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  1. Drew
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    This guy is an idiot to say what he has said. What school did he attend that would teach their own science of what they believe, versus science that is available for many years. You can google and learn more than this guy learned in his educational process, but then, maybe the books are cooked to promote some agenda that is not science. Just because he did not any homosexuals in his tribal area, does not mean it didn’t exist out of fear of consequences. History also proves there were homosexual. The sad thing is that so many uneducated people will believe and follow his theory, and create more health problems for all people in his country. You can’t stop sexual contact between people as the sexual urge is second to hunger. Who will he blame when the numbers rise to epidemic portion of HIV/Aids ? Homosexual men will still have same sex, and bring it home to a wife who they marry because it hides their sexuality to the public for acceptance and non discrimination.. So Sad there are so many people in this world like him.


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