this blog.

          Prayers back at ya.

    • Dear Js…the most affluent countries in the world also have the highest number of atheists and skeptics . Sweden…Norway…
      I guess religion and God…might be preventing economic well being

      • Lol, that is brilliant and very true. Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Canada and the United Kingdom also. Fanatical religion equals economic doom and the complete destruction and devastation of many countries. Spend less time in church reading about made up crap and more time getting a worthwhile education and bettering yourself and your country. We could all learn a lot from the scandavians (Best countries to live in by far) and why because they are logical, intelligent, accepting and trust worthy human beings and all this without religion.

    • The Bible does condemn homosexuality. But how about those devious pork- and shellfish-eating heathens who go to barbershops and get tattoos – all sinful actions mentioned in the Bible, all happening in public places and shamelessly pushed onto our innocent children even as I write this reply? Why do you not go after them with equal vehemency?

      The LGBT folk is not looking to spread gay propaganda and bring down society. They are only informing people of their point of view, hoping that helps them understand and eventually grant them equal human rights – the rights of those who eat shellfish and pork, those who shave their beards and those who get tattoos despite that all those actions are against God’s law.

      • Simple questions for you, the second and third questions are, of course, conditional upon an affirmative answer to those previous to it….
        1. Do you have a child?
        2. Have your child ever behaved in a manner that is in any way disobedient of either you or their other parent?
        3. Have you taken them to the town gates, and met with the town elders to denounce that child as “stubborn and rebellious, and does not obey us. They are a profligate and a drunkard”, then had the entire male population of your town stone your child to death?

        That also happens to be what the Bible requires you and any other sola scriptura Christian to do. (Deuteronomy 21:18-21)

  14. Homosexuality is a habit acquired by little boys and girls playing with each others’ genitals without any control, that occurs in the absence of any supervision by parents, if at all they do have parents living together. It is not a natural aberration.

    • Ram do you really think you control what you find attractive? Do you not think our sexual orientation is inbuilt in all of us at birth? It is something that we simply have no control over, apart from abstention?

    • I as a kid played with other boys and girls doctor style out of curiosity. I ended up straight. And I do not remember ever making a choice. When did you make a choice to be straight?

    • Oh really, I’m gay and I never played with anyone’s genitals until I was a teenager. I was raised by both parents, I was not molested, I don’t hate women, I went to church regularly and all in all I’ve had a very normal childhood. You said, “Homosexuality is a habit acquired by little boys and girls playing with each others’ genitals without any control”. I’m curious, how does one let children play with each others genitals with “control”? What exactly do you do to your kids? Do you say, “ok kids, it’s play time” and then sit and watch, perhaps show them how to do it properly so that they wont become gay? Sounds to me like you’re the only aberration here.

    • You can I believe, just probably best if you don’t go around saying you had sexual intercourse with your same sex partner the night before or what not. Just to be on the safe side.

  15. No, Colin, you are correct—you did not persuade me. God did not create homosexuals or lesbians at the beginning, nor did he create them now. He created Adam and created Eve for Adam. He created the foundation. Whether or not you WANT to build upon this foundation, or not–is YOUR CHOICE. But please do not make your choice, God’s choice for you. It will be as saying God created Cain in order to kill Abel and Cain had no choice but to kill Abel. Or He created murderers and killers to kill. Or He created liars…or you might as well state that God created all of the sins on this planet! Your logic proves to me that you do not know God and just make God whatever you want Him to be. I am deeply saddened and offended by the way you view God. But God will stand up for Himself—He does not need anyone to stand up for Him. My mission here is complete. I have stated what I needed to state. God will do the rest.

    • All people have sinful desires because we are wicked and fallen people. However, God does not make someone homosexual any more than he makes someone an alcoholic. Many people have genetic and social dispositions that make them prone to fits of rage or anger. The person born with an anger issue is still unjustified when acting out in their ungodly passion. Homosexuality is blooming in our country due to rampant fornication, broken homes, and child molestation. People are having a massive identity crisis in America. We all need to humble ourselves and fall at the foot of Christ. Open your eyes people of God. Repent. Everyone, not just those struggling with homosexuality.

      • Hi, BBWC —
        Thanks for your inclusiveness, though I’m sure we don’t share the same theology or the same understanding of God’s creation. But we are all in the same boat, as you imply, even if we can’t agree on the description of the boat, of the other passengers or of the captain.
        Colin Stewart
        Editor/publisher of the Erasing 76 Crimes blog

      • There a many other books to read….put the bible away and read some non- fiction….you will discover a whole new world

      • BBWC is right i his thinking as a follower of the bible. People who believe that there is acceptance of homosexuality are deluding themselves and really making a stretch in what they are reading.The bible does unequivocally condemn homosexuality. So its time for gay Christians to throw that hate mongering book called the BIBLE in the trash where it belongs.

  16. Thank you Colin Stewart for your terrific work at 76 crimes. We have learned so much as a result. You have nurtured several African journalists and provided a forum for their reports, I note all the news we are getting now from Cameroon. For activists like me, you provide a reference source for the latest news on 76 Crimes. You also provide education and motivation for activists like me to work a little harder. A big Thank You.
    Denis from Canada

    • Thank you, Denis. I’m glad to hear that the blog has been helpful. I hope to be keep it up and do more. I’m especially thankful for Eric Lembembe’s work in Cameroon. If you have suggestions for other people who might want to report from other countries among the 76-plus, please let me know.

      — Colin Stewart
      Erasing 76 Crimes blog

  17. One reason you should think twice before shouting “Free Palestine.” But by all means, boycott Israel instead, a country not on this list.

    • Not that the Palestinian/Israel issue has a lot to do with this topic… but since you conservatives like to make sure all liberal causes painted together….
      Yes Israel is better about the treatment of homosexuals as well of women.But discrimination begets discrimination. Those in Israel who are homophobic are all the more emboldened by their society’s acceptance of a culture of discrimination.Consequently they are one of the more homophobic “western”nations outside of AmeriKKKa.

      • Any gay man who has lived in Israel, as I have, laughs at the nonsense Maury above spews. Israel is very gay friendly. One has to wonder what is the motivation behind such ludicrous accusations.

      • Like Iftach, I am a gay man who has lived in Israel. That is the most ridiculous comment I’ve read today. You seem to base your allegations on your own prejudices — I urge you to reexamine them. As a gay man who has lived in both countries, there is definitely less homophobia in Israel than America. Perhaps you should read up on issues before making sweeping remarks.

      • Yes thank you colin you make me proud to be a gay man – Ireland it was illegal to be gay until 1987 we have come a long way since with the introduction of civil partnerships and ongoing support for gay people from all ages including the most old fashioned of Irish people. The key success for this was the fact that Ireland stopped doing what the catholic church wanted and instead what the majority of everyday people who practice their religion believe to be right. Which was equality for all in a just and fair society equality is key. We are soon due to have a referendum to change the constitution to allow for gay marriage with latest polls indicating overwhelming support for equal rights with 82% of the population agreeing 100% equality is only right.

        Once again thank you for your input and your support

  18. @Colin Stewart. First thing: people or either born homosexual/ bi, they choose it or forced into it. I only sympathize with people born or forced that way because it is a handicap/ mental illness. mental illness is the butch women who walk around all day with a rubber penis strapped to them desperate to feel like a man. Many do that, very sad. However, no matter what the circumstance I treat it the same. I done some research to see how the majority of countries around the world can find the U.S.A oppressive & insensitive for by having the age of consent from 16- 18 yrs old & throw people in jail for not following that law. Majority is below 16 or have no law. Even U.S. friendly Spain & Japan lconsent of 13yrs old. I dont agree with it & I bet U.S wont go to the rest of the worlds standards. This is to discredit your statement that rest of the world should adhere to universal acceptance on homosexuality

    • @ Colin. If U.S. feel confident & secure on the way we govern & will not waiver to the rest of world on certain issue I’m sure other countries have same confidence to govern how they feel. Bottom line people will never war over this. Attcks, theft, genocide, slavery (yeah maybe)

      • Dear Grant,
        I’m not sure what your point is. Do you think that the U.S. is wrong to try to protect children under age 16 from sexual exploitation? Your list of “attacks, theft, genocide, slavery (yeah maybe)” — what does that mean? You think those are OK, or that they’re difficult to eliminate?

        My position is that people should not be imprisoned for who they are, when they are born gay.

        — Colin Stewart, editor of this blog

      • @Colin. I actually feel that 16 is too young. Should be 19, so the U.S is not protecting children. The point is; other countries can veiw the U.S. too laxed on that issue or to strict-just like they can on the homosexual issue. In most cases children are a products of their enviroments examples: if a child grows up in miltary, ivy leage, football, or abusive hateful household they most likely be follow those footsteps. So if children grow up in gay or bisexual household they will be heavily infulenced. Countries have right to make illegal to if they feel such influence is bad, regardless of person is born that way or not. They are protecting the children with theses laws. That’s they primary reason people have problems with practicing homosexuality. People are born with all kinds of urges & fullfilling homosexual ones should land you in trouble.

      • I sorry Colin if I wasnt clear on my previous post. I was saying that it will not change because if its not genocide,slavery,or terrorist attacks countries will not go to war or put sanctions on others- nor should they. Only thing gays can do is boycott

      • Grant… if people’s sexuality is a product of their enviorment. Then why are the vast majority of gays born into straight families? And your implication that to a degree its a choice…. when did you decide to be straight?

      • Maury……”Then why are the vast majority of gays born into straight families?”
        How is it? Well I guess the same way straights are “born” into straight families. Except for artificially getting pregnant how else is being born into going to happen? Other then that still today that vast majority that have children are straight families. Children are being programed every day even if they don’t know about it. They could be influenced by other children and not even know it. There is a lot of images and words that influence people subconsciously.

  19. I’m sorry but I just have to ask……What if there is no God? Then all the discussions about homosexuality is just a waste of time and energy, and all this anger, hatred and finger-pointing is
    based on unsubstantiated beliefs. What is wrong with live and let live? Isn’t there enough hatred and hysteria in the world? It seems to me that there are an awful lot of “believers” out there carrying around an awful lot of venom towards those who have different beliefs and/or different interpretations of certain biblical passages. By the way, before you start attacking me, I am not a non-believer as some may have assumed, but I was raised by parents who taught me that it is not my place to judge, to live life with tolerance and compassion and to treat others in the same way I wish to be treated myself. Perhaps some of the energy manifesting in the hostility which is being directed towards a group of people who are simply asking for equality in the eyes of the law could be better used in empathy and self examination. Surely the bible teaches tolerance and understanding?
    Post Script to Colin Stewart: Your measured and sane responses to some, what can only be described as hostile and bigoted messages posted here, is a testament to your character. Keep up the good work.

