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Marriage equality: Canadian church has it, will get more

Jamaican activist Maurice Tomlinson, whose same-sex marriage in Canada in 2011 forced him to flee Jamaica to become a Canadian resident, welcomes the acceptance of marriage equality by a large majority of members of the Anglican Church of Canada. At first, it seemed as though yesterday’s vote to establish full marriage equality throughout the Canadian … Continue reading


Jamaican Supreme Court stacks the deck against LGBT rights

The Jamaican Supreme Court dealt a setback last week to the lawsuit seeking to overturn Jamaica’s anti-LGBT sodomy law, blocking Jamaica’s LGBT-friendly Public Defender from participating in the suit, but opening it to nine conservative Christian groups. This press release from the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network makes the situation clear: Jamaican Supreme Court admits religious … Continue reading

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8 answers to 8 pointed questions gay men often hear

After a recent screening of “The Abominable Crime” film in Mandeville, Jamaica, an ally asked the following questions that I have had to answer repeatedly. You may have heard them yourself: Q. If you call Tom your “husband,” what does he call you? A. “Husband,” “partner” or “Maurice.” It depends. Q.  Why don’t you both … Continue reading

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Jamaican official’s appalling criticism of grieving Americans

I was appalled to read that Jamaica’s Attorney General, The Hon. Marlene Malahoo-Forte, Q.C., M.P., tweeted that the U.S. embassy was being “disrespectful of our laws” by flying the rainbow flag as a show of sympathy following the tragic shooting in Orlando. In one of the largest mass murders by gun in recorded U.S. history, … Continue reading


This must stop: Jamaican homophobia leads to 2 murders

Yesterday (May 26) Jamaica’s major newspaper, the Jamaica Gleaner, selected another anti-LGBTI piece written by a notorious evangelical Christian as its “Letter of the Day.”  Today, the same newspaper reported on the gruesome results of this homophobic crusade. Marsha Thomas is a member of the oddly named “Love March Movement,” which campaigns against human rights … Continue reading