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    I am sorry, and no, I am not the forgiving type, I think the “mother” behaved as an animal and should be treated as such!
    Yes, Ades would be welcomed back when he would return, but for what? For “mother” to profit from him, when he’s getting a good job? And when he doesn’t do what she wants, beat him up again, or worse, blackmail him with being gay, so she gets her way? That “mother” does not deserve a son!
    And “father”…… sitting by and watching, doing nothing and watching his wife beating up their son! One word: a coward!
    Having found what a “cudgel” is (google), that animal, aka “mother”, probably has hit her son with the thing so hard, that he probably is seriosuly wounded, and may have died from his wounds!
    As said, I am not of the forgiving type! I detest people who oppose equality for all, but demand they themselves be treated like others! I can not stand individuals who, on whatever ground, deny other people the rights they themselves claim and enjoy! The fact that this “mother” treats her son the way she did because she violated his privacy (according to the article Ades is 28 yoa!), and found out he’s having a loving relation with a man, makes her, in my opinion at least, loose all rights to any respect! She knew that Ades was timid and would not defend himself, she probably killed her son, simply because he did not do like she wished, getting a gril pregnant and marry her, and thus she beats him up, probably wounding him so badly that he’s dead!
    To be honest, I hope she is found out, and put on trial for murdering a human being, her son, and gets the harshest punishement possible!
    My opinion!


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