  20. What and wait for u n ur obviously homosexually induced abominations who defy God In their choices and actions.. Not all who do this openly defy God but since u urself are claiming the tolerance of Jesus n yet have none for those trying to uphold Gods feelings on the matter… Abomination n back then they were called sodomites n they don’t give two shits… God created everything in this universe n yet u decide who is what from birth? Make no mistake u can’t stand with God halfway.. Tolerance isn’t sympathising to appease those who have no intrested and put thier needs first… What authority do u have to dictate any knowledge of ur expetise… No one is born homosexual and if u can’t see open ur eyes… Satan is using weak willed ppl like u against his elect.. I commend all u who weren’t afraid .. This is not ur planet nor is it the sodomites either.. Or haven’t u heard.. They found Sodom n gom
    Mora n the story is true.. Ill take Gods word over mans any day of the week… N no I’m not wrong for speaking out against Satan directed demon bred activities pestilences n abdominal acts… Or would u rather cavort with Satan as if to please him… U need to understand the lake of fire awaits all those who defy God n that ur decisions arguments n feeling n whatever else can change… Quit afflicting his creations quit afflicting his children for they just recently came from there… U need to decide for there is no halfway.. For or against God… U can not be in between… God in the past has rewarded rulers who ran the sodomites out of thier kingdom n called them just in his eyes.. N rightly so.. Is not man aware of duality as uve all been shown.. One was not created the way u speak.. Yet u choose to speak for God.. N as those who back him u negate as well .. This world is Gods make no mistake n those faithful to him I commend u for having the courage where one falters In ur midst… U are loved always for u are a friend to God… N do u care Collin to quote ur dogma to his son when he shows? For his son our lord n saviour whom we proudly serve is coming with an iron rod to rule his kingdom with the saints… Dare u oppose that? Since u find not assurance in his word… Be of faith then and turn for there is only God who is the creator of all .. Yah is his name n he and the father n the spirit laid the foundations long before anything else… What master do u serve… Man or God? For God has no tolerance for the obviously wicked for contempt breeds in the heart.. Be not decieved o ye of little faith for thier words may be sweet n upon thier tongues song.. But verily I say unto u thier hearts are elsewhere than on the lord or God… Pleasure of the flesh is a defilement for flesh was made pure to house the temple yet such abominations defile it…actions speak louder than thier words… For those that lust after the flesh ye shall not inherit the kingdom that is to come.. Nor idolators nor decievers nor thieves nor liars nor adulterers nor defilers nor sodomites nor those that like the pharasees who pray so that they may be seen n heard yet in private no holiness be found among him… Seek therefor the son for he is the way truth n life n thru him only shall u come unto God…seek for there is only one who has the power to forgive as he already has died for ur sins once…. Therefor repent of ur transgressions so that u may be found n made worthy in sight of the father son n holy spirit …be forewarned God is watching at all times n sees all.. There is nothing that remains hidden in his sight.. There is nothing he doesnt know… N nothing he can’t hear… Be mindful therefor of ur works n in ur deeds n let them be in accordance to n with the creator n his order not mans.. For time is but a fleeting thing… N for God u do not speak therefor stand in his word for his word is truth n life

  21. I was just thinking n I say this with a heavy heart.. I remember when smoking was a thing till a biased activist decided he knew what was best for everybody else.. He didn’t care what they thought only as long as he got his way… Well push came to shove with them throwin stones… N it started with no smoking in public places that had it before n when they went for it.. It spiralled out of control n do u think that was enough? Give them an inch n they’ll take a foot.. They keep pushing.. Continually ppl like me get taxed way beyond what any of u pay n are they satisfied ? No cuz they want it banned completely n keep harassing till they get thier way.. Take a look at new York n that should give u an example of out of control ppl n what happens when u resort to extremes n yet who is it a better life for? How does any of it get better? It doesnt… One group will have thier way n the other won’t be free for the same will happen each time it does n so I say… Ok u guys get ur way.. What then.. Do u stop n celebrare? N just go home cuz u won? I remember when they apitones civil unions for same sex couples.. Think it was over then n yet they still cried fowl… Wanted more so then it was harrassment laws got enacted n ud think it was over n yet they cried fowl… Then gays in the military n free to be open about that.. Same thing n ud think it was over n yet they cried fowl.. Then it was churches n birth control n all that so against the churches belief they are now forced to offer birth control tho state n church are supposed to be separate but they pushed and forced the church to go against it’s belief… N yet again they cried fowl.. Next was chick fil a n just because someone expressed a view at work it got blown way outta proportion n got thier way n yet again they still cried fowl… Lol just realized I’ve been spelling foul as fowl .. Sorry guys.. Anyways.. So now it’s to marriage n equal rights n nothing was decided for all fifty state n they managed to get a few states but still cried foul.. Do u see the pattern here n yet I wonder cuz I can’t freely smoke n now they tell me where n what place I can n I’m the one who is living free? Made it better how? Theyll push as they did for the smoking ban n they still harass us smokers n no one cares I’m the enemy to the public now… So fine u get ur way.. What then? What’s next? Schools .. Homes… Rewrite every last history book to ur liking? After that what then cuz it never stops n it never ends.. What is going to satisfy u? When will it ever be enough…? N while u get ur way each time how does it make things better? The only thing is uve eliminated anything opposing outside urself but when ur at the top of the mountain n there is no more .. N there’s nothing left to do cuz uve changed it all.. What then? I say this cuz when they take each time they push more as well.. U can change the laws u can forcé them to bow u can lead a horse to water but you cant make him drink.. So I ask u got what u came for .. Is my freewill next? Until it’s showcase wil cuz I tell u if u thought them getting locked up cuz thier gay is bad? What when the tables have turned? N I know everytime when i state to ppl if they wanna be gay fine but I’m not gay cuz I don’t live that way n I get called every name in the book as if I’m supposed to love n respect thier freewill but am I not entitled to live mine ? So my friend why then if that’s the case am I even alive for cuz apparently there is no place for ppl like me here n I can’t live freely n since they won’t stop till there are laws against ppl like me not being gay.. Funny thing about power.. Humans can’t seem to handle it… So as u say in fifty years anything anti gay will be a thing of the past… So exactly who is going to be free in a world then.. ? Forced n subjected will be for those who aren’t gay… n doesn’t sound like much of a world cuz ppl will be enslaved… Forced to accept cuz that’s the way the world works now n Im sad cuz my daughter won’t have a future nor I.. I don’t foresee any kind of a future… What then is the point? U all fight n no one wins till everyone is miserable n freedom is gone so tell me why be alive? There is no point.. I had freewill n yet this world seems to think it’s theirs not mine… Same with my kid… So what am I alive for .. I have no true choice n I’m hated for even existing… I can’t think freely so how then can there be life? If u cant grow or have room to do that freely? I’m here with a heavy heart cuz I’m done n can’t go no further… Fuck every single one of u… Why bother.. U don’t care u don’t live peacefully.. U don’t love n u all want ur own way… I’ve been judged by all of u… This entire world has done nothing but make my life a shitty exsistence… Then again save ur apologies n respite cuz why bother.. It’s not ur life so why care now…? Why pretend to care at all? I can’t live I have to struggle harder than any of u n In the shit n swallor I scroung for what little s raps u ppl even manage to leave.. N u sit In ur luxury houses n drive ur fancy cars n bitch bitch bitch cuz o no ur not happy… Fuck u all to ur unhappyness u have no idea or the faintest clue what it’s like to struggle In a world that takes n gives nothing in return…I would love to see u all go thru how my life is .. Have urself taken at birth from ur parents then never able to find them then told thier dead.. Then go thru being harassed n bullied all ur life.. Thrown in jail numerous times n prison for stuff u didn’t even do.. Then deal with a whole slew of relationships of cheaters lists n deceit n finally one fucking day I became a dad n I’ve tried protecting her since.. I get judged for being a parent n judged for how u
    I parent n judge cuz I must not act like one.. I don’t get told I’m a good dad n I get doors slammed in my face when I look for work.. The little money I manage to scrounge for me n my kid n what little money we get from food stamps I’m only able to feed my daughter for a week n a half so I don’t eat n she gets to eat three n a half weeks n yet on top of daily hunger I see ppl fucking complain… O wah wah my poor this n they get in thier 20,000 dollar car n drive away… N they go to thier fancy fucking homes cuz all my life I ain’t never had shit.. I only had dreams n dreams are all I got n yet there is no future cuz the trays I have to dig thru to get my smokes then what change I manage to find so I can roll the tobacco I find just to smoke so the hunger goes away n all I hear is ppl bitching… I already know I don’t have much.. I don’t think my kid will even get a chance at college the way shit is goin… N yet ppl fucking bitch o fucking poor ole me… Wah wah… There isn’t going to be a future so why do u care… None of u love… None of u care so why? None of u are happy n u don’t get along.. The youth are gettin restless n the old are dying off…n yet u all still negate n u hate… Y don’t u all just stop living in the illusion.. Stop living the lie u call life? Life means u could live but how can u? Now a days u can’t even do that.. So why care cuz u know for a fact it doesn’t matter to any of u… Why even bother…there is just no point.. To it all.. Anymore

  22. Dear Colin,
    I was doing some research about gay rights, but now I really want to thank you for what you do.
    Because reading some of the comments made me sick. I don’t know how you can deal with all these comments full of hatred and intolerance.
    The only thing that comforts me is to look back and remember that my grandmother couldn’t vote when she was young because she was a woman, that some interracial couples couldn’t get married only few decades ago in some countries, and put things into perspective.
    For my grand-father, homosexuality was a crime.
    For my father, it was an illness.
    For me, it just shows the beautiful diversity and complexity of humanity..
    Moral perceptions evolve in societies, and people can like it or not, they will have to deal with it. I’m sure that even now we can find people who are against women’s right to vote! 🙂
    Again, thank you for what you do, I wish you good luck.
    From a heterosexual French girl glad to see her country legalizing same-sex marriage!

    • Dear Anna,

      Thanks! Your kind words are encouraging. It’s good to remember that progress has been made.

      By the way, feel free to tell me if any of the French-language versions of the blog’s articles need to be adjusted to eliminate errors in the language. Or, if you’re super-enthusiastic, feel free to translate some of the English-only articles into French and I’ll publish them too. [But I expect you’re too busy for that.]

