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  1. Adrian
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    What a strange argument that lead council for the AG uses…… “the court has to uphold the law, regardless of what the law it is”……… If and when that be true and fact, then the laws as installed by the pre-UK laws were to be in place still also! Laws that gave access to piracy, laws that allowed and permitted selling of slaves, laws that stem from times Trinidad did not exist as Trinidad!
    Laws that are to be upholded by the courts are laws that respect the rights of the people living on Trinidad, privacy rights and equality of people, democratic laws that respect the rights of all people living! Trinidad is party to several international treties, part of several international organizations that have laws and rules that subject the people of Trinidad to democratic regulations, not laws that exclude certain people of generally acknowledged and accepted rules, like marriage of one person to another person out of love, not because of a certain religion! It is generally accepted that sexual orientation is a matter of privacy, and that a human being loving another human is also a matter of privacy!
    Laws based on a certain religion that discriminate against a certain group because of their sexual orientation are discriminatory, and are to be taken from the books! And it are the courts to decide on and about these laws, to judge if these laws are right or wrong, in 2018!

  2. Frank McMullan
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    So, no law should ever be challenged, because the law is the law? I understood one of the purposes of the judicial branch of government in a democracy was to apply checks and balance controls on the legislature or the presidency when, for whatever reason, it goes too far. Otherwise, Donald Trump, for instance could do absolutely what he likes – as opposed to the many curtailments that the judiciary has put on many of his excesses so far. There is hope…


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