Cameroon activist released by police probing LGBT murder

Police in Cameroon have released activist Michel Engama, financial officer of the LGBT-rights and anti-AIDS organization Camfaids (Cameroonian Foundation for AIDS). He had been detained along with a colleague on the basis of testimony that they had been in a night spot with Eric Lembembe, the executive director of Camfaids, on the evening of July … Continue reading


76+ painted faces protest 76+ countries’ anti-gay laws

British poet-activist Vince Laws has again turned a spotlight on the 76-plus countries where homosexuality is illegal, painting the faces of 85 volunteers with those countries’ names before an audience of about 200. His performance-art protest, called “Banned,” was presented at the launch of the Pride Without Prejudice art exhibition on July 22 in Norwich, … Continue reading

Faith and religion

Pope replaces Cameroon’s anti-gay archbishop

Vehemently anti-gay Archbishop Victor Tonye Bakot of Yaoundé, Cameroon, has resigned at a time when new Pope Francis is emphasizing the importance of accepting LGBT people in society. The Vatican named Bishop Jean Mbarga of Ebolowa as his replacement, at least provisionally. Public announcements and published discussions of Bakot’s resignation did not cite his anti-gay … Continue reading