This must stop: Jamaican homophobia leads to 2 murders

Yesterday (May 26) Jamaica’s major newspaper, the Jamaica Gleaner, selected another anti-LGBTI piece written by a notorious evangelical Christian as its “Letter of the Day.”  Today, the same newspaper reported on the gruesome results of this homophobic crusade. Marsha Thomas is a member of the oddly named “Love March Movement,” which campaigns against human rights … Continue reading

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Celebrating can ache: Canada, the Caribbean and IDAHOTB

Jamaican activist Maurice Tomlinson discusses the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia: Today I had the honour of delivering the keynote speech at the inaugural IDAHOTB Leadership Breakfast hosted by the Mayor of Toronto. I joined in celebrating the fact that this multicultural city has indeed become a sanctuary for many LGBTI activists from … Continue reading


Jamaica: Pride is personal, so come join us

For me, Montego Bay Pride is a personal affair for many reasons. You see, I grew up in this town, which was known as “the friendly city.” Our place as Jamaica’s tourism capital exposed Montegonians to very progressive ideas and we demonstrated remarkable tolerance for diversity. However, “thanks” to increasing homophobic rhetoric spread by evangelical … Continue reading


Canada can nudge Jamaica toward justice

KLIPPERT, KINGSTON AND COMMON-LAW KINSHIP Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has indicated that he will posthumously pardon Everett George Klippert for engaging in consensual sodomy.  Klippert’s 1965 conviction under the British-imposed anti-gay law and his subsequent life sentence as a sex offender led to a public outcry that caused Justin’s father, Pierre Trudeau (then Justice … Continue reading


Challenge to Jamaican anti-sodomy law gets under way

At the first hearing of my constitutional challenge to the Jamaican anti-sodomy law held today [Feb. 23], the Public Defender (PD) applied to be joined as an Interested Party. The PD is seeking to exercise her statutory right and obligation to protect and promote the rights of Jamaicans. [Editor’s note:  Jamaica’s Public Defender is Arlene … Continue reading