Tanzania’s anti-gay crackdown now targets AIDS programs

Tanzania’s anti-gay crackdown now targets AIDS programs

Tanzania is intensifying its denial of health care for LGBTI citizens in the wrong-headed belief that doing so will reduce homosexuality. Late last month, Tanzania’s health minister announced the suspension of HIV/AIDS prevention programs for gay men. Without such programs, a higher rate of HIV infection is likely among men who have sex with men, … Continue reading


To learn how to prevent and treat HIV/AIDS, check these out

Information on HIV HIV Basics http://www.catie.ca/en/basics/hiv-and-aids HIV Prevention http://www.catie.ca/en/prevention Protecting Yourself and Others Safer sex and safer drug use Sexual Health and Safer Sex Positive Prevention Safer Drug Use and Harm Reduction Testing to find out if you have HIV HIV Testing and Diagnosis Information primarily for people living with HIV Living with HIV – … Continue reading

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Seeking LGBTI rights in Trinidad, finding them in Canada

Advocacy on behalf of LGBTI residents of Trinidad and Tobago is a heartfelt concern of Trinidad activist David D.K. Soomarie, currently visiting Canada. While in Toronto, Soomarie took part in a public discussion of the struggle for LGBTI rights in his native country and joined a protest seeking recognition of the human rights of LGBTI … Continue reading

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Russia hampers AIDS battle, Ugandans fight on

In countries where anti-LGBT legislation has increased, activists and health workers report difficulties in providing HIV treatment and prevention services to key populations. In Russia, officials blacklisted the country’s leading HIV NGOs as ‘foreign agents’ engaged in political activity. That label prevents groups from receiving funds and could lead to organizations shutting down all activity. That news item and … Continue reading

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Zimbabwe prisons, Pakistan arrests, Belize delay

In Zimbabwe, National Assembly Speaker Jacob Mudenda told Parliament that homosexuality in prisons should no longer be ignored as it spreads HIV and TB. He said that Zimbabweans are “too shy” to talk about the high rate of homosexuality in the country’s prisons, which are overcrowded and a breeding ground for diseases like tuberculosis.  He … Continue reading


Seeking to limit gay sex, Tanzania bans lubricants

Tanzania is cracking down on import and sales of sexual lubricants on the theory that, without them, homosexuality will decrease, Agence France-Press reports. It’s a misguided idea that’s likely to make matters worse in the fight against HIV / Aids. As the AIDS Foundation of Chicago states about both homosexual and heterosexual intercourse: “Using condoms … Continue reading


Jamaican Supreme Court stacks the deck against LGBT rights

The Jamaican Supreme Court dealt a setback last week to the lawsuit seeking to overturn Jamaica’s anti-LGBT sodomy law, blocking Jamaica’s LGBT-friendly Public Defender from participating in the suit, but opening it to nine conservative Christian groups. This press release from the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network makes the situation clear: Jamaican Supreme Court admits religious … Continue reading