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  1. lindymiles
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    I am appalled that the pastor and young man were murdered. Genuine Christians do not act like this. These people are judging, condeming, and executing when only God should be the judge. Real Christians display love and compassion. Homophobic people need to be educated about the science of sexual orientation.

    1. Lenworth Poyser
      Lenworth Poyser at |

      At times I second guessed myself, if my decision to not go to my grandmas funeral was me being paranoid. But after reading this, I guess not. I’m sorry Maurice, even if we haven’t met I stand next to you in solidarity. It means a lot to me that you share this story, because I’ve beat myself up alot this year for not having the courage to go. I didn’t know this is something we all have to deal with

    TRINTY at |

    These lies about Jamaica and Jamaicans NEED to STOP!! There are gay people roaming ALL OVER Jamaica. In fact, just like in the rest of the world, most of them are in the top echelon of society and make decisions for the masses. The problem is that homosexuals want to ensure that ALL people agree with them in every aspect. They are TOTALITARIAN AND BELIEVE IN DICTATORSHIP. No one sees a problem with this man saying that he will chose a “sexual partner” over his own mother. I forgot, only gay people and white people have the right to condemn others….How come it’s not a universal thought process that only GOD can judge black people??…Every single day white nations decide that Black People should be tortured, marginalized and suffer economic consequences for being black. HYPOCRITES!!! THE PROBLEM IS THAT PERVERTS RUN THE WORLD.


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