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  1. Claire Casey
    Claire Casey at |

    Cardinal George Pell, hoping you take note of this statement by Pope Francis… <3

  2. Stephen McWilliams
    Stephen McWilliams at |

    All human’s have sin in their lives and this is especially so for those who bash others for their sins. Bashing doesn’t have to be physical violence it can be verbal or could be a Police man arresting a gay person for the crime of being homosexual – when governments do not have right to make this a crime as in most cases sexual preference is a right protected by constitutional freedoms (there are some exceptions). Even in a place like Australia with very limited Constitutional rights “Sexual Preference” is one of those rights which are protected.

    Also parents and social / lobby groups who segregate gays from children young men / women out of fear that they will make them gay stop it because it’s untrue and probably cause them more harm than good.

  3. Michael Larkin
    Michael Larkin at |

    When the issue of homosexuality arises we always hear about peoples rights, the right to love whomever they wish. what about God’s right? our Creator what about His rights? Are we no longer interested in God? are we just Christians by name? Let me express God’s opinion on this matter. In the beginning God created heaven and earth, He made man and Woman Adam & Eve not Adam & Steve, so surely as the Creator of the universe and everything else He has the right to make us as He desires. Now Paul in his letter to the believers at Rome in chapter one tells them why God has given men and women over to do vile unnatural acts men with men and women with women. The reason for this is because they would not listen to His word truth and turn it into a lie. there is a judgement within them and we all know what that is. Now it’s your choice God’s rights or your rights? you chose.


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