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New Year’s optimism for threatened LGBT Nigerians

Nigerian LGBT rights activist Davis Mac-Iyalla contributed this New Year’s message at a time when the Nigerian Senate has voted for a harsh anti-gay bill and urged President Goodluck Jonathan to sign it into law: I am feeling very positive that Nigeria President Goodluck Jonathan might not signed the draconian Same Sex Marriage Prohibition Bill … Continue reading


London protest would link Sochi, world’s anti-gay laws

Best wishes to artist/activist Vince Laws, who hopes to stage another face-paint protest of 76-plus countries’ anti-gay laws — this time in London in February during the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, where the crackdown on LGBT people continues.  His proposal on Facebook: I’d like to create BANNED in London in February 2014 to coincide … Continue reading


Gay in Cameroon: Police accuse blackmail victim

This article is also available  en français.   Police in Cameroon this week turned on an LGBT man who sought their help after he was assaulted by an extortionist/blackmailer, according to the anti-AIDS pro-human-rights group Alternatives-Cameroon. Instead of pressing charges against the extortionist/blackmailer, Alternatives-Cameroon said, police accused the victim of violating Cameroon’s anti-homosexuality law and … Continue reading


Uganda school targets 22 students in anti-gay push

While Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni considers whether to sign the harsh Anti-Homosexuality Bill recently passed by parliament, a Ugandan secondary school has expelled nearly two dozen female students for alleged involvement in same-sex relationships. The Ugandan Daily Monitor reported: Iganga school expels 22 students over lesbianism IGANGA- Twenty two students have been expelled for allegedly … Continue reading


Hostility greets Nigerian LGBT rights advocate

Nigerian LGBT rights activist Davis Mac-Iyalla, currently in the United Kingdom, is working hard to persuade other Nigerians of the wrongheadedness of the “Jail the Gays Bill,” which the Nigerian Senate has passed and asked Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan to sign. But depressingly widespread support for that bill was apparent in the silence and hostility … Continue reading