      Again, thanks.

      — Colin Stewart, editor of this blog

  23. Dear Colin, I am a bit shocked by reading all these comments from people.

    You are doing an amazing job here. I hope a lot of people leaving these messages do indeed stay in all day/night writing these misinformed opinions. I wouldn’t like my kids meeting them!

    Our family is surrounded by a great mixture of multicultural friends and different sexual orientations and all that is just part of our daily life, I wouldn’t change it.

    We all should have the right to be who we are and I will boycott these places with my family.

  24. Dear Colin,do LGBT people hate religious people?Religious people like christian, muslim,etc.I know it out of topic.But I’m very curious about it. I just want to know.I hope you answer my question.

  25. Colin, You have the patience of a saint. The way you kindly reply to your ignorant self righteous critics, so convinced that somehow God supports their intolerant, judge mental hatred of those not like themselves is beyond what I could achieve. I truly admire and commend you.

    • Thanks, Peter. It helps a lot that I don’t have to respond to nasty commenters immediately. I can count to ten, several times, then think for a while about how to respond most humanely.

  26. As-salaamu ‘alaikum / Peace be with you Colin, I applaud you for the efforts that you put forth on this subject which stirs up so much hatred and hostility. Please keep up with the work of enlightening those who are not so enlightened. You articles are always full of information that a lot of people are not aware of. What I do not understand is why those who are so anti-gay come to your site here to belittle those who want a harmonious world.

    Please forgive my wording and punctuation, I sustained I brutal head injury while in the military so I may not always write what I am thinking, I try very hard to edit what I post so that I don’t get too carried away.

    Thanks for your efforts.

    Shelly Ann,
    A Proud American and Veteran (1969-94)
    Et secundum diversitatem unitatis pro scientiam (Unity through diversity and knowledge).
    LPN/ret, HM2c(FMF)/USN, Sgt/USAR, ACM/olc, CWVet, VNeVet, GWVet, DAV/VFW Life Member

  27. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=4256824984776&set=gm.437889006242064&type=1&theater

    Dear Colin here is a picture in which it shows the ways “straight” couples be little our god. How can they jump on the bandwagon and belittle gay people for wanting equality.

    ” A marriage shall be considered valid only if the wife is a virgin, If the wife is not a virgin she shall be executed” – Deuteronomy 22:13-21.

    How many of those who seem to deny the rights to gay people to have a “civil marriage” can say they where virgins before getting married? I mean if we are supposed to live by the bible and its exact word shall we start stoning now? or when is the right time to start?.

    I believe that a lot of progress has been made globally even here in my own country of Ireland – Homosexuality was decriminalized in 1987 and now we have civil partnerships gay people are free to express themselves in public often seen walking round holding hands like straight couples have done for many years. Gay Irish people are protected by the Irish state with politicians from Sinn Fein, Labour, Fine Geal, all supporting equality for all. The current Government of the Republic of Ireland has pledged a Referendum to change the constitution in order to allow marriage equality before 2015. Recent polls suggest 73% of Irish people support marriage equality. Pretty amazing considering the year i was born it was a crime to be gay and punishable by imprisonment.

    Thank you for your work Colin its greatly appreciated i personally think you are a role model to society. Thank you GOD for people like Colin may god bless you and your family.

    My last word is haters they gonna hate. But people who have a kind heart and love one and other will always have this. So let the haters hate at the end of the day its them with the problem not us .

  28. Prosecuting me for being a lesbian is no different then prosecuting anyone for being heterosexual both are wrong I don’t want everyone in the world to believe that homosexuality is okay and god has no problem with it that will never happen if I want freedom of speech religion beliefs I feel those with views and opinions different to mine are entitled to the same I do not wish to force my beliefs on anyone I just want us all to be able to coexist and not infringe on each others rights but hate creates more hate there are ignorant and hateful straight gay white black people I choose to not let it affect me the people who have posted angry things on here must have encountered an ignorant homosexual so in turn become the ignorant heterosexual who creates another ignorant homosexual cause and affect people coexist its about our civil rights if they can dictate who I can and can not love successfully how long do you think all of the things you do will be legal don’t agree with me I have my own relationship with god and I know and love myself I dont want you to agree with me I want you to respect my right to have a different opinion than you as I respect but disagree with yours and I don’t think you should be imprisoned or killed or kept from getting a job if your a heterosexual racist disagree with me in any way or think I’m going to yell so why should I or any other homosexual be imprisoned ect

  29. I agree with the laws against homosexuality and gay propaganda. The western cultures have turned into a disgusting pit of sin and vice, due in many respects to gay propaganda. I hate swishy homosexuals, and all people are flamboyant about their sexual practices

    • Dear Daniel,

      Your comment makes it sound as though you would like to imprison people merely because their personal preferences are different from yours. That’s harsh as well as self-centered.

      And do you really think that “gay propaganda” is a major cause of the problems of Western nations? I suggest that you think more deeply about the roots of the problems of the West, the East, the North and the South.

      All the best,
      Colin Stewart, editor of this blog

    • Being gay is not a choice! It is no abnormal either…. And not every gay person is obsessed with sex. Some don’t have sex at all. It is homophobic people like you idiots who obsess over gay sex because you obviously don’t know what love is. You should love people for who they are not because of their gender, colour, religion etc. gay people don’t attempt to recruit people either. This is one of the most stupid things I have ever heard. You can’t turn someone gay any more than you can make someone heterosexual. Records of same sex marriage between men and men and women and women go as far back as the ancient Egyptians. Jesus wasn’t the son of god either he was a very influential person who people made stories up about to try and control society.

  30. Id say before the final chapter is written that russia will be a better country to live in then america and more free.

      • Hiding in your closet is whats sickening and using homophobia as a way to hide who you really are come on steeve come out of that closet and stop being a total nob

      • Yep, it not natural like driving a car, flying a plane, scuba diving, eyeglasses, ice cream, jello, nuclear weapons……

        I once had a gay couple as next door neighbors. I was shocked by what I saw when I looked out my kitchen window. They were MOWING THE LAWN and TENDING THEIR GARDEN and WASHING THEIR CAR!!! Why they even…*GASP*….UNLOADED GROCERIES FROM THE CAR!!! Oh the HORRORS!! If we let this “gay lifestyle” continue, there is no telling what will happen!! Why they might even….*gulp*…PAINT THE HOUSE!!!!!!

        You people make me proud to be Canadian!

    • OK, Steeve, I invite you to immigrate to Russia and enjoy the enormous freedoms and economic advantages that they have there. Just so you know, I’d check to see what the HIV infection rate is in your new country before getting a transfusion or other invasive medical care there. Of course, I’m sure that God will protect you from any illness since it won’t be in His will for you to get a “gay” disease. I hope that assurance will give you comfort in your medical treatments. As you’re relocating please invite the people from this website, who believe as you do that the USA is going downhill due to the acceptance of gays, to go with you. I’m certain that President Putin will welcome each of you with open arms and a great job offer.

      I am a born-again Christian who is gay and I love the USA where I live. In my 55+ years of life I have NEVER tried to “convert” anyone, much less a youth, that they give up heterosexuality and pursue a gay lifestyle. For years as an adult I went to counselors and prayed for 30 years to become heterosexual. After praying until I almost had a nervous breakdown, I realized that God’s will for my life revolves around being gay and helping anyone who comes to me to accept his or her gayness. I can swear I never chose to be gay–I was born gay.

      Based on comments like yours, it hurts me to see so many well-intended people be clouded by Satan and his minions into believing that gayness is a sin. I ask you to pray Satan out of your lives and accept your gay brothers and sisters in Christ’s love. Remember you might be included with the other people you believe are committing sins listed by Paul, e.g., gluttony (that includes many past and present portly televangelists), liars (even those white lies remember!), adulterers (hmmmm, remember, this includes thoughts guys!), drunks (remember those high school/college days??), slanderers (I’m sure you’ve never said bad things about someone) or robbers (this includes robbing the government of taxes around April 15th!).

      I wish everyone the best and hope I don’t have my head chopped off for my comments. Thanks for this site and the openness of expression on here. My prayers are with everyone tonight.

  31. I am not sure what is more upsetting to me. The list of countries on here OR the amount of awful comments that follow. It breaks my heart to think of how incredibly HATE-FILLED some people can be. It is uncalled for and just upsetting. There is no need for it. The LGBT community of this world just wants to be able to be themselves and love who they wish to love. I will never understand people that want to deny that right. Whether you agree with it or not, its not YOUR life and therefore not YOUR place to deny them happiness, safety and love. Shame on the people that seem to think that hate is the way to live their lives.

    • darleneg77, you have a funny understanding of the word “hate.” Let’s break it down, John Elton I know is gay and is “hated” for that but if he wasn’t, then he wouldn’t be the subject of hatred in that regard. So, it is the act and not the person that we disapprove. I am certain you hate rape, murder, terrorism, armed robbery, awful comments et al. Does that make you a hater in your estimation? I assure you there is good and evil and we can all take pleasure and liberty in indulging in either but others too have the right to interpret and treat them for what they are just like they do those who delight in doping without your express solidarity.

  32. Steeve, i’m disabled, a wheelchair users. Thats not natural either but I can’t help how i am. Do you hate me as much as you clearly hate gay people or is it just certain types of “unnatural” you hate. How do you define unnatural BTW.

    • Oh this one I will respond to……

      Peter, sorry to hear that you are in a wheelchair.

      Unnatural is defined as something occurring in nature. The problem is that it is occurring way too often. The description should be changed from unnatural to disgusting. Disgusting means “Arousing revulsion or strong indignation”. That is what the gay community brings out in many. You made a choice to be in a wheel chair? Did you do something illegal or immoral that led to you being in that wheel chair? Not exactly comparing apples to apples are you.

      For me, it is simple. One of the main issues of federal recognition of gay marriage is all about benefits and money. Way the federal government is discriminatory against single people and punishes them more due to a higher tax rate. I say take away ALL tax benefits, everyone pays 10% regardless of marital state and children. This takes away one of the big incentives to them to rush to get marriage.

      The only think I look forward to is that future queen divorce on television. should be more entertaining that the OJ trial.

      I wish my time on earth was over before the SCOTUS decision was out. Hate this country and what it has become. Ashamed to be part of it anymore.

