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Nigerian film maker: ‘Yes! You can be an LGBTIQ Christian’

Elizabeth Funke Obisanya on the No Strings podcast.

Elizabeth Funke Obisanya on the No Strings podcast. (Click on the image to hear her.)

“Yes! You can be an LGBTIQ Christian,” says Elizabeth Funke Obisanya on a No Strings podcast.

No Strings, which provides a voice for LGBT Nigerians, interviewed her about faith and sexuality, including her personal experiences as an LGBTIQ minister and film maker.

She is  best known as the screenwriter and producer of the short film “Magda’s Lesbian Lover,” also known as “Magda’s Lesbian Love.”  The film has been shown at many film festivals in the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany.

A scene from "Magda's Lesbian Lover." Click the image to watch a trailer for the film. (Photo courtesy of British Council)

A scene from “Magda’s Lesbian Lover.” Click the image to watch a trailer for the film. (Photo courtesy of British Council)

The Internet Movie Database describes three versions of the film — an original 29-minute one in Swedish and English, “Min Mamma alska Lesbiska”; an English version in which “Magda’s conflict with her homosexuality is seen more and her faith questioned,” and an eight-minute version consisting of “the beginning story – the coming of age.”

The podcast can be streamed or downloaded.

To provide needed financial support for the No Strings podcast, visit its Indiegogo fundraising page.

For future podcasts, visit the No Strings podcast website.

33 thoughts on “Nigerian film maker: ‘Yes! You can be an LGBTIQ Christian’

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    • Accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour. you see before the New dispensation the LGBTI community with other communities were non persons under the Law of Moses infact death was the penalty for the LGBTI person. Well JEsus paid that penalty price of Death and then abolished the old system and established a new. Colossians 2:14, Hebrews 10:9


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