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    I don’t give fuck about if this man is a homosexual or not, he is a human being, and deserves as a human being to be respected for who he is and what he is! And that he claims to be a religious leader, his problem! When there is an African culture condemning homosexuality then that culture is sickening, backward and fit for being labeled as simply too stupid to be considered of any value! BUT, and history tells us, there is no African Culture that condemns homosexuality, there are only haters and scumbags who invented this so-called African Culture against homosexuality! Creatures who do nothing better then rape, blackmail and torture other people for what they are: human beings who are loving other people, nothing more and nothing less! African leaders who condemn homosexuality and persecute homosexual people are nothing more then idiots who lack knowledge, intelligence and awareness of facts! I even will go as far as saying that these so-called leaders are fakes, are instigators of hate, and most certainly they are the lowest of the lowest creatures around, who deserve nothing less then to be thrown out of their expensive palaces, back into the jungle were they belong! It is time that people in the western world become aware of these so-called leaders who abuse other human beings, and to end the aid to countries were homosexuality is still a crime! We are living in the 21st century, and we no longer live in times were monkeys ruled the world! Although some act as if they have not developed any further then being monkeys! Even the primates have been developing further then most of the African leaders! My opinion!


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