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    Let me start by saying that I am in no way defending what is going on Uganda with regard to LGBTs.


    “The defendants are not accused of violating the Anti-Homosexuality Act of 2014, which was in effect from its signing in February until the Constitutional Court overturned it on procedural grounds on Aug. 1.”

    The AHA was never completely ready for use. Yes, it was assented to in Feb, but was not gazetted for another month or so. Then there were reports that some procedures or guidelines had to be sorted before it could be wheeled out. Finally, it was killed by the Constitutional Court. Why does the LGBT media always refer to the AHA in LGBT prosecutions, because they are/were all being done under the old legislation. That is to say, there was never a prosecution started using the AHA.

    Question: was anyone ever even charged under the AHA?


    Question, really: How many convictions have there been in Uganda for consensual same-sex acts? I suspect there has been not a single one, but readily agree that I could be wrong.

    3. “the state prosecutor was not in court because her child was sick … so the case was adjourned to Sept. 22.” ie 4 weeks later.

    That is so absurd that I believe it. I hope that the accused are on bail, and not remanded in custody. It would be helpful to tell us if reporting on this case again


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