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  1. Dewitt Green
    Dewitt Green at |

    what a damn shame. the Jamaican government should be condemned for allowing this kind of inhumanity and brutality against a group of people who can’t help who they are. They can’t pray the gay away. Shame on you Jamaica for being complicit in denying your people their basic human rights and dignity.

  2. naseberry47
    naseberry47 at |

    Disgraceful!!! Totally unacceptable!!! But what is even worse is the refusal of the hotel authorities to take action. This needs to be properly publicized. Dwight, what legal steps are being taken?

  3. CJ
    CJ at |

    Attempt once again to make contact with the hotel management. Write a formal letter. Call. Go to the local news media. I would be happy to help with that part of it. There are lots of people who would be interested in hearing Pegasus’ position on this matter and would make decisions about their patronage accordingly. There are other hotels in Kingston to support. Keep a cool head and be strategic. Chin up guys!

  4. Jonathan
    Jonathan at |

    Leave a review on their Google profile. Tell them and the world of their inaction and bigotry.


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