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  1. James
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    What a shame

  2. Darlene moskowicz
    Darlene moskowicz at |

    Homosexuality is sin against Almighty God. It is an abomination to Him. God says in the New Testament in the Book of Romans, Chapter 1, that it is unnatural and God has turned them over to their own evil devises and what they do in their perversion deserves death. In 1st Timothy Homosexuality is listed as those who do such things will not enter the KOG. In 1st Corinthians, Chapter 6, verse 9, Homosexuality is again listed as those who will not enter the KOG. In 1st Peter again same condemnation against homosexuality. This world needs to be destroyed. DaMN to all who partake of this abominable act as well as those that condone it; according to Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior of all. There is no Name above the Name of Jesus Christ that all people must be saved. So shame on all you legal freaks who determined it unconstitutional to ban same-sex unions since the Constitution was written by people of faith who used the Bible as the basis of God’s desire of holy living. Each of you who have joined the faggot movementioned are depraved and have become satan,s child. You cannot eat and drink of the Lords table and also satans. We are a fallen world. Please Lord come soon to destroy the wicked and make the new Heaven and earth for the few who shall enter your Kingdom. REPENT!

  3. Isabella
    Isabella at |

    Religion is something of private matter. No one have to be forced to follow religious dogmas o precepts. A democratic state must be totally secular. I am a trans woman and don’t give a shit to what you theocrats say. I don’t have to be forced to follow any bigoted religious dogma. You Christians and other Abrahamic religious people have done enough harm.


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