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    I think that the Prophet was not wrong in speaking against homosexuality as it is biblically wrong. As a man of God he has every right to speak the gospel truth as it is written. Rather than speaking against him i would advise people to applaud him for standing up for What he believes. this shows that the man truly practices what he preaches regardless of what the world may think. Unlike other preachers he is not ashamed of the gospel and will say it out. He is not afraid to call a spade a spade. Other preachers should take on his example and defend what they believe is right. I will end by asking one question. If God had created mankind in order for them to have same sex relationships why can’t such people reproduce biologically? Wouldn’t it be natural and undisputed possible for such people to be have children? For that same reason the Prophet’s diagnosis for them as a mental illness is valid. How can you explain the fact that such people are the minority, if such relationships were meant to exist wouldn’t that be the norm? Think about it.


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