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Archbishop to Mugabe: Anti-gay laws are wrong

Will the worldwide Anglican Communion stop supporting the homophobic Anglican Churches of Nigeria, Kenya and Uganda, since those churches endorse their countries’ anti-gay laws? That’s what would happen if the world’s various Anglican churches — all of them originally descended from the Church of England — take Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, their spiritual leader, … Continue reading


Homophobic Zimbabwe obstructs anti-Aids workshop

Zimbabwe officials disrupted a workshop for people most at risk of HIV infections over the weekend, seizing documents at the Harare airport and tearing down an exhibition stand displaying materials they found offensive. The seizure is just the latest example of government obstruction of Aids fighters’ attempts to provide health information to sexual minorities, who … Continue reading

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’10 Reasons Zimbabwe Is Super Gay’

Definitely worth a look: “Au Contraire, Robert Mugabe: Top 10 Reasons Zimbabwe Is Super Gay,” an amusing response from the online magazine Unicorn Booty to Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe’s outburst on Sept. 28 at the United Nations. Some examples: Mugabe once proposed marriage to Barack Obama. This summer, Robert Mugabe proposed to President Obama! Sure, … Continue reading


Zimbabwe inches toward battling HIV among LGBT people

Zimbabwe may launch an anti-HIV program for LGBT people and sex workers, according to Dr. Owen Mugurungi, the Health Ministry’s leader for the fight against AIDS. The government is “considering” starting programs that will include the gay community, according to a New Zimbabwe article on Mugurungi’s remarks, made in mid-December at a Zimbabwe Lawyers for … Continue reading