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  1. Love is love.
    Love is love. at |

    It’s about time that Grenada joins the 21st century and embraces all people as equals.

  2. Anderson Farray
    Anderson Farray at |

    Which dog or cat , horse or pig is gay or same sex and how will they multiply ?
    Is it morally ethical to live this way ?
    I think that all the people on earth who wants to live a life that spread the most sexual transmitted diseases together with all dangerous carriers that intend to spread and kill the world with what they think is normal for only them should be given a cheap journey to a place where they they can have their own world with no children to infest and indoctrinate to grow and think with the wrong sexual taught that kills all society with their unbelievable thinking of their own kind.
    Powerful people like king James and the Gay association should of form their own Gay country and leave our world as it is with opposite sex and stop attacking victims with their criminal intentions.


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