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  1. aowings1
    aowings1 at |

    What a bunch of ignorant church and schools. Don’t they read and study sexuality of people, and they would know this is not taught in schools. You can not teach a male or female who is not attracted to another of the same sex to become something they aren’t. When will they leave medical science and people are born with this gene ? These religious people have their heads so far back in time, their heads are in the sand.

  2. Orlando Alvarez Jr.
    Orlando Alvarez Jr. at |

    In today’s society think times have changed and things and idea’s have no golden rule like yesterday.
    It’s acceptable now to be different more so than before, of course there’s going to be hate groups wherever you go. I believe that regardless of who you are you’re somebody.

  3. Dr Adyeri
    Dr Adyeri at |

    Whilst generally this is good advice, it opens the door for what is considered in Uganda, and generally most African & Asian values, to the acceptance of non straight, non-orthodox definition of …. etc.

    If issues are separated, then yes – this is a good advice.


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