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  1. Doming0 A Torres
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    Facebook entry Mumba’s Shameful Rulings on Gay couples.11.37 AM 12.06.2019

    This is the same old and backyard story in this country that has a sadomasochist ideology, which associates the private bedroom sexual activities of two consenting adults and making them a criminal act which is fundamentally not so. However, there are crimes associated with sexual activities, whether they be heterosexual or homosexual.

    Apart from religious doctrine, nature who is in our material; reality is the dominating force, that creates aberrant off-springs in animals, plant life and even insects and our whether and our planet’s terrestrial and atmospheric behavior. The conscious awareness of these facts puts into perspective, that mankind is no differently affected. We have men who are born with female and male organs and females that have male organs at the same time. In an uneducated society, people consider these things as taboos and freaks of nature.

    Nevertheless, it is what is and no one has ever had the control to stop these things from happening. The point of the matter is that human tolerance and compassion are much more honorable in accepting the differences of others which is key in a peaceful and loving world. Anything apart from that knowledge brings hate and fear to that society and what follows is the revenge, resentment, and vengeance of violent and warlike conflicts.

    Apart from criminal activity, such as bribery, fraud, deception, theft, and murder, etc., what happens between two consenting adults in the bedroom is between them and God and no one else, whether they be government or religion they should not get involved in persecuting them as a crime. It is an abuse and an act of hatred which has no place in a civilized society. Such countries that do this to their own offspring should not be accepted as part of the commercial business world or global political scene, where there are highly intelligent gay people working in trade and government positions.

  2. Master Adrian
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    The Zambian interpretations of christian values and norms are sickening, outdated and backward! It are the personal interpretations of individuals, not that of the original faith! Also, know that no one knows what the original language of the christian faith was aramees, and not english, or any other language, and as translations were created, a lot went missing from the original! Lawmakers in the 21st century have no clue as to what was written centuries ago! Also know that the bible was written, compiled 3 centuries after jesus lived, so… go figure!


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