1. Alan Weiner
    Alan Weiner at |

    Lets lobby to boycott this Homophobic Moslem’s holdinds and all his finaciars.
    It’s time to bictt any business establishments that deal with any or all Homophobic religious leaders.
    Hand them the same poison that their feeding to you!!!.

  2. doni bailey
    doni bailey at |

    Let’s remove their monetary aid…10 billion US!..ill note my congressman.

  3. aowings1
    aowings1 at |

    Yes, this can cut two ways. the decision should be up each individual as to where they make purchases, not some religious person who wants to control the thoughts and habits of others. Where is the freedom to choose ! If people want to sin, then that is their choice, and not for anyone else to make a decision for them.


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