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Fighting homophobia with art in Nigeria

Fighting homophobia with art in Nigeria

Mike Daemon, host and founder of the Nigerian LGBTIQ podcast No Strings and a contributor to Erasing 76 Crimes, announces a new project on the NoStringsNG website.

Logo for the NoStringsNG project "Fighting Homophobia With Arts"
Logo for the NoStringsNG project “Fighting Homophobia With Arts”

NoStrings is soon to launch a special podcast project that will challenge negative perceptions and speak positively about the issue of homosexuality.

It will encompass different art elements — music, paintings/drawings, poems, etc.

This is a way to show that these are all-important key things that could be used to promote positive messages and change perceptions about the issue of homosexuality in Africa, with Nigeria largely in view.

I am looking for individuals, particularly LGBT persons who will show their art collections, share their music, and read their poems on the podcast. This could also be a good opportunity to discuss the importance of putting voices together to foster acceptance and provide a better understanding of the so-many issues affecting the LGBT community.

Please note: All submitted items must be LGBT-themed, else we may not have anything to do with it.

There is no need for tension; your privacy is guaranteed. We won’t reveal your identity to anyone, unless instructed otherwise. Please visit our privacy policy and statement of confidentiality.

To participate and for more information, please send an email to

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  • How can humans be so mean, cruel to others that are different from them, and feel no remorse ? Yes, I know, they don’t think gay people are humans and must be destroyed like mad dogs and animals.

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