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  1. Alan
    Alan at |

    Lock up those Evil Christians animals.Those Homophobic gentiles.

  2. joy
    joy at |

    I would like to know what the Police or the minister doing about this. This bus should not be operating on the public road these people are animals.

  3. Jason williams
    Jason williams at |

    I went back to half way tree after being released from the hospital to return my malfunctional phone i saw the bus and started to panic and get tramatise never the less the police only caught one of the and two more to be Caught he was lieing to the police….. Contact for more info it long 876830-2579

  4. Trevor Williams
    Trevor Williams at |

    I am saddened by what I am reading. Why should a gay person, if indeed he is one, be set up on so brutally? It is not a case where he was trying to make a pass at someone. He merely boarded the bus. This savagery must stop. I condemn it in the strongest terms.

  5. Tamika Douglas
    Tamika Douglas at |

    I pray that you recover fully from your assault. They need to be arrested and punished. Stay strong and God Bless

  6. Sandra
    Sandra at |

    Jamaican are vicious sets of animals, they think people should live up to their expectations, half of jamaican population are uneducated, what a brutality, justice must serve.

  7. Paulette Greene
    Paulette Greene at |

    Wow! These are the reasons many of us long to return home to build Jamaica with the skills we have learned abroad but; with no accountability, there is no way we are willing to come live among savages.

  8. Paulette Hergus
    Paulette Hergus at |

    Sorry this happened to you Jason. People who are so homophobic are themselves struggling with their own sexuality and feel threatened by you: They think you may bring out their own sexual needs and desires.

  9. Ava
    Ava at |

    Jamaica isn’t safe for no LGBTQ. We are beating, rap and killed and they hide it

  10. George Mattis
    George Mattis at |

    What do Christians have to do with what happened? What’s your problem with Christian? Cant, you see the reality of what took place? Please show sympathy by giving a word of encouragement to the young man and leave church people alone.


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