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  1. Denis from Ottawa
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    I am extremely pleased to hear from 76Crimes that Bakot is finally gone. He was a central figure in developing the homophobia in Cameroon since at least 2005 that whipped up anti-gay sentiment among the population. His departure may well begin a healing process that must occur before normalization can take place.

  2. ngegieze obumgekwe ferdinand.
    ngegieze obumgekwe ferdinand. at |

    It might not have ended well with Mgr.Tonye Bakot as his resignation spells out.His rise to prominence all started with his consecretion as third successor of Mgr. Grafin.Far from the polemics raised by GAY PRIDE (as best described here in Italy and elsewhere in Europe and America),discerning catholics should ask themselves questions bordering on the personality and emergence of the prelate first as Bishop of Edea and on to Yaoundé as Arch-Bishop.The once Auxilliary Bishop of Douala must hold himself to blame for causing the premature exit of his former boss Monseigneur Simon Tonye R.I.P. (his former mentor).The decision to boot him off Yaoundé was no surprise to politicians of beti origin in Yaoundé. Here in Rome some prelates do not support the new stance in recognition of Gay Pride but sit tight on their thrones awaiting for the direction of the holy spirit.

  3. Sr. Jacinta Ugwuanyi
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    Just to greet the Archbishop, His Lordship Bishop Jean Mbarga, and let him know that we are doing well in Nigeria. it is the Congregation of the Compassionates of the Sacred Heart of Jesus that was founded by Sr. Gertrude Julienne Avouzoa.
    Just as you said we should keep in touched from time to time. my Lord we are doing well in Nigeria, at least we are growing gradually. My Lord we will like to have your contact if it pleases you.
    Yours sincerely,
    Sr. Jacinta Ugwuanyi (CSH)


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