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Nigerian singer Simi apologizes for anti-LGBT comments

Nigerian singer Simi apologizes for anti-LGBT comments

Nigerian singer Simisola Kosoko, popularly known as Simi, has apologized to the Nigerian LGBTQ+ community for her previous homophobic comments.

From the African Human Rights Media Network

By Mike Daemon

The singer, who made the comments in March on her YouTube show “Stoopid Sessions”, has now retracted her words, but members of the community are not letting it slide just yet.

Simi. (Photo courtesy of Google Images)

On the show, Simi said homosexuality is unnatural and went further to shame LGBTQ+ folks. However, her comments met with a lot of backlash after it went viral.

The singer now seems to have realized that she was absolutely wrong and has tendered an apology, taking back her homophobic comments, but many still doubt her sincerity, especially as it came a few hours before her husband’s photo appeared on the cover of a queer-focused magazine.

Nigerian LGBTQ activist and feminist Mathew Blaize remains upset about Simi’s previous behavior and has rejected her apology.

However, a few others seem to have accepted her apology. The openly lesbian Nigerian LGBTQ+ activist Pamela Adie is one of them. She wrote:

But the fact remains that everyone felt and is still hurt about Simi’s harmful and derogatory comments especially if one looks at the current situation in the country and everywhere else where LGBTIQ+ folks are struggling to survive and navigate their lives through the hardship imposed on them by the majority who feel that they should not exist.

Healing will come to different people at different times and so should never be imposed on anyone. However, anyone chooses to look at Simi’s apology, it is a good step forward.

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