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  1. Anna
    Anna at |

    Its so sad and heart breaking fellas are getting trumor from this bad treatment in the kakuma camp they end up hating who they are and hurt them selves due to brutality of people in the camp we exist we know now but we are not safe I don’t even know the right reasons but it’s so sad that it has got to this

  2. Dewitt Green
    Dewitt Green at |

    The cruelty inflicted on the gay citizens of many African countries is sickening, disgusting, and ungodly. How dare you treat your citizens by beatings, intimidation, rejection, and killing. No matter how you decide to mistreat your gay citizens, you will never be able to change their sexual orientation. It is innate and fixed. And it can’t be prayed away. Don’t you know they themselves have spent years praying and it hasn’t changed anything. Don’t you all understand that humanity is very diverse. Homosexuality exist in every society across the world globe just like heterosexuality. It has existed since time immemorial . It was practice in ancient civilizations and during Christ’s existence on earth. As Christians. jesus demands us to love one another and to treat all of his creations with respect and understanding. The mistreatment that is bestow on your homosexual population I s downright criminal and unchristian and ungodly. As I said earlier, the homosexual orientation is innate and is chosen nor can it be changed. Why would someone choose a behavior that relegates them to a life of hate, inequality, disdain, violence, rejection from family and friends, discrimination, second class citizenship, religious condemnation, and death by murder. Africa will never be a world class civilization until it understands the importance of the contributions each of its citizens whether gay or straight, black or white, rich or poor, literate or illiterate, and Christian and non-Christian.

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  6. Amara Toure
    Amara Toure at |

    Very touching knowing that not all of us are blessed to come through this. Myself being a gay black Muslim claiming asylum in UK was rejected February this year , after going through dark time depression anxiety trying suicide and my mental health. But God blesses me Friday 23 May when I had called from my solicitor Arona @ AronaStJames telling me that the home office has withdrawn their decision and I’m granted refugee status. My life has total change.
    We LGBTQ’s community need support and love. 🙏🙏


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