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  1. Rev. Gilbert H. Caldwell
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    The first thing I read as I opened my computer in the beginning hours of 2014 was the report
    of The Rev. Canon Albert Ogle of the significant work of the St. Paul’s Foundation as it addressed
    the justice struggles of lgbt persons in the USA and throughout the world. It is an amazing and
    informative “read”. The Rev. Canon Ogle reminds us that in 2013 while considerable progress
    was made in the USA and Europe re; the rights of lgbt persons and same sex couples, “…the
    losses (in Africa and elsewhere) outweighed our gains.” I am a United Methodist clergyman.The
    founding spirit of Methodism was John Wesley. Wesley said of the Church, “The world is our parish”. The worldwide work of the St. Paul’s Foundation is living testimony to the meaning of John Wesley’s words.

    I was first made aware of the Foundation when I became one of the African American clergypersons who appeared in the film, “Love Heals Homophobia”, a film financed by the
    Foundation. One of my New Year’s wishes for 2014 is that there will be increased support for
    the Foundation, financial and otherwise from persons and institutions throughout the world who
    understand its importance. We heard in the USA these words years ago; “Making the world
    safe for democracy.” (paraphrase), If the world is not made safe for lgbt persons, democracy
    will be no more than a word without meaning. Thank you Canon Ogle for your report.


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