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Global LGBTI activists will meet, seek support in Berlin

Twenty LGBTI activists from around the world are scheduled to gather in Berlin, Germany, next week to develop strategies and seek support from 100 mostly Western business leaders and from each other. The activists were selected to appear June 11 at the First Mile Conference, organized by Uhlala GmbH, a technology company that has sponsored … Continue reading

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Church leader seeks Russian vote to outlaw gay sex

A leading official of the Russian Orthodox Church has proposed a national referendum on whether to again make gay sex a crime, as it was in Russia until 1993. The government-funded Russia Today network reported on the official statement from Vsevolod Chaplin, who leads the church’s department for relations with society: Vsevolod Chaplin maintains that … Continue reading

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Why do activists reject Russian LGBT strategy for Olympics?

WHOSE STRATEGY WILL PREVAIL: LOCALS’ OR FOREIGNERS’ Six months before the scheduled start of the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, opponents of Russia’s crackdown on LGBT people find themselves sharply divided over how to proceed. Boycott the Sochi games?  Move the games elsewhere? Or do what many Russian LGBT activists propose — take part in … Continue reading