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Zambia: 2nd arrest in 2 days for gay couple

Zambia: 2nd arrest in 2 days for gay couple

Two Zambian men were re-arrested on homosexuality charges today after they were arrested and then released on police bond yesterday on the same charges.

The Zambian government news service said that James Mwape and Philp Mubiana, both age 21, were rearrested and denied bail after “they were found in the act again” and would face additional charges.

Standwell Lungu, commissioner of police for Zambia’s Central Province, said medical tests proved that the men had engaged in sex.

He said, “We have revoked police bond and rearrested the two men for again engaging in the act which they were arrested on in the first place. They will remain in custody until they appear in court … We have given them more counts,” The Guardian reported.

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