Gay youth now homeless in Nigeria after entrapment

By Mike Daemon

Stripped by his attackers, nervously awaiting a beating, Abraham stands naked in Bola's house on Dec. 12. (Photo courtesy of No Strings)
Stripped by his attackers, nervously awaiting a beating, Abraham stands naked in Bola’s house on Dec. 12. (Photo courtesy of No Strings)

The mother of a Nigerian homosexual man who was trapped, beaten and outed by a gang in Port Harcourt claims that she did not expel her son from the family home, but believes that his father did.

The son, now homeless, is depressed and on edge, but says he is relying on God to come to his rescue and also to change him. He hopes to move 225 kilometers inland from Port Harcourt to Enugu, where an aunt has offered to take him in.

The young man, Abraham, was the victim of an entrapment scheme on Dec. 12. I reported on this blog that the young man was invited home by another young man, Bola, who lured him to his house, then contacted friends to come and beat him up. Click here for the full podcast and here for the previous account on this blog.

That previous article stated:

Abraham said he is not out to his parents and that he fears that, if they find out he is gay, they might reject him.

That is exactly what happened, in fact. Bola turned Abraham over to his parents, and they promptly chased him out of their house. Abraham is now living on the streets of Port Harcourt.

A few days after the incident, I followed leads to where Abraham lived, confirmed that he was no longer at home and there I met a Nigerian woman who looked to be between the ages of 40 and 45.  She confirmed that she is Abraham’s mother.

Before coming out of the window, she peeped through the window with a look of surprise on her face. She quickly came out with her eyes wide open, but refused to open the gate. When I asked about her son’s whereabouts she said that after the incident:

“When [Abraham] came back with the father, he just quietly went into the room and packed his things.”

“I asked him where he was going to, but he said, ‘I do not know.’ ”

When I asked her whether she and Abraham’s father had chased him away, she responded:

“I think it was the father that did not want him around again. I think he was seriously disappointed.

“[Abraham] has been doing this for a long time. … It wasn’t too long ago that his best friend left the house in anger, complaining that he did not want to see him again.

“His father has been crying since last night.”

She said she does not have Abraham’s phone number.

I asked Bola for Abraham’s telephone number. He provided it, saying that he should be paid. “Make sure I also get some cash for trapping this young man for you. Here is the number,” Bola said.

I called Abraham, who told me:

“God wants to do great things with my life and the devil is trying to bring me down. I owe Him all the glory. Now supposing I was taken to the police and from there to prison, what would I have done?”

Abraham confirmed that he is currently homeless, so he sleeps at a market after it closes for the day.

“I know God will help me out of this situation and change me,” he said.

He further stated “I do not want anyone to find me, I only need my God. I know this is a very difficult time and the devil is testing me, but I will survive this.

“Please do not give my number or reveal my details to anyone, I only want to travel to Enugu to live with my auntie. She has been inviting me over, but I have always refused to go, maybe it is just time I go there.”

He agreed to meet me, though he was afraid to talk in person. He kept looking around to see if I had brought other people with me. He looked confused, devastated, and miserable.

No Strings is not an NGO of any sort, and is currently not affiliated with any, and so therefore, does not have the resources to provide shelter for LGBTIQ homeless people in Nigeria, and does not know of any NGO in Port Harcourt that could help this young man out of his situation. But if someone raises money for him, he might be able to travel to Enugu.

To listen to my conversation with Abraham’s mother, visit that recent episode of the No String podcasts.


For more information, listen to the latest No Strings podcast. It’s titled “Mother of Nigerian Homosexual Son Who Got Outed A Few Days Ago In Port Harcourt Says ‘I Didn’t Chase Him Away, I Think The Father Did. ”

The No Strings podcasts, which can be streamed or downloaded, provide a voice for the LGBTIQ community in  Nigeria; they are the first of their kind in Nigeria. They are presented in the form of a traditional radio program that  chronicles the struggles, tells the stories, and reports on issues affecting the lives of LGBTIQ Nigerians.

Written by Colin Stewart

Colin Stewart is a 45-year journalism veteran living in Southern California. He is the president of the St. Paul’s Foundation for International Reconciliation, which supports LGBTQ+ rights advocacy journalism, Erasing 76 Crimes. Contact him at [email protected]


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