On LGBTI rights in Asia, a picture of diversity amid intolerance

Thirteen countries in Asia have one thing in common: Each one has a law that prohibits same-sex intimacy. But otherwise they are remarkably diverse, ranging from tiny Maldives (population 350,000) to huge India (population 1.3 billion) with societies displaying a wide range of attitudes toward their LGBTI citizens. In some countries, such as India, many … Continue reading


New video of protest about 76+ countries’ anti-LGBT laws

A new video about last month’s B.Right.On Festival provides glimpses of the festival’s protest against the anti-homosexuality laws that are on the books in 76-plus countries. Organizer/poet/activist Vince Laws said an estimated 400 people attended the protest, with 100 to 140 of them standing under a “Banned” banner with their faces painted with the names … Continue reading