  33. I’ve been reading a lot of these comments and I need to say this! First of all if any of you read the treaty of Tripoli you would know that the USA was not founded a Christian nation. Humans are one of 1600+ other animals observed to engage in homosexual behaviour. People are born with a certain orientation and trying to make them change that orientation is not healthy and has been denounced by the psychiatric community has an invalid and dangerous practice. Disagreeing with gay rights is like the nazis disagreeing with the Jew being born Jews. Someone who is born having a homosexual preference needs to still be able to love whoever they want regardless. The line in the bible that is most famous for denouncing homosexual behaviour is up there with don’t were two mixed fabrics or don’t have mixed gardens or put a fence around your roof. You can have your religion but realize that if you believe in God you believe he doesn’t make mistakes and he makes gay people. If homosexuality was a sin and god makes no mistakes than why would he create gay people. Don’t say because it is a choice! If you do then tell me in details when you decided to be straight!

    • I could be wrong, been wrong many times, but I don’t think anyone says God made a mistake any more then he did when someone is born with a cleft pallet or born conjoined. Its a matter of genetics but even so does it make it right?
      I don’t know which ‘famous’ line your talking about but the ‘don’t wear two mixed fabrics’ is explained thus:”These and other prohibitions were designed to forbid the Israelites to engage in fertility cult practices of the Canaanites. The Canaanites believed in sympathetic magic, the idea that symbolic actions can influence the gods and nature…. Mixing animal breeds, seeds, or materials was thought to “marry” them” so as magically to produce “offspring,” that is, agricultural bounty in the future.” Some of what is in the Bible is time and place specific. I’ve also read that mixing these two fabrics can be unhealthy on how they react together.

  34. These disgusting and bigoted people such as many of those whom have commented are the exact reason I am an anti-theist. I hope you may all drown in your hypocrisy. Maybe you’ll be reincarnated into something more pleasant; like a cockroach.

  35. Unbelief and Its Consequences

    For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men who suppress the truth in unrighteousness, because that which is known about God is evident within them; for God made it evident to them. For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse. For even though they knew God, they did not honor Him as God or give thanks, but they became futile in their speculations, and their foolish heart was darkened. Professing to be wise, they became fools, and exchanged the glory of the incorruptible God for an image in the form of corruptible man and of birds and four-footed animals and crawling creatures.

    Therefore God gave them over in the lusts of their hearts to impurity, so that their bodies would be dishonored among them. For they exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever. Amen.

    For this reason God gave them over to degrading passions; for their women exchanged the natural function for that which is unnatural, and in the same way also the men abandoned the natural function of the woman and burned in their desire toward one another, men with men committing indecent acts and receiving in their own persons the due penalty of their error.

    And just as they did not see fit to acknowledge God any longer, God gave them over to a depraved mind, to do those things which are not proper, being filled with all unrighteousness, wickedness, greed, evil; full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, malice; they are gossips, slanderers, haters of God, insolent, arrogant, boastful, inventors of evil,disobedient to parents, without understanding, untrustworthy, unloving, unmerciful; and although they know the ordinance of God, that those who practice such things are worthy of death, they not only do the same, but also give hearty approval to those who practice them.

    • Hi, “Romans Eighteen” —

      Perhaps you didn’t notice that Romans 1, which you quote, sets up Romans 2, which calls for mercy rather than a judgmental attitude. Romans 2 turns the tables, stating that people who pass judgment on the basis of Romans 1 have condemned themselves in the process:

      “You, therefore, have no excuse, you who pass judgment on someone else, for at whatever point you judge another, you are condemning yourself, because you who pass judgment do the same things.”

      As I’ve said before: Let’s be merciful.

      – Colin Stewart, editor/publisher of this blog

    • No let us not be merciful. I say we take Roman Eighteen to a therapist; it would seem he has an abnormal amount of hate and ignorance. I am sorry you are so mentally impaired, Roman.

  36. Do you not know that the saints will judge the world? Do you not know that we will judge angels? How much more matters of this life?

    Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals, nor thieves, nor the covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers, will inherit the kingdom of God. Such were some of you; but you were washed, but you were sanctified, but you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and in the Spirit of our God.

    All things are lawful for me, but not all things are profitable. All things are lawful for me, but I will not be mastered by anything. Food is for the stomach and the stomach is for food, but God will do away with both of them. Yet the body is not for immorality, but for the Lord, and the Lord is for the body. Now God has not only raised the Lord, but will also raise us up through His power. Do you not know that your bodies are members of Christ? Shall I then take away the members of Christ and make them members of a prostitute? May it never be! Or do you not know that the one who joins himself to a prostitute is one body with her? For He says, “The two shall become one flesh.” But the one who joins himself to the Lord is one spirit with Him. Flee immorality. Every other sin that a man commits is outside the body, but the immoral man sins against his own body. Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and that you are not your own? For you have been bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body.

    • Fact: A lot has changed in a 100 years regarding homosexual rights. A lot more will change in the next 100 years. Peoples opinions have changed and will continue to change more and more as time goes by. More and more people , governments, countries , organizations and religions will be accepting towards homosexuals in the future. It’s going to happen whether religious groups moan and complain about it or not. Tick tock. It’s happening every second.

  37. Hey guys, I have been reading and thinking about all these posts for the last hour. My husband has too and we’ve been talking with a very open mind about everything that’s been said on this blog. We have left out all emotion and prejudice from our conversation to try and understand why so much hate has come out of this and quite frankly we can find no reason for it.
    We live in South Africa. We have been married for almost 2 years but have been together for almost 5 years.

    In our country we as gay men have the same rights as everybody else. We are treated like “normal” people. Nobody cares that we are gay. We do not promote that fact that we are gay but then again we don’t try to hide it either.
    We live our lives like everybody else. We do our jobs, we go out for dinner, we wash our car, feed our pets, and we pay our taxes. The only time we make a point of not showing affection to one another is when there are children close by and the reason for this is because we think it is unfair to parents to force them to have to explain matters of a sexual nature to their kids before they think the time is right.

    Before 2006 it was illegal for gay people to get married. We had our protests and pride marches and there was a lot of angry words and several gay bashings but as soon as we were protected and treated like everybody else it stopped. Yes, there is the odd gay bashing here and there and every now and then some religious leader says something in a public forum that upsets us but on the whole we get to go about our lives unscathed from homophobia and life is good for us.

    This is all after 2006.
    Before 2006……

    Before our rights were “granted” to us gay men and women lived in total fear. Having your homes burned to the ground and being gang raped, (corrective rape), was the norm for us. We had to find “girlfriends” and live unhappy lives. Men and women were thrown into jail and repeatedly raped and left to rot. Most of us have scars on our wrists from suicide attempts or we have rope burn marks around our necks. For me, I have problems with my liver and kidney from the damage done by the meds I used to overdose as well as many scars on my writs. I survived and I am glad I did.

    What most of the haters don’t know is what personal hell we went through and some times still go through when we discover that we are gay.
    As a small child, age 6 to 10 we know that we don’t fit in. We don’t know why but we don’t really care that much because we are so little and there are cool cartoons to keep your mind off for a while. Then from 11 to 14 we discover that everyone else likes girls. We don’t know why but we think to ourselves, one day things will change. Then puberty really sets in and we discover that we like boys. At first we don’t understand it as it presents its self as a form of hero worship. Later it becomes a full out sexual lust that we can’t control, pretty much the same as straight boys of the same age.

    Then our personal trip to hell begins.
    Now we know we are gay. We hate it, we despise it and will do anything to change it because everyone we know hates gays. We turn to the bible, we force ourselves to look at straight porn and we get girlfriends because we convince ourselves that the right girl will change us. We make sure that we do the “straight” activities and “man up” as much as possible……….but it doesn’t go away. EVER !

    By the time we are 16 the self loathing becomes so overpowering that we lash out at everyone and when that doesn’t work we turn to God one more time. God does nothing and the fact that He did nothing makes us believe that we are the ugly things that the bible and family say that we are…….so we try to kill ourselves. The sad thing is that most kids don’t survive. Those that do face an even worse reality.

    From 16 to about 20 we make peace with the fact that we are gay an that there is nothing we can do about it. We are left with two choices, 1,come out and deal with what ever happens or 2, lie, find a wife and be miserable for the rest of our lives.

    Choice 1, The consequences of coming out vary. In my case I was lucky and was accepted immediately by my family and friends. They treated me exactly the same as before. Most gay people are not so lucky, most of them get kicked out of their homes and are disowned by their families. They are forced to live on the streets and become prostitutes and thieves. Most die from drug overdose or from hypothermia or will spend the rest of their lives in prison. Some of the really unfortunate ones are beaten to death.

    Choice 2. Most of these men and women become nasty angry people. They do what is expected of them but on the odd occasion when the craving gets too much they will go find sex with men and women in dangerous places. Most times no protection is used and they get sick. They also makes their wives and husbands sick. So many people have died from AIDS because of this.

    Now you know what we go through, the point I’m trying to make is this; because gay men and women have the freedom and protection that we do it South Africa we have become happier people. We no longer have to fear homophobia. We no longer feel like freaks. We get the same benefits as straight people and we can live our lives in peace. That’s all we ever wanted.
    Teenagers don’t hurt then selves anymore. We are no longer part of a marriage we shouldn’t in in the first place and churches no longer tell us that God hates us. All this because of 2 laws. First law, no one may discriminate against us. Second law, we are aloud to marry who ever we want. The second things changed for us ALL the propaganda went away.

    This is what ALL American gay people want. This is what ALL gay people world wide want and NOTHING more. Now put yourself in our shoes, would you not want to fight for these rights as well?

  38. I’ve spent a rather large sum of my time reading these comments and I’ve come to the conclusion that most people either have an aggressive tendency towards people different than themselves or that they have a creeping fear of humanity becoming extinct. Let’s be honest, regardless of your religious disposition, humans will eventually fade away, like most other species that has ever existed. Just look at what we do to our environment: We use up all of our resources, pollute our rivers, air, overpopulate, abuse other species, etc. If you think about it, homosexuals and lesbians are rather eco-friendly as they help keep our population in check (assuming that they do not reproduce). To me, they’re very human, much more human than some of the violent people I’ve heard about that kill people or harm others due to their sexual orientation. In addition, homosexuality is not an illness as it can be interpreted as a higher form of love, rather than mindless lust (in my opinion). In addition, I would like to see your references as to where you’ve read that homosexuality is an illness from a reputable source. A study where it is not shady, nor religiously biased and is relatively recent (as in the past 20 years, give or take). As a last thought, I really hope that the number of countries that incriminate homosexuals will decrease and that our own neighbors will wake up one day that god (if it exists) is less tolerant towards hateful, ignorant people that he is to same-sex couples.

