Jamaica: Anti-gay pastor is worse than you knew

Pastor Steven Anderson
Pastor Steven Anderson

The more you know about the anti-LGBT pastor from Arizona who plans to preach in Jamaica this month, the more horrified you’ll be.

Yes, he had positive things to say about the massacre of 49 LGBT people in 2016 in Orlando, Florida. “I didn’t feel bad for the people who died because they were disgusting paedophiles anyway that deserved to die,” Pastor Steven Anderson said.

Pastor Steven Anderson
Pastor Steven Anderson

Yes, he described killing homosexuals as “the cure for AIDS.”

But there’s more:

His preaching is full of violence. After listening to it, some people feel the lure of using violence to achieve what Anderson says are righteous goals.  On Aug. 16, 2009, Anderson preached as follows (starting at about 13:45):

“God hates Barack Obama. I hate Barack Obama. [I pray that God will deal with him and other evil-doers as King David prayed He would do in  Psalm 58] ‘Break their teeth, O God, in their mouth. … Let them melt away as waters. … Let them be cut in pieces as a snail which melteth. Let every one of them pass away.’ “

He then said about Obama, “I’m going to pray that he dies and goes to hell” (at 1:30 on that video clip).

The next day, a member of his congregation showed up with a semi-automatic rifle outside an Obama rally.

Another man who listens to him sent death threats to mosques.

He’s opposed to modern education, which he refers to as “Devil State University,” at 6:10 in his sermon of Feb. 15, 2015, titled “The Truth About College Degrees.”  His argument, in summary, is that “colleges force students to take non relevant classes just to corrupt their minds.”

College makes women stupid, he says. “You know what makes women stupid is college” are the opening words of his sermon of Feb. 15, 2017. He adds, “Because college makes everybody stupid.”  Education isn’t what’s happening, he says: “It’s not a school system. It’s a fool system.”

“Chicken Pastors” video. Click the image to watch it. (Photo courtesy of YouTube)

He enjoys ripping the heads off chickens, as he demonstrates in a 2017 video that’s full of peppy music, chicken-chasing, chicken-killing and gun-shooting.  The video, which may be shocking for city-dwellers and less so for country folks, shows a woman laughingly holding up her bloody hands and saying, “Their blood shall be upon them.” She then gestures to her T-shirt on which is printed the citation “Leviticus 20:13,” one of the Old Testament’s anti-homosexuality passages.

He has a (hateful) way with words. “Make American Hate Again” was the title of his sermon on New Year’s Eve, urging people to hate evil. “Let me ask you this: Did Jesus have hate? … He hated iniquity. That’s Jesus. ‘Oh, hate’s not a family value?’ Well, it is in my family.” (At 30:30-31:10)

He is verbally abusive. Consider his words about Icelandic women. “It seems that the majority of Icelandic women are whores,” he said in an interview with an Icelandic radio station. His reasoning is that Icelandic women are “whores” since a majority of babies born in Iceland are not the products of traditional marriages. “Iceland is a wicked place and we shouldn’t be following in their footsteps,” he said in the radio interview, which  followed up on an “Iceland: Nation of Bastards” presentation Anderson made at his church on Nov. 20, 2017.

An online petition has collected signatures from 5,280 people urging Jamaica to block Anderson’s plan to take his preaching there at the end of this month.

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Written by Colin Stewart

Colin Stewart is a 45-year journalism veteran living in Southern California. He is the president of the St. Paul’s Foundation for International Reconciliation, which supports LGBTQ+ rights advocacy journalism, and editor/publisher of Erasing 76 Crimes. Contact him at [email protected]


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  1. True evil this biblical tyrant. I now am convinced our US constitution placed to much power in the hands of religion. It is time for repair of this idiots(founding fathers) mistake. True freedom needs no myth of religion!

  2. Steven Anderson is very digusting. Not only does he hate gay people in a extreme fashion, he’s also a Holocaust Denier and Anti-Semite.

  3. Three days after arriving in Botswana to preach at his illegal unregistered church, Anderson and two other so called thuggish missionaries get a police case for physically assaulting a man. The case did not proceed since Anderson and 20 FWBC missionaries were quickly deported from Botswana. Anderson not only preaches violence but he practices what he preaches. He is a crazy guy who cannot control his inner demon of violence.

  4. Takes three bible thugs too assault a defenseless gay? This tranny hammer awaits their visit to a South Carolina ass kicking!

  5. Oh boo hoo.
    You went into a Baptist church KNOWING that his stance was “NO HOMOS ALLOWED…. NEVER!”

    Go to Saudi Arabia or similar and try your bullshit over there. pervert.

  6. “Defenseless gay guy”.
    First of all, none of you perverts are “gay” per the English word. You’re a sexual pervert. A Homo. A fag. But not “gay”.

    Secondly… Tony Benn is such a troll that he literally traveled to Botswana, went into the church (where he was initially welcomed because Pastor Anderson is actually a nice guy) only to wait for the chance to make it known that he was a homo and then kicked out.
    ANY Baptist pastor who adheres to the bible is going to throw a homo out of his church.

    Thirdly… You and what army? Outside your police protected controlled events you fags keep your mouths shut when in the general public.
    Several decades now and none of you perverts have EVER walked up to me and confronted me for rebuking homos.
    You’ll give me dirty looks but you never say anything.
    Because you are cowards.
    That’s why you need censorship of speech and organized events.
    In the general public most people are disgusted by you. Even people who are not Christians.

    Speaking of cowards.
    The moderator of this website will probably never allow this post.
    They will censor it so it appears that everyone agrees with the queers.

  7. GodGunsGGutsNGlory, what a load of bollocks and your absurd comment remains regardless of your inaccurate ASSumption. Anderson is a wicked man in need of repentance and until he acknowledges this, he will continue to spew hate and evil – absolutely the opposite of Jesus Christ, which makes Anderson currently a form of antiChrist. It’s broken spirits like yours and his who should keep their mouths shut and let those with spiritual love to do their work. I don’t agree with “queers” or Bullies, rather Jesus Christ, whom you’ve yet to know about.

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