Anti-gay Cameroonians target LGBTI rights activists

During renewed national discussions of Cameroon’s anti-homosexuality law, anti-gay Cameroonians have targeted, threatened and harassed LGBTI rights advocates, some of whom were driven from their homes. Alternatives-Cameroon, the Douala-based advocacy organization that fights against Aids and for recognition of the human rights of LGBTI people, reported the harassment in a press release: Homosexuality in Cameroon: … Continue reading

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Isn’t distributing expired HIV drugs a sin?

“Giving people expired anti-retroviral therapies (ARVs) is haram, forbidden, sin.” That’s what  Ugandan researcher/ activist Stella Nyanzi wrote on Facebook after she visited an HIV-positive friend. Use of expired medications is one of the many deficiencies of current efforts to control HIV/Aids in Uganda.  It’s a problem that affects many who are HIV-positive, whether they … Continue reading