Activist: Stop abusive anti-LGBTQ videos in Nigeria

Increasing numbers of videos showing mistreatment of LGBTQ Nigerians have been appearing on Nigerian websites, especially Gossip Mill. The Rev. Jide Macaulay, a Nigeria-born LGBTQ rights activist currently living in London, has called for an end to them.

Cropped scene from anti-LGBTI Nigerian video.

Cropped scene from anti-LGBTI Nigerian video.

Among the recent abusive videos are:

  • Muslim Man From Kano State Caught Pants Down Having Anal Sex With A Teenage Boy In Iruekpen Edo State Nigeria
  • Big fat fools were practising gay in Iruekpen
  • Nigerian Muslim Man With 4 Wives Picks Up A Beautiful Lady Along The Road And Takes Her Home For Sex Only To Find Out She Is A Man

Hyperlinks to those videos are deliberately omitted here.

Macaulay wrote this appeal, which urges action to stop the homophobic mistreatment of LGBTQ Nigerians and an end to the publication of videos showing those abuses taking place:

The Nigerian LGBTQ community are living daily in despair. These sad occurrences are becoming more prevalent and more boldly the attackers are recording and posting this on social media. This is a bid to send terror into the community.

Jungle justice not only affects the LGBTQ community but is often used when there is no accountability for law and order.

The Rev. Jide Macaulay

The Rev. Jide Macaulay

It is sad to say, but these incidents are crimes. Police and those who attack LGBTQ people feel justified in doing this, especially following the Same-Sex Marriage Prohibition Law and many oppressive religious messages that urge people wipe out gays.

Needless to say, this is clearly a breach of human rights. The government of Nigeria need to do more to preserve human rights and the dignity of its LGBTQ citizens.

These events are under investigation by the community. We are still trying to find the victims, hopefully alive.

Sadly, a majority of the victims in Nigeria do not wish to press charges, since they then could face public persecution. The terror against LGBTQ persons is unbelievable. Sadly there are no safe places or safe houses in Nigeria.

Macaulay’s LGBTQ-friendly church, the House of Rainbow, previously supported a safe house in Nigeria, but that location was closed because of a funding shortage.

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One thought on “Activist: Stop abusive anti-LGBTQ videos in Nigeria

  1. That “Jungle Justice” as a tool for punishment in Nigeria and “corrective punishment” in Uganda have even come into existence is disheartening. In the fight to end HIV we do not want the very communities which should erect institutions target HIV to instead abuse fellow human beings.


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