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  1. Master Adrian
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    Jungle-justice? I would rather say monkey-justice! Those who do these sort of things are having the brain development of monkeies and don’t deserve to be regarded as members of the human race, in my opinion! And yes, some may regard it is as discriminatory to refer to these retards as monkies, but when it is discriminatory to refer to them as such, what is it what they do? These sort of creatures discriminate against human beings who are doing nothing else then loving and caring for people of their own gender, while serving the country, while serving the community, while being upstanding members of society! Only because these retards are against same-sex love and equality they do the things as described in the article! Not because the people are criminals, have raped, or killed another person, simply because they love another person! I regard them as the lowest of the lowest, those creatures that claim to be Real Africans! I think it’s time to strike back at these creatures, to end our attempts of reaching out, of trying to reach compromises with authorities! My opinion!


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