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Progress and persecution from Jamaica to Myanmar

Many signs of progress, but also many instances of ongoing persecution of LGBTI people, are contained in the following round-up of the world’s recent LGBTI-related news, most of which was excerpted with slight modifications from the UNAIDS publication Equal Eyes: Human rights Activists in Odessa, Ukraine, convinced authorities to reconsider a last-minute ban that would … Continue reading

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Glimmers of hope, despite Malawi pastors’ wrong-headed idea

A glimmer of good news is visible in a news article about a group of homophobic Christian pastors in Malawi who don’t even understand their own country’s laws. The glimmer comes from an anonymous journalist’s caption under a photo of a rainbow flag, which illustrates the article. The caption states, “Displaying the rainbow flag of … Continue reading

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Easter 2016: A prayer for all LGBT prisoners

An Easter message for 2016 Easter 2016 — a time when the Anglican Church of Nigeria refuses even to attend a meeting attended by a few representatives of the inclusive Episcopal Church for fears that, if they did, they would be in the midst of “a well-prepared camp of recruitment, blackmail, indoctrination and toxic relationship.” … Continue reading


Jamaica: 5 reasons why gay rights vote is a bad idea

Andrew Holness, Jamaica’s new prime minister, proposes a referendum on the nation’s anti-gay buggery law. It’s the sort of idea that initially sounds appealing — just ask Malawian President Peter Mutharika — but is fundamentally flawed. Why should the human rights of a minority depend on the outcome of a majority vote? Jamaican activist Maurice … Continue reading

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Episcopal Church is in — not out — at Anglican gathering

Despite a controversial January vote by Anglican Communion leaders in favor of disciplining the Episcopal Church for accepting same-sex marriage, that vote has not resulted in the Episcopal Church being excluded from international meetings of the 85-million-member Communion. Episcopal Cafe reports: The Rt Revd James Tengatenga, ACC  [Anglican Consultative Council] chairman, affirmed the “right and … Continue reading

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In Malawi, the glass is half full (experimental version)

Compassionate, progressive thinking is bubbling up even in the world’s  conservative, homophobic societies. One example: Malawi in southern Africa, as evidenced in this experimental version of the article “Malawi: Judge seeks renewed gay arrests; gay man attacked.” The most prominent news in the original article is negative. The following version emphasizes positive aspects of what’s going … Continue reading