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  1. Master Adrian
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    On the one hand it is a set-back that the government will appeal the court’s decision, on the othe rhand, when the case is ending before the highest court possible, and the decisions is upheld that the articles referred to are indeed unconstitutional when and were it concerns adult consenting adults. the matter of sex between same-sex consenting adults is settled, and no one can argue against it anymore! The legal path can be long, but the end can be victorious, especially now there’s been a court decision declaring the relevant articles are unconstitional!

  2. doni
    doni at |

    Their economy is dead anyway…This should a warning to all LGBTQ not too spend money for the government to pocket.

  3. Master Adrian
    Master Adrian at |

    It probably is me, and I am probaly missing out on some parts of the facts, but I fail to see the connection between the economic state of Trinida and the totally outdated law on preventing equality for all human beings in Trinidad, especially were the given info is to the courtcase and the appeal!
    Do enlighten me, I like to know what you mean!
    In my opinion, but it is ofcourse only that, an opinion, when there be equality for LGBTQ+, or at least decriminalisation of same-sex relations, including sexual relations, based on the fact of the prevention or continuing criminalisation of such relations being unconstitutional, there be a possible increase of trade, tourists, as well as for instance the development of a market for gay-tourists. When people are feeling free, they spend money more easier then when they are oppressed.
    Main purpose at the moment is to achieve the decriminalisation of being homosexual I think, and once that is a fact, the wholoe situation can and will change!
    But ofcourse, this is just my opinion.


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