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  1. Fral Rigue
    Fral Rigue at |

    We hope that Guyana and the rest of the Caribbean countries that still have laws that criminalize homosexual relations in the region repeal those laws. Stop homophobia in Guyana!

  2. VR Gaming
    VR Gaming at |

    Hello, I hope that this does not happen. I believe that the person has the right to choose how to live. Usually the position of homosexuals in our society is not to be envied. But there was a period when I was so tired of relationships with “the wrong guys,” that I really wanted to quit this gimp, become a lesbian, and finally heal a happy family with a man who truly understands me, beloved best friend. Fortunately, there were a lot of happy same-sex families in our circle, and both of us were terribly jealous. Good luck!


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