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    A terrible turn of events in Cameroon…

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    In as much i appreciate the good job our attorney is doing to liberate a human soul, I will like to support through psychological evaluation and awareness to the court on understanding the biological, social and disease concept of gender dysphoria referred to in the past as gender identity disorder. In a nutshell, it is a mental health situation that needs to be addressed and victim be referred for treatment rather than imprisonment. Please I am willing to make that case as well as offer the victim a free comprehensive psychological evaluation and treatment plan as well as give some psychoeducation to the court that may lead to victim being referred for treatment at centre jamot under my arrangements with colleagues on the ground and psycho intervention strategies. To contact me is easy. Go to facebook and type Association of Psychological and Psychiatric Services for Cameroon (APPSCAM). It has just been recently legalized by territorial administration in Douala and now undergoing final legalization by public health. It is our wish that we open doors this 2016.


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