  39. Dear commenters,
    I’ve deleted a few comments that ended up way off topic, sending the string of comments into an argument about abortion and human rights. Whoa!
    — Colin Stewart, editor/publisher of this blog

  40. The same thin lipped,pale skinned,blue eyed devils that brought us Slavery and Apartheid and along with that rapes, savage beatings, atrocious murders now want to bring us this western disease called homosexualilty? No thank you!!

    • Dear Yal,

      As one of those thin-lipped, pale-skinned, blue-eyed NON-devils, descended from some of the folks (or distant relatives of some of the folks) who definitely did some bad stuff in Africa, I’d say you’re pretending to be blind to what Africans can do both right and wrong entirely on their own. Sure, the British empire gave Africa its anti-homosexuality laws, but you seem to be embracing them as your own, without regard to the grievous harm they do to Africans.

      And don’t pretend that homosexuality was a Western invention! Gay rights, maybe; democracy, sure; but homosexuality, no. It’s common on every continent and in every race.

      Have a nice day,
      Colin Stewart, editor/publisher of this blog

    • My family were jailed for helping fight against apartheid. My husband and I are known in our area to be the people you need to go to if you’re black and need help. Be careful when you label people Yal, we live in a different world now. I may be ashamed of what my ancestors did to the African people but I am not ashamed to be a white South African man. I am proud of who I am and what we do. As for the “disease” part, educate yourself!

  41. What does homosexuality has to do with poverty? You white people brought Christianity in Africa with Bibles in your hands, you made us abandon our gods telling us Jesus is the only way. I’m very surprised that you are denying Him now. Who is Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu? Are they God my Creator? They will die and be buried like any other person, and I’m not accountable to them, but I am to God. God’s laws never change, they are absolute. Can you tell me why people always change laws and sometimes adopt the ones they had rejected? If you can’t punish homosexuals, why do you jail murderers, robbers, those accused with rape, etc. Let them be because it is how they want to live their lives and that’s how they are created, right? Nobody should be in jail because according to your laws of democracy everyone is free to do what pleases him or her, no one is therefore to be condemned and be jailed. Serve the devil because we know homosexuality is one of His plans to ruin God’s people and leave us alone to serve God and remain poor.

  42. Some of what has been written here does make sense, I don’t hate LGBT people, I don’t wish or pray for them to die, we all die in our appointed time. I also don’t think their lifestyle is good or normal for any Country as concerns laws and rights. My view on this is because adults who “choose” to engage in same sex it is of no interest to me. However when it opens the door for every other sexual choice to become ” a human right or equal right ” it does concern me. If it is deemed to be normal and a equal right by a Country to be LGBT and it may be, isn’t it just as normal for those humans who choose to have sex with a child under the age of puberty or for that matter with an animal or your mother or father or any other related person you decide is the right choice for you? I suppose you will say I am wrong that would never happen. Well inter-racial marriage would NEVER be made lawful, being openly LGBT would NEVER be accepted let alone be allowed to marry that also would NEVER happen, but it has. Is it such a stretch to see where this path leads. I know right now there are Countries that sell their daughters into marriage with adult men for a price, in those places our Country will say ” horrible, unacceptable, cruel ” in our own Country is was legal to own and sell people, they were treated well some places but they were slaves none the less, it took several lifetimes to fix that terrible decision. There were also those who came here because they borrowed money and were bound to the lender until the debt was paid most of them were Caucasian or Asian but they were also used as slaves because the “lender” had a signed paper. How many lifetimes do you think this door the LGBT supporters are sticking their feet into to pry moral behavior out of our Constitution and replace it with “equal rights and human rights” will take? For hundreds… no thousands of years there have been LGBT people, it was considered either sinful or at the very least something you only let very close family and friends know. As far as I know there have been very few killings because of their sexual preferences. More killings have happened because of heterosexual relations. All this hoopla is over one thing. Government benefits and insurance coverages, and the need to be accepted. Just because a Government accepts your lifestyle it still won’t make you all happy it will only open the door for the other problems mentioned. As for the Countries on your list, If you win them over it will be by overtaking their Countries, or paying off the current rulers. Those poor people have enough problems if you feel you must interfere in those Countries why don’t you spend your time and money helping the poor to be educated so they may rise above ignorance and if they choose to follow your path at least they will be able to decide whether they accept your lifestyle.

    • Hi, Denise —

      Thanks for your lengthy comment. A couple of your thoughts call out for responses.

      You say, “If it is deemed to be normal and a equal right by a Country to be LGBT … isn’t it just as normal for those humans who choose to have sex with a child under the age of puberty or for that matter with an animal?” Well, no. There’s a crucial difference between sexual relations with a consenting adult and sexual relations with one that does not have the ability to consent, such as a child or animal. That’s like saying that eating bacon should be outlawed, because if bacon-eating were legal, what would keep people from eating each other?

      You also say regarding LGBT people that “there have been very few killings because of their sexual preferences.” That’s very, very incorrect. For the U.S., the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs recently reported 25 anti-gay hate-crime homicides last year. Elsewhere the numbers are much higher. In Brazil, for example, an organization tracking violence against LGBT people reported 118 anti-gay homicides so far this year.

      — Colin Stewart, editor of this blog

  43. Dear Colin,
    Thank you for your website and the work you are doing.
    My partner and I travel for vacations a decent amount, and we try to only visit countries (and thus spend money and help the local economy) where there are not gay/human rights atrocities (I would say all of the 76+ countries fall into the “atrocities” category).
    I am wondering if you know why there is not a stronger push to boycott travel to these countries, both by members of the LGBT community and also by our many allies around the world. Any thoughts/ideas? Heck, I’d love to do something myself about it, but would have thought it is already being done, just don’t see it.
    Thanks, and again, thank you what you are doing for the world.

    • In Europe, U.S., Canada, etc., I believe people have been focused elsewhere. In the 76 oppressive countries, activists don’t want to step forth perilously and call for a boycott of their own countries.

      — Colin Stewart, editor of this blog

  44. Im a gay 17 year old and I am just deeply saddened by how the world is run today.I am growing up in a world where loving who I want is found disgusting by many! I am growing up with hate already builiding inside me to the intolerance that is going on around me. I want to live in a world where being LGBT is ok. I honestly DO NOT understand peoples stance on being LGBT it’s not like were pushing it upon everyone that we see!

  45. Everyone should have a right to live by personal conviction. It’s called free will and was instituted by God. But one’s belief should never be forced on another. That applies to gays, as well as to Christians. If a Christian has a spiritual conviction against same sex marriage or abortion, we’re called homophobic and ignorant. Where is tolerance for someone’s basic right, that being religious freedom? It’s being lost in this country. If a Christian can’t embrace same sex marriage or abortion, that is his right. We are not disagreeing because we’re hateful or ignorant or fearful. It’s spiritual conviction and our interpretation of scripture. Noone has a right to interpret that for us or to violate it. Christian conscience is one’s God given right and should not be misconstrued as anything else.

    • Dear Alena,

      When you say that “one’s belief should never be forced on another,” it sounds as though you’re focusing on debates in the United States or in Europe, where those who believe in the right to marriage equality have been winning in the battle about which set of beliefs should be the basis for marriage laws (and where the beliefs of opponents of same-sex marriage have previously been the basis for forcing those opponents’ preferred laws on others.)

      But this blog is about the human toll of anti-homosexuality laws in 76-plus countries where anti-homosexuality beliefs lead to the forced imprisonment of LGBT people for loving whom they love. That’s an outrageous version of forcing one’s beliefs on others.

      All the best,
      Colin Stewart
      Editor of this blog

      • Collins, sincerely I think your job here on your blog is to mislead these so called lgti Please I will advice you to seek the truth and change your ways. Just an advice. My people perish from lack of knowledge. I notice you always feel like a hero thinking you counter every comments made here by some anti-gays. Please seek God and save your souls, also advice the rest. Your are indirectly aiding the destruction of this world created by God. Thanks

  46. It is sad that gays are tormented in other countries.
    But I think a person must not be killed because his or her sexuality whether gay or straight. It is wrong. However, this doesn’t mean I support homosexuality. I don’t support any organization that promotes homosexuality. Everyone has the right to live whatever life-style he or she desires, as long as the person does not commit a crime.

  47. tormenting gay people is wrong.
    Human life to me is very precious.
    I still stand on my views of not supporting homosexual organizations in America.

    • sure, tell that to the innocent little boys that were molested by a man. tell me this, why is there not one documented case of a heterosexual man molesting a little male child? if he was heterosexual, he would not be molesting little boys. if a man molests a male child it is because he is a homosexual and prefers the same sex. eventually, organizations like NAMBLA will get their wish thanks to the liberals. just sayin . . . . .

      • Dear Frankie,

        I’m not sure what point you’re making. Yes, there are homosexuals who do horrible things, just as there are heterosexuals who do horrible things. Do you think that all homosexuals should be imprisoned because some are pedophiles? Do you think that all heterosexuals should be imprisoned because some are rapists? As I said, I miss your point.

        As I’ve said before, these issues are easy to battle back and forth on an abstract level, but that’s not the way to make progress in understanding what’s really at stake. Please get to know several LGBT people. Many are good folks. You would like them.

        All the best,
        Colin Stewart, editor of this blog

      • Do you have any idea why there was that massive case of molestation in the Catholic church a few years ago? It was because there were priests who were gay but believed in god and their religion. To them it was shameful to be gay so instead of loving other consenting adults they decided to do it with children in their care. And in any case, there are married men who have molested young boys. It is not a problem with homosexuality rather a problem of acceptance.

      • Actually, there have been cases where straight men molest young boys. Sometimes, they associate these boys with themselves at a crucial age in their development – perhaps an age where they witnessed a traumatic event. Sometimes, it can be about control and dominance, like prison rape.

        So, you know…yeah.

  48. crimes and murder against gay people is wrong.
    Different people have different views about life, and we must respect that.
    We all need to apply golden rule to everyone.
    I am 100% heterosexual. I love women.
    homosexuality is a choice for those who desire the unnatural ( male with male).

    • Dear Laventure Alix,

      Did you choose to be heterosexual, or were you born that way?
      If you chose, please describe the process of making that choice of which people to be attracted to.
      Or, if you were born heterosexual, then do you think that it’s not a choice for heterosexuals but is a choice for homosexuals?

