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  1. Martin Unabi
    Martin Unabi at |

    This write up especially the open letter to HE.Paul Biya denotes,we need a change,we need to see how the world’s evolving and pay attention to peoples right now and always.Atoh,sir,it beats my reasoning,why only 3 attorneys can stand tall to see human rights is in all facets of society of Cameroon.Sir more grease to your arms.The international community is seeing your own personal efforts on LGBT rights and others.kudos

  2. Awal
    Awal at |

    We are also victim’s of same circumstances . i have been tortouch so many times for same sex activity i now live abroad where i am safe to carry out my activity without any threat .

  3. Hilary Chin
    Hilary Chin at |

    God says no to same sex business.And so be it


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