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  1. doni
    doni at |

    True evil this biblical tyrant. I now am convinced our US constitution placed to much power in the hands of religion. It is time for repair of this idiots(founding fathers) mistake. True freedom needs no myth of religion!

  2. tylerdragon
    tylerdragon at |

    Steven Anderson is very digusting. Not only does he hate gay people in a extreme fashion, he’s also a Holocaust Denier and Anti-Semite.

  3. Tony Benn
    Tony Benn at |

    Three days after arriving in Botswana to preach at his illegal unregistered church, Anderson and two other so called thuggish missionaries get a police case for physically assaulting a man. The case did not proceed since Anderson and 20 FWBC missionaries were quickly deported from Botswana. Anderson not only preaches violence but he practices what he preaches. He is a crazy guy who cannot control his inner demon of violence.


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