      All the best,
      Colin Stewart, editor of this blog

      • I believe the Bible and it says God created one man and one woman to be together. If so then we would be born heterosexual but choose to be otherwise. Putting a side as your are right this about how people are treated I think another quote, this was about an adulterous woman: John 8:7 So when they continued asking him (Jesus), he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.
        I would not wish any harm on others just because of their life choice. ‘For all have sin and come short of the glory of God’ OTH how many people are jailed and treated bad just because of a plant they choose to enjoy? Almost every country besides Amsterdam and Portiguel and some state here lock people for enjoying the flowering bud of a cannabis plant. This is not right either.

      • yes, I chose to be heterosexual and yes I was born with it. I believe that God made men and women to have marital sexual intercourse ( wvbs.org ).The process of choosing to love women, is when I saw female bodybuilding, which made me more attractive to women. whats not a choice for heterosexuals and homosexuals is paying bills and taxes.

        • Dear Laventure,

          You say you “chose to be heterosexual,” but your description of yourself doesn’t support that statement. If I understand you, you say you were born with an attraction to women, and especially to female bodybuilders.

          You were born that way. Some people were born with an attraction to the same sex, which they didn’t choose, as you didn’t.

          All the best,
          Colin Stewart, editor of this blog

    • Have you ever been scared to death of a group of homosexuals that you have to wait on in a restaurant? These adult homosexuals, talk their evil sex talk, to teenagers, thank god a man working at the place told them to leave me alone, as one grabbed me by my sweater saying she liked girls, not one adult homosexual stopped her, the man stopped her. now tell the truth about how gays can be trusted to be around children , they are as sneaky as satan was in lies and put on a show that they are the ones that are victims. like hell they are. I cannot forget how evil they were to me, the man told them to leave me alone, he told me to go to the back of the restaurant until they left. sicking warped minded evil adults.and that is not the only time a adult homosexual tried to use their sex on me as a child. any one that says what they do is right and they can go to heaven , is a liar just like they are.

      • Because not everyone believes in Heaven, and not every gay person is a sexual deviant. That’s like saying because Catholic and Christian priests molested children, therefore everyone who holds their beliefs or ideals is now a child molester.

        ‘Talk their evil sex talk,’ such as, I don’t know, informing people of sex, safe sex, sex being a completely natural thing; okay. Teenagers are at the age where they need to be told these things, so they know how to do it safely should they choose to have sex at a young age.

        Don’t generalise an entire people on one bad experience. You could wind up ignorant.

  49. The aegis of law is to discipline people for their actions and to protect others in some small way from the consequences of those actions. I strongly disagree with any law that seeks to punish people for what they are. I do not believe for an instant that a person’s sexual orientation is a matter of their choice, nor a matter of their upbringing. For example, having gay or lesbian parents, whether one is the natural parent or not, does not result in the child being gay or lesbian… a child’s sexual orientation will manifest itself regardless of upbringing.

    With that said, I do strongly believe that a sovereign nation has the sovereign right to enact laws that conform to the predominant social mores of their citizens. Whether a person agrees with a particular country’s laws or not, when in that country, they are bound by those laws, and must obey those laws, to the extent that it is POSSIBLE for them to do so. It is no foreigner’s place to try to change those laws or to impose their social mores upon the nation in question. The damage done by such imperialism throughout history is impossible to overestimate, and has brought far more death and suffering to the world than “social advancement.”

    As a person of an asexual bent, I have always struggled to understand why flagrant display of a person’s sexual orientation, whether that is heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual or preferring the company of animals, is worthy of protesting for. (NB: I in no way condone bestiality, as the animal is generally not a competent or willing participant)
    In my opinion, unless they are a compulsive exhibitionist, a person’s sexual orientation should be neither a cause for discrimination, nor seen as a necessary part of their public persona.

  50. Homosexuality is a shameful, disgraceful act which should be illegal period & no homosexuals do not want to be left alone they want the right to be married, adopt innocent little children & be brought up in a shameful environment which defies every law of nature. nuff said 7 end of story.

    • Dear Lionel,

      “Nuff said, end of story” is what you wish.
      But, contrary to your assertion, many homosexuals simply would like to be left alone. That some LGBT people want the right to a family life, which you would oppose, isn’t an valid reason for imprisoning them.

      Colin Stewart, editor of this blog

    • “Nuff Said!!” Why are people like you so vehemently opposed to allowing those who are homosexual to live under the same standards that, say, you live under? Why should being homosexual be illegal and punishable by imprisonment or worse?. Say you are a red haired person, and it was deemed that all red heads were demons and should be put to death. As it was back in the medieval times by certain sects of the early church. Under your philosophy it would seem to be alright, you seem to be basing your views on archaic religious texts written by a bunch of men who probably had an agenda to push and definitely had their prejudices. If the Christian faith is supposed to be based on the teachings of Issa why then is there no chapters in the bible that where written by his disciples, why were these left out when the Bible was written? Can you explain it with enough scientific and common sense reasoning that it would make it acceptable by the non-christian people that are out there..

      We are all God’s children, so lets act like it.

      The DesertFox
      Et secundum diversitatem unitatis pro scientiam

    • You are so wrong. That’s not my opinion that is just fact. Over 500 species of animal show homosexual behaviour but only 1 show homophobic behaviour.

  51. My statement does support my attraction to women and my decision to remain a heterosexual for life. I still believe that being a gay is a choice, just like being a Republican is a choice.

  52. To Colin Steward
    My statement does support my choice for being heterosexual. However, people have the right to live whatever life-style he or she wants to live. No one is born a homosexual. it is something that is learned, like stealing things that don’t belong to you. But homosexuality is something that was taught by people who desire the unnatural. Same sex practices is a learning process, not a birth mark. God made Adam and Eve to produce offspring and bear children.

    • thank God Adam and Eve did not have reproductive problems. Or else they wouldnt be able to procreate, produce offspring and bear children.

      • I totally agree with you, fridge.
        God did a excellent job in creating the male and the female.
        heterosexuality is the best.
        I love women.

      • Ahhhh fridge if you believe Adam and Eve is anything other than a parable would you please explain to me how Kane and/or Abel procreated with anyone other than a woman who was not their mother or sister……………..? Seriously…..there a big flaws in that reproductive story…..astounding people choose to believe it

      • That was told in a parable so people could understand it. I was told that Adam and Eve had many children including Cain & Able and because their strain was pure they was able to procreate with their sisters with no side effects unlike today. Others have said that Adam & Eve was not the only people God created and Cain went to live in a place named NOD, which means wandering, and there knew his wife.

      • It is very sad that us Straight Men have to compete with a Gay And Bi Woman to find a Good Normal Woman now, Isn’t It?

  53. If being a homosexual is a learned thing, how do you explain homosexual teen you was raised in a strict religious home? Or those that grew up in religious communes? These young people having had no contact with the gay life style, yet have grown up as homosexual, your statement does not stand up to scrutiny. Please explain how children raised under these circumstances have since an early age been attracted to those of the same gender. Explain in a scientific concept not by the pseudoscience of religion, I am very interested in how this happens if it is learned.

    The DesertFox
    Et secundum diversitatem unitatis pro scientiam

  54. Hi.
    I have a question to ask. Do you know how many of the countries listed above still consider homosexuality as a mental illness?

    • Dear Fridge,

      I do not have a list of countries that still consider homosexuality to be a mental illness. You’ll find information here from many countries’ medical communities about the issue.

      It’s safe to say that many government and religious leaders in the 76-plus countries still consider homosexuality to be a personal choice. Otherwise, they wouldn’t believe that such laws are warranted.

      — Colin Stewart, editor of this blog

  55. It is important to note that as a Christian, I am not opposed to homosexuality but to any sex outside of a marriage between a man and woman. To just pick on the gays is not right but it is important to note that homosexuality is not to be construed with a race, blacks for example, are born that way but homosexuality is a behavior and a choice. Now that this sinful behavior is allowed, it will spiral out of control. Child molesters will demand their rights and those who practice bestiality will want to marry their horse or whatever. You as the one who practices this behavior must understand that God has determined this to be wrong, not the Christian. Jesus Christ loves you and is willing to forgive you of all sin, not just that one but you must confess it as sin and believe on Him. No matter how many of us Christians you may destroy, you are still wrong and God will not be mocked.

    • Dear John,

      Thank you for your comment, though it makes many missteps. You declare that homosexuality is a choice, although that is not the experience of homosexuals. (Did you, presumably a heterosexual, make a decision on whether you would be attracted to women or to men?) You then move on to declare that if LGBT people were granted the right to love each other, then sexual attacks on children and animals would be next. There is a huge difference, which you ignore, between consensual sex and sexual activity directed at those who are in no position to give their consent.

      You then finish with imagining retaliation or violence against Christians (“No matter how many of us Christians you may destroy, …”) In this world, LGBT people are frequently killed for their sexual orientation, including Christian homosexuals such as my friend Eric Lembembe. Straight people, including Christians, are rarely killed for their sexual orientation.

      All the best,
      Colin Stewart, editor of this blog

      • Colin, I think most often homosexuals are killed for the homosexual acts not necessarily because they are homosexual. So in other words, someone who is heterosexual and has sexual relations with a married woman, someone of the same gender, an animal or worse a child, will also likely they too would be put to death. I do not condone that behavior, but in many strict Muslim countries that is the law so it’s much larger than simply homosexuals.

  56. misconceptions i’m from Jamaica born raised and homosexuality is not illegal marijuana is, no laws against homosexuality most folks don’t like the idea, but the law don’t kill gays matter of fact allot of homosexuality vacation in JA from all over mainly UK, bad stuff only happen when you go to bad areas aka slums just like having money or being well off is not illegal either but if you go to those same areas bad stuff can happen or will happen, and one more thing some guys not all but some which i personal have know that are gay in JA are only gay because they want the tourist money gay for money etc unlike people who are born that way that’s where the JA term “sell out” came from

  57. These 76 countries are mostly Muslims. Proud to be Muslim. We will never allow homosexuality. It’s against Islam. And Quran clearly says it is unlawful. They should be punished.
    If anyone does it he will be killed. This is only solution for gays.
    Why it is illegal to discuss about Holocaust??????????????????? We demand freedom of speech about holocaust. I know your law will not allow then why u r asking about homosexual rights in 76 countries????????? That’s your law and this is our law. It’s against freedom of SPEECH. Where is freedom of speech in America and west? Everyone should have a right to live by personal conviction. It’s called free will and was instituted by God. But one’s belief should never be forced on another. That applies to gays, as well as to Muslims. If Muslims has a spiritual conviction against same sex marriage or abortion, we’re called homophobic and ignorant. Where is tolerance for someone’s basic right, that being religious freedom? It’s being lost in this country. If a Muslims can’t embrace same sex marriage or abortion, that is his right. We are not disagreeing because we’re hateful or ignorant or fearful. Its spiritual conviction and our interpretation of scripture. None has a right to interpret that for us or to violate it. Islamic conscience is one’s God given right and should not be misconstrued as anything else.

