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    God says: Men having sex with men is an abominable act. He is the judge. Whether a man loves to do this despite what God says is asking for trouble from God. He is the real boss. No man can beat him down. He is the eternal God. He makes the rules and what he says will stand for eternity. God also loves all men and he desires their repentance and godly orientation for forgiveness of all sins including homosexuality. Homosexuality is NOT the greatest sin. It is just a topical one at this time. God will have the last word. His desire is for all men to be saved from the approaching eternal hell and He showed his seriousness by giving his son to die for sin so that those who personally come to him can receive forgiveness from every kind of sin. We can criminalize, decriminalize, stigmatize and justify EVERY THING to suit ourselves but He, the eternal I AM God and there is none else, says: God will bring every work into judgment with every secret thing. He also says: When I tell you to talk to the wicked man about sin and you shut your mouth because you fear the wicked man, that wicked man will die in his sins but his blood will I require at your hands. Christians have a duty to speak out against all sin. Christ died for sinners. He never came to call righteous people. He came to call sinners to repentance and that starts with their minds.
    Biologically speaking, the vaginal wall is thicker and hardier than the anal wall. The vaginal wall will stretch to have a 10cm babies’ head pass through without a problem. If you try that stunt with an anus, it will be ripped through. Skin to skin, a penis in an anal canal will find feces with millions of bacteria. Vaginal sex and anal sex will generate signals in the same nerves and the same spinal cord. One can enjoy the God given pleasure of vaginal sex in marriage between a man and a woman and the joy in producing one child from a spermatozoan and a mature oocyte. The anus was never constructed to allow a child to pass through it. Anal skin is hairy and thin and prone to damage. It cannot stand the rigors that a mature vagina can endure.

  2. Kamron
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    Does the fact that Professor Bain’s Religious background render him incapable of providing unbiased information relating to HIV/AIDS? Gay rights groups claim that anti-sodomy laws keep people marginalized – it does not, when last (or ever) have you heard of people being charged using that law unless it is in rape cases where there is evidence of such? Get your facts straight people, gay sex still takes place in Jamaica no law or not, what is the big issue is the danger of being perceived as gay in some circles, that is where things get ugly, the law has nothing to do with homosexuals in Jamaica I cannot ever remember it coming into play ever.

    The next thing is, I cannot believe the irresponsibilty of those who are trying to advance Gay Rights! The professor – being religious or not is still an expert in his field and has done a great job in the fight against HIV/AIDS, he has done so much to help marginalized groups in the Caribbean protect themselves yet he is chastised for presenting what research shows. Gay rigths groups are advancing the fallacy that marginalisation of LGBT people drives them underground and away from Healthcare – utter rubbish, that is another lie concocted by these groups to try to pass themselves off as being victimised and it pisses me off to keep hearing that lie. Gay people have their rights so too straight people and the Religious, the same argument being put forward to qusetion the professor’s credibility of him being ‘religious and therefore incapable of being objective thus disqualifying him for his post can be used to disqualify any LGBT person from such a post too.

    We need to learn to get along, respect each other despite their position on certain issues we all are entitled to one on anything we choose even if that angers an individual or a group!

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      “The professor – being religious or not is still an expert in his field and has done a great job in the fight against HIV/AIDS, he has done so much to help marginalized groups in the Caribbean protect themselves yet he is chastised for presenting what research shows.”
      The problem is that his fellows have done research coming to the opposite conclusion and he knows this. He came for support for the buggery law , so to say that gays shouldn’t be upset when it comes to their freedom to associate being curtailed because some guy mistates what his fellow researchers already know, and ignores the other research being done.
      This should call his objectivity into question. Tell me if an expect fails to mention this then perhaps a conflict of interest is the issue?

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