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  1. Charles Smith
    Charles Smith at |

    I have personally experienced the “sell out for a dollar” that the contributor points to, I know all too well the pedagogy of the oppressed and I see it here. Though the First Lady may not have ‘well-word’ her statements her singular action has set into motion game changing events that if the sontributor were not so engrossed in spinning her own self serving interest ‘being the heroine’. The winds of Change are blowing I wish Zambia’s so called gay leaders or Human Rights defenders really knew what time it is. We have had enough of the likes of you lying to the world and fueling trouble at home hoping to seek asylum.

    1. Zambian
      Zambian at |

      I am a little lost here, what game changing events have been set into motion? As far as I know and I live in Zambia too, there is nothing positive which came out of that statement. I totally agree with the article, she did put a blanket over the gay issue and clearly, it has worked. Please educate me, what has changed? From the information I have, MSM is no longer on the list of key populations. Is that the change you are talking about? Let us not attack each other without knowing what is happening on the ground because we will be the ones to lose.


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