    I salute to Islamic countries Iran and Saudi Arabia for punishment to gays to death. And in Pakistan and other countries life imprisonment. You people are homophobic if we Muslims don’t want homosexuality then why you people trying to impose your laws to us. We thanks God that Muslim countries are still awakening.

    At the end we respect Christian religious movements to be against gay.

    • Dear Anti Gay,

      I approved your comment for publication, except for the confused parts about “bastard countries” and “gay countries,” although I disagree with much of it.

      It’s true that many of the 76-plus countries are Muslim countries — about half of them, I expect.

      You ask, “Where is tolerance for someone’s basic right, that being religious freedom.” Religious freedom is a good thing, but you’re asking for people’s respect and toleration for a religious conviction that people who are born gay should be killed. The freedom to demand the death of others for who they are, rather than what they do, is far beyond the normal understanding of what freedom of religion should include. So don’t be surprised and don’t complain when you’re criticized by people who you say should be killed. Don’t demand tolerance, acceptance and passivity from people whom you say should be executed.

      — Colin Stewart, editor of this blog

    • I never thought I would ever agree with someone that says they are muslim. but got to stand with you on this one, as my christian liars keep lying to fill their evil pockets, not everyone that knows jesus stands with these anti christ , because jesus would never stand with them either. hell gets broader with those that do.

  58. Why is it people want to make an example about poor place they will use africa? well homo is bad,God created man and woman to be together not man and man or female to female. Home is a sin.

  59. Freedom! It’s all about Freedom! Look at what’s happening in Russia and Greece.., fascism is back in the governments.., we the people of the world.., need to revolt against all forms of criminal run governments! We need to rise up against hate and unify as a whole! Free Pussy Riot!

  60. Too bad Belize has strict gun control laws, otherwise it seems like a pretty nice place to live for values based people. Not that I have anything against homosexuals I just think because of the untruthful movement, we have or are in the process of completely destroying the American family that will ultimately result in a failed society all in an attempt to help gays feel better about themselves. A marriage license isn’t going to do it and few people will ever accept homosexuality as “normal.”

  61. People need to stop discriminating gays whether its for religious reasons, beliefs, their norms or values or based on their society. You can’t tell any country what their law should be but you also can’t tell a person who to love. Love has no limits and it has no gender ( god loves all his children, sinner or not). We all have sinned or break the 10 commandments as for christian believers. Am a law, history and sociology student, my country opposes gays, but I support it. Growing up in the caribbean and learning bout the white men who murdered the natives because they resisted christianity ( thou shall not kill being stated in the bible). I sometimes wonder what is the right religion. Is the world to small for us? We need to live together and stop. My religious belief aint gonna be someone elses neither laws, neither government but we need to accept it. Human Rights have been fought by our ancestors, black rights or women rights even religious rights.

  62. I can’t believe the world is still backward as it was years ago. As a law, history and sociology student I’ve learnt too much about the world. My question is, is the world too small for all of us? Not everyone would agree on a religion , law, belief, society, norms or values, but we accept their lifestyle. You cant tell a country what law they should have neither can you tell someone who to love. Regardless of being gay is a sin, so is the 10 commandments in the bible. And am sure half of broke one or more. God made no perfect man. Love has no limit neither has it a gender. Human rights is something I believe it, especially being black and a young woman. Everyone has a right to walk the earth a happy man. It was made for all of us, not y’all alone.

  63. Im gay, I don’t ask for anything, or expect anything, but to be left to run my own life without stupid remarks from people who don’t even know me, or want to kill me, just for being gay, thank you for being so kind

  64. This is in response to Will who posted on June 8th:
    First I’d like to address your inaccurate knowledge of when books of the Bible were written.
    You claim that new testament books weren’t written until hundreds of years after the death of Jesus Christ,, The fact is that they were all written by men that actually knew Jesus, who were around in His lifetime. The last book written was the Revelation and it was written by Jesus disciple John in or around 85 AD.
    Next is your assertion that all of these men were idiots…
    I find it quite interesting that people everywhere, homosexuals and straight, christian and non-christian all have a reverence, a respect, and even an understanding of who Jesus was and to a degree what He was about… And yet so many people (homosexuals especially) disregard the Judgment and keen senses of Jesus when it comes to who He hand picked and taught as His disciples, as well as the doctrines that they in turn wrote down and taught to us through the centuries…..
    By contrast you never hear followers of Buddha criticized for continuing the teaching of their master,, you also don’t hear people condescending to the teachings of followers of the Gnostics or the Kharijites or Mandaeans or Sabians…
    But the teachings of the followers of Jesus Christ come under fire for one reason and one reason only.. Man is rebellious!! And man rebels against Truth and Truth alone!! There is no truth in all these other many religions that cover this earth. Jesus would say this “I Am the way, the TRUTH, and the Life and no one can come to God but through Me”
    The reason that Jesus ruffles the feathers of so many so badly is simply because His Truth is Truth! There is a natural order to this world and those that occupy it, and that order has been twisted into rebellion against the one that created it. This is why there is such contention against Jesus Christ and His Father, Two men can not procreate!! Its against the order of nature!
    The very fact that for centuries homosexuality and lesbianism has been more than just a shameful thing,, yes its been something that has warranted death in many civilizations! WHY??
    Because of the knowledge of what it truly was. Pure evil rebellion against God.

  65. why does homosexual always try to force people to accept their life style.If you were born not knowing or use to bread would u want some one forcing u to eat it.

    • Dear Rayon,

      Thanks for your question.
      The mission of this blog is not at all to seek to “force people to accept their life style.” It is to encourage countries to stop throwing people in jail for whom they love.

      — Colin Stewart, editor of this blog

    • Do you know how thick that comment is? You would have a point if they made you be gay, however they don’t they want you to accept that them for the way they are.

  66. God loves everyone including sinners but He will not save everyone, including sinners who continue to live in their sins after they have come to the knowledge of Christ and the Word. We are accountable for out actions to God (believers or not). If you are a believer then you are held to high standard of morals that God has set forth. He did not say we can go about committing these sins and it would be okay because of Christ’s Blood. Christ said to the prostitute after he forgave her sins, “Go and sin no more.” He didn’t say continue in your sins because I have forgiven them. He said SIN NO MORE! Why do people try to change what God has said? Because they are lovers of sin. They are lovers of pleasure. More than God! If you truly love God and want to DO HIS WILL. They you will do your best to SIN NO MORE! Quit trying to dilute God’s word and make it say something it does not. We may have desires that are difficult for us but with God’s help we can overcome them. Many people have various sinful sexual desires but not all fulfill their lusts. TURN FROM YOUR WAYS and follow Christ. 2 Ch 7:14 – New International Version
    if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.
    Again you will see the commandment to TURN FROM YOUR WICKEDNESS. This is a commandment. One that we all need to adhere to no matter the sin.

    • What ever happened to “Thou shalt not judge”? If you’re going to use the christian bible as a means to judge and you claim to be a Christian then you have to play by the same rules that your bible gave you. You are judging. You’re breaking the rules. The only thing I have learned from you silly Christians is that your hypocrisy knows no boundaries. Tell me, what exactly did Jesus have to say about gay people? You see, the new testament is all about love, forgiveness and caring for your fellow man while the old testament is all about doom and gloom and kill kill kill. Christians are Christians because of the new testament otherwise they would be Jews. You’re a Christian right? Yet you keep going back to the old testament in order to justify your hate. PS, your bible also says that one should kill your children if they disobey, should kill people who divorce and should keep slaves. I don’t recall anyone doing that lately so if you’re not going to play by the rules and follow them to the letter then you cant use those same rules to judge others.

      • Michael,
        If you are truly a good “apostle” of the new testament, you’d have come across Romans 25-32 with specifics on your case! Besides,if Jesus could condemn adultery in Matthew 5vs27-29, what do you imagine He’s saying against homo?
        I hope it’ll sink into your IQ that God/Jesus and not, primarily, Christians, judge and condemn sin. We’re only sensitizing our friends about what our master says with related quotations which we believe to be true. Left for man, even cannibalism is right but for God’s light. The only “hate” which we are permitted to practice is hatred for sin i.e hate homosexuality and love Michael to the point where you want him to repent and escape God’s wrath. Any write up which seeks to condemn you is wrong.
        Moreover, in my bible, Jesus never discarded but perfected the old testament, so he said. I wonder which part of the bible you were paraphrasing in your last 4 lines. How can you read/understand a book without opening it Michael!

    • If only whoever wrote the bible didn’t forget to put in there that God accepts homosexuals as they are and the act is not a sin…. The world would be a better place.

  67. Having come accross this comment page almost by accident I was tempted to take the view that those who eschew logic in debate are very unlikely indeed to be persuaded to adopt a different stance by being faced by logical argument ie.He/She who is persuaded against their will are of the same opinion still.Most of those who enjoy the prosecution and persecu
    tion of those who differ from themselves use religious metaphysics to attempt to justify tthe hatred of those minorities that seek the very ordinarhy human right to love whomsoever lis their choice male or female – live and let live.

  68. I believe that a person is gay must not be killed, because he chooses to be gay.
    I still do not support the union of the same gender.

    • Gay people do not choose to be gay, they are born that way, in the same way that I was born white and English. Do you really believe that people in countries such as Nigeria who are scared for their lives simply choose to be in that position?

  69. Wow! where should one start? As a gay man in a wonderful and loving relationship reading the comments on this page really saddens me. In fact it hurts. I never chose to be gay I simply am…besides what does it mean to be gay?

    Knowing there are people in this world who hate “gays” so vehemently is truly a sad day for humanity. Where does hatered end or begin? Can you only hate gays? Or do you hate black people, Christians, Muslims etc as well? How about just loving your fellow human regardless of whatever it is that you may hate about him or her. If we could do that the world would be far better off. What are we faced with today,…economic collapse, mass deforestation, poverty global warming, famine, child rape….the list is endless. Do you in all honesty think that so called rampant homosexuality is the cause? Simple answer…No. It is hatered and a lack of compassion or care that has pushed the world into the position it is in.

    To those of you who hate people like me, I can do nothing more than pray for you, pray that your burden of hatered is lifted. No God could condone hate…..at least no God I know of…I always assumed hatered was left for “satan” . I’m sure that like myself, many other Gay men and woman will continue to find and enjoy love. Love is not only sex!

