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  1. nwachukwujoshua
    nwachukwujoshua at |

    As a NIgerian, i think this law does not only represent the sentiments of religious leaders as purported by Davis Mac-lyalla, it also represents the views of majority of Nigerians who think that homosexual activites are repugnant to nature.
    A question for Davis Mac-lyalla, if the law is not necessary why are you asking the president not to sign the law. this law is to prevent homosexuals from asking for marriage tomorrow
    Mind you we don’t hate homosexuals, we love them but we hate those homosexaul tendencies. and we want them to change, and really they can and should change.
    i join David Mark our senate president in calling the president to sign this bill quickly, it will not make him a human right abuser, rather it will make him a human right presever

    1. Hilary
      Hilary at |

      Great response. I especially liked how you mentioned that homosexuals can change.
      But they don’t believe they can do it. We need normal people like you to turn gay to demonstrate to the homosexuals that they can change, easily!


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