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  1. Master Adrian
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    Anti-Gay religious leaders have lost their way, because there is no intention to do anything about the anti-Homosexual laws……….

    First of all, anti-Gay religious leaders never had a way, they are only the laughing stock of the world! A sad joke I admit, and a dangerous joke because the ones following their so-called guidance are so utterly stupid that they don’t see the joke played on them by these frauds and self-proclaimed gods do what they are told by these jokers! Seems to me that those following these jokers should all be locked up in mental institutions, simply because they seem to be having lesser intellect of a microbe! Even microbes know that an individual who loves another individual is perfect!

    Secondly, and a more serious thing, by the reaction to the religious “leaders” it becomes clear that the fight against the anti-homosexual laws is not over, not for a long time! “There is no intention of changing the anti-Homosexual laws” means that there is no chnage in the way of thinking on the part of the legislation, the lawmakers and or the government! All anti-Homosexual laws and regulations are obviously remaining the same, and all legal discriminations against individuals who love another individual remain active! One would have expected that at least those who are supposed to have brain development better then a microbe would know that homosexuality is something as normal as heterosexuality, but alas…. seems that even those who are supposed to lead a country towards prosperity and progress are too stupid and too low on the scale of intelligence that they can be thrown into the same barrel as the so-called religious “leaders”!
    Sad, sad!
    All that remains is to all stand up and demand retraction of the anit-Homosexual laws and regulations, or all highly educated will leave the country, and the morons will only be able to rule on their equals!
    What a world, what a country!


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