    To those of you like me…keep your heads up high and forgive. After reading this thread I cannot express how grateful I am to work as a lawyer in a successful law firm that accepts me, shop in malls where people couldn’t care about my sexual orientation but rather their own life, have a home filled with love, have a family so close and accepting, have friends who don’t even see sexual orientation and perhaps most of all I am grateful not to have people who fill their hearts with hatered around me. I am free….truly free and should I be condemned to hell as described by some previous posts I will be grateful to be able to be there with the free thinkers of this world, the people who love without boundaries…..for being stuck in heaven with those of you who hate us gays would be far more of a hell.

    To those gay and lesbian couples who dont find themselves in the position I do…I pray that you will and thankyou from the bottom of my heart for maintaining your identity in the face of adversity…you are my heros.

    • God’s laws are clear and do not represent hatred for any person, in fact God’s love is so deep that he made a way for, thieves, murderers for adulterers, liars, homo sexuals and all sinners to have salvation and with that freedom from the bondage and results all sin carries with it and no you would not have any pleasure at all in a lake of fire for eternity, hell is real and so is Heaven. You were not born a homosexual any more than a liar is born to lie they are transgressions, sins and you, like so many others like me can be delivered and find peace,joy and happiness in this life and an eternity in complete incomprehensible bliss for all eternity in Jesus Christ the Only begotton son of the living God.

    • The word ‘gay’ does not describe what is an egregious sin before God.
      ‘Gay’ was chosen to soften the reaction to homosexuality. Making it more palatable to the common person. Sin is sin regardless of who believes otherwise, it doesn’t change reality and God’s judgments ,the soul that sins shall surely die.

  70. I have tried and retried to write this comment so that my words are read with the meaning they were intended. The best I can do is write this as my thoughts and not worry to much how they are interpreted because in the end we are all different. My thoughts are that should 2 people engage in sex and it is a free of any intimidation, to me that is their choice at what point does it become an issue where total strangers have the right to judge if it is right or wrong.

    From what I see is that we hide behind the very thin veil of politics and religion when passing judgement on others and we use the word of God as justification to do so. Take a look at the counties that are listed, where religion is not the ruling government then it is a country where the ruling government are in fear of their own position.

    It was not all that long ago where interracial relationships were against the law, it was ok to rape (if you were a white male that is) but not to have a consensual relationship, and I can only imagine how the governments & religious leaders of the day reacted. The world is doomed would be my best guess.

    In the end to jail or execute people because they happen to prefer same sex relationships and or sex is really disturbing. I can only say that for governments deal with your starving and underprivileged populations and for the religious off all types out there, stop using the word of God as a reason to justify the imprisonment or death of people because of sexual preference.

    • Don’t blame God for what the devil is doing,,,,, Moses was commanded by God to marry an Ethiopian woman, rape has never been sanctioned by God in any fashion, Christianity and Judaism have been more merciful and supportive to the poor and suffering mankind than any other body of humanity in the history of the world I know of not one person that is a true Christian that condones killing or imprisoning anyone for their sexual activities unless they are child molesters and then I believe they should be put where they will have no contact with children ever.
      It is easy to label someone that has an opposing view from yours and bashing Christians is acceptable in our culture but the Lord told us it would be this way don’t think for a second that I am moved because you hate the Lord Jesus Christ and his pure law or his messengers, we pray for you to be saved and you can be. Repent and God will receive you and say “Go and sin no more”: Jesus is Lord and savior of all mankind he will not turn you away.

      • Why would I believe in a God that, firstly, I don’t think can exist and secondly is meant to love everyone but condemns people to hell and condones the hate of people who want nothing more than to be able to love who they want?

  71. Homosexuality is and should be an abomination to God and all that love his law,, He needs no excuse to enforce his holy and righteous laws and homosexuality is against all that is good and Godly and against all natural making it not only repulsive to a civilized people but an abomination and undesireable,it is not homo phobia but rather a love for Gods law and hatred for all sin and more so a sin that has an end goal of spreading to a civilization and trying to make it appear normal which it is very far from. When a person is vexed by a sinful action it is not homophobic it is a natural reaction to that which is abominable. Repent and turn from your sin, God will forgive and deliver you from this horrible disgusting sin and give you complete victory and peace joy and happiness.

    • If you want to I could go into the many reasons there can’t be a God such as the many, many discrepancies in the bible, but I don’t think you want to.

  72. Actually, in my 45 years of reading,studying and teaching the Holy scriptures, I have heard all of the arguments you pretend to know and in every instance the Holy word of God is confirmed but you are right about one thing and that is I won’t go there with you because it will net nothing edifying,go look that word up.
    If you disbelief needs to be encouraged to justify your sin, that is your problem and you can not make it mine.
    I know in whom I have believed,Jesus Christ is the only begotten son of the living God and your only hope of escaping an eternity in a burning hell, call on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and he will hear you, there is hope for you too.

    • This is one of the many discrepancies in the bible and most holy scriptures, God is meant to forgive anyone, however I will go to hell for looking at facts and making an informed decision over how I think the world and life began. God is meant to have made everyone however he/she/it hates homosexuals even though he/she/it made them. I know that you are barely going to read this and are going to go on, hoping that God will come and save you when it won’t happen, you will spend your whole life waiting for something that will never come, good luck with your days in heaven.

  73. Colin, you are way off on your report … the news is just saying there is 52% support for gay marriage in the U.S. … we know because in Hawai’i all our news reported the same thing but guess what 80% voted against it and 80% testified against it … funny how you can buy anything in this world with money … even news reports when you want the whole country to believe that the rest of the country approves … and even though I support my gay family and friends and they support me, I don’t think gay marriage is going to make people in this country like/support LGBT any more than before it passed … survey results are already coming out showing that it is pushing everyone the other way to be less supportive … way to go! … coercion/deceit don’t work … sure hope you’re ready for sharia law which is coming our way next and will work it’s way in on the same pretext of special rights/discrimination laws … guess what? they harass and kill people that are immoral … thanks for relaxing our laws and paving the way for sharia law

    • Dear Maks,

      Thank you for commenting. Although marriage equality isn’t the focus of this blog, which is about countries with anti-homosexuality laws, it’s worth pointing out that I could find no evidence to support your contentions. In Hawaii, for example:

      • A January 2013 Honolulu Civil Beat poll found that 55% of Hawaii voters were in favor of same sex marriage, while 37% were opposed. (“Poll: Hawaii Voters Support Allowing Gay Couples To Marry”. Honolulu Civil Beat. Peer News. January 28, 2013.)
      • An August 2013 QMark Research poll found that 54% of Hawaii residents were in favor of same-sex marriage, while 31% were against.(“Statewide same sex marriage poll indicates greater support, less opposition”. Hawaii News Now. Raycom Media. August 9, 2013.)

      Nor have I seen any evidence of sharia law being adopted as a result of the approval of marriage equality laws.

      Best wishes,
      Colin Stewart, editor of this blog

  74. So many of you people keep saying that gay people are bad because the bible says so. Fair enough. The bible is proof that God exists rights? Well, I read a comic book about Spiderman the other day. Does that mean that Spiderman exists?

  75. I think the number one reason people disagree with gay rights is because the bible says its a sin. It is God’s place to judge us, not ours to judge each other. Simply wishing to be with someone of the same gender does not harm anybody. It is in no way comparable to murder or rape or actions that actually constitute as crimes. Of course I can’t claim to never judged other people but I would never try to take away rights that we all have humans or attack someone just because of one thing I didn’t like about them. Divorce is a sin, isn’t it? And that’s legal. I never hear about divorcee-bashing but I’ve plenty about gay-bashing. Honestly, if you think gays are going to hell because of their sexuality, why make life hell for them too?

  76. Recently Stephen Fry did his series ‘Out There’. Some of you homophobic ‘people’ should possibly watch this before being so cynical. Why does there have to be divide. There has already been enough hatred between black and white communities. It is only now that is becoming second nature for the younger population to lead by example and have jokes between different cultures. It is only through unity, that this world we live in can be freed from all of this hatred. I am not saying that there will be no wars, because selfishness and wish for power will almost always remain, however these could be greatly reduced if we accept the ways and understand the cultures of other people.
    On Stephen’s series, there was a woman in Uganda who had ‘corrective rape’. From this she was left bleeding, she was taken to hospital to find that she was pregnant, at which point she had a abortion forced upon her. Later on when she went in for a check up, she found that she was positive with HIV and AIDS. Are you saying that this kind of act, to ruin this womans life is ‘fair’ because she is gay? If so, shame on you. Similarly, there are hangings in Iran for the offence of being homosexual. So, to those of you above, who say that punishments should come back to the West for homosexuality, are you also bringing with that, capital punishment? Or are you referring to Sri Lanka where they are jailed for 15 years in order to try and ‘convert’ them back into ‘normal’ human beings. Again I repeat, you disgust me.
    I might add that many people above have stated about anal sex being wrong. Anal sex occurs more often during heterosexual couples than gay, as was stated by Stephen Fry on his programme. Taking a relationship down to such materialistic reasons is so shallow, it is embarrassing.

    At the start I referred to the homophobes above as ‘people’. This is because, no loving person being, who has any kind of humanity, would try and cause harm to others with different views to their own. You would not kill another person or jail them for being a vegetarian, or coming from a different culture, or having a different religion – I hope. So how dare you say that people who love and show affection for the same sex should come to this injustice. Surely a loving relationship, is still a loving relationship. I can’t ever see why rape, murder and hangings can ever be justified, let alone when the person in question is just loving a person. I am a girl who is in a loving heterosexual relationship. I have friends who are in loving homosexual relationships. Similarly, I am white and I have black friends. One of my friends calls me ‘Vanilla Cheesecake’ and I call her ‘Chocolate Brownie’. That is the show of two communities coming together to just enjoy one another’s company. If you actually met, talked to, listened to others, maybe you would understand that there is no ‘them’ and ‘us’. There is only people. There is the world. I think that any harm you think other people are deservant of, maybe should be done to you. Just think about life if this situation was turned on its head. What would you do?

    • hei just leave us a lone. Uganda is uganda and ugandans are ugandans. How many people have been killed by police in USA for dealing in Drugs or Ganja and how many people have died as a result of using that ganja??? You will that in 10 peolpe atlst one died as a result of using the drugs while the 9 were killed by the police coz of dealing in drugs. We need these laws so that we can define our heritage and culture not like in south africa where you can diffrenciate a man from a woman. Thats being crazy and having a virus in their h