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  1. aowings1
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    For a country that is 3rd world, and has many problems with poverty and other issues, seems to me they would be concentrating on things that are more important to the people as a whole, and not waste time and efforts on what two consenting adults do in the privacy of their own bedroom… No wonder they are backwards and a Third World Country and will stay there until they realize equal rights for all is what makes their country prosperous and great, by removing judgments, hate and discrimination for all people.

  2. Tanzania: 12 arrests for allegedly ‘promoting homosexuality’ | 76 CRIMES

    […] Tanzanian police said Wednesday they had arrested 12 men, including two South Africans and a Ugandan, for presumed homosexuality as part of an ongoing crackdown against gays. [But later, on Oct. 20, activists said that a total of 13 people were arrested, including three lawyers and their clients. See “Tanzania cries ‘homosexuality’ to block health-care lawsuit.”] […]

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    […] Tanzania cries ‘homosexuality’ to block health-care lawsuit  Erasing 76 Crimes […]

  4. Gloria Castrillon
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    Release all of them now!

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    […] Protests outside the Tanzanian High Commission in South Africa and many other online appeals to “#FreeTanzania13 NOW!” including ones from the South African Human Rights Commission and from CHESLA and Human Rights Watch. […]

  6. Tanzania deports 3 anti-AIDS lawyers for ‘promoting homosexuality’ | 76 CRIMES

    […] Tanzania cries ‘homosexuality’ to block health-care lawsuit (October 2017, 76crimes.com) […]

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