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  1. democracynow2017
    democracynow2017 at |

    May the Lord Israel bri g the 7 plagues that befallen on the land of Pharoah into the homes of ministers like Pinnock.
    Evil false Christians will bare the full force of the Lord’s hand.

  2. Domingo A Torres
    Domingo A Torres at |

    These people have nothing better to do, but to bring hatred and division into the hearts of the parents of the children of Africa. They lie to gain fame amongst those who betray their gay offsprings which is the intention of the beast, so they will have murder and blood on their hands. These are the same kind of people who made slaves of the black Africans in here in the USA. They held the Bible in their hands as they murdered black people, for just being black and now they are going after the gay people in Africa. There is no love in their heart, but use it to disguise their actual hatred for humanity.

  3. doni
    doni at |

    It is she, the true hand of evil…Not to mention, probable embezzlement through this organization


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