Malawi debates its anti-LGBTI law, still on hold

Malawi debates its anti-LGBTI law, still on hold

For now, Malawi is abiding by the principle that fundamental human rights, including the human rights of LGBTI people, should not be jeopardized by putting them to a vote in a referendum. Janet Banda, Malawi’s solicitor general, last month said the government will conduct unspecified “public inquiries,” not a referendum, into whether the country’s anti-homosexuality … Continue reading

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Progress and persecution from Jamaica to Myanmar

Many signs of progress, but also many instances of ongoing persecution of LGBTI people, are contained in the following round-up of the world’s recent LGBTI-related news, most of which was excerpted with slight modifications from the UNAIDS publication Equal Eyes: Human rights Activists in Odessa, Ukraine, convinced authorities to reconsider a last-minute ban that would … Continue reading

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Glimmers of hope, despite Malawi pastors’ wrong-headed idea

A glimmer of good news is visible in a news article about a group of homophobic Christian pastors in Malawi who don’t even understand their own country’s laws. The glimmer comes from an anonymous journalist’s caption under a photo of a rainbow flag, which illustrates the article. The caption states, “Displaying the rainbow flag of … Continue reading

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Easter 2016: A prayer for all LGBT prisoners

An Easter message for 2016 Easter 2016 — a time when the Anglican Church of Nigeria refuses even to attend a meeting attended by a few representatives of the inclusive Episcopal Church for fears that, if they did, they would be in the midst of “a well-prepared camp of recruitment, blackmail, indoctrination and toxic relationship.” … Continue reading