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  1. Master Adrian
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    Firstly, I wonder hwow long it will take the Zambian government to declare the ambassador from the US a Persona non Grata, and demand his leaving!

    Secondly, mr. Lungu, president of Zambia, tells the US Ambassador to not be “disrespectfull to Zambian cultural and socail values”. Well, let ME tell the President of Zambia that as long as certain groups of the Zambian community are being sentenced to imprisonment for being homosexual the Zambian cultural and social values ARE to be disrespected! They stink, they are rotten, they are totally disrespectfull towards the human race, and a total disgrace for any country referring to itself as civlised!

    Thirdly, by claiming that homosexuality is un-natural and does not exist in nature, mr. Lungu shows having a very low braincell-development (not uncommon to non-educated idiots, and also shows his backwardness as a human being!

    Mr. Lungu should start behaving like Jesus, welcoming the people oppressed, and embrace the principles of being a real christian, instead of being the promotor of liars, cheaters, blasphemists and creatures that rape Zambian children! Oh wait, probably mr. Lungu is one of those who committs the atrocity of abusing chidlren, like the ones he support and promotes do in the name of their god!


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