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  1. osazemeo
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    this is indeed a tragedy. May his soul RIP

  2. campaigns:worth:sharing
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    This is outrageous. His death follows David Kato’s in Uganda a few years back. He too lost his life fighting for what he knows is right. I am deeply saddened by this.

  3. D.C.
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    RIP Eric Lembembe

  4. Denis from Ottawa
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    I am sending you a link of the article by Human Rights Watch about Eric.
    Best Regards

  5. Denis from Ottawa
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    link to Huffington Post article.
    BBC also has a news article. His activism is being widely recognized.

  6. Neferti T Diop
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    While The lgbt community USA is celebrating it’s latest victory , this is what we African lgbt’s still face everyday.

  7. tiffany267
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    Lest our detractors distract people with whines that their bigoted views are somehow being victimized, here’s a heart-wrenching reminder who the real victims are.

  8. stephenmead
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    Mercy, Mercy, Mercy: http://youtu.be/9twPWRsuQ8I

  9. Darey Oni
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    Oh…my God who do this to my Guy. Hey Eric and I jst left Cameroun ooooo hey.. How does this Happen can some1 tell me, was in his house and his office not quite lng am bck to Nigeria now oooo God..am crying ooO hey people are wicked.

  10. 1000s who died in anti-gay, anti-trans attacks (updates) – The Gay Marriage Blog

    […] Eric Lembembe, Cameroon, murdered in his apartment July 13 or 14, 2013; his body was found July 15, … Lembembe was the executive director the anti-AIDS pro-LGBT-rights group Camfaids and a journalist who often wrote for this blog. […]

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