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    So sad that people feel the need to judge. I’d like to know more about the person before writing them off because of a sexual preference that doesn’t affect me.

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    Ethiopia has been proud and independent from time immemorial, from the pathetic attempts at western domination AND perverted influence. Stay out of our country, you are not welcome.

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    Every man has the right to practice his sexuallity in a civilized nation just let them be who they are, what they doing might be seen as evil but we should not hate on them, kill them, hit them they still gods child instead of showing them hate we should advise them make them aware what they doing is not acceptable in God eyes and help them to get back on God given sexuallity if the are willing to get back God bless them if they don’t it’s there loss, at least you tried so people let’s stop hatred, you can’t fight fire with fire keep that in mind


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