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  1. Master Adrian
    Master Adrian at |

    The anit-gay practices are resulting from religious doctrines! And that makes the anti-gay practices blasphemy! There is no verse in the Koran that instructs anyone to be oppsoed to love, compassion and caring for eachother! On the contrary! Thos contradicting the Koran are blasphemists and should be treated as such by the religious hotemetotes!

  2. Ramza
    Ramza at |

    The most concerning thing about the recent surge anti-LGBT is the police don’t bother concealing their motive anymore. The lesbian women are caught because they are lesbians.

    You also missed the attack on 3 trans people a few days after the lesbian arrest. The trans were forced by Satpol PP (semi-police) to take ‘cleansing bath’ from firetruck hose in public at the beach just because they are trans.

    Although both happened at Sumatra, I feared the trends will soon spread